Ahhhh, the bird we were looking for

h/t H,

This blogs good and often quiet friend has provided me with answer to the bird question from two posts ago, it is a Sparrow Hawk. Not only that, she has furnished us with a photo she took of one getting down to business.

Thankyou H, and guys – this photo is living proof that birds do indeed go for the Jugular

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  1. I saw one of them in the back garden, scoffing a pied wagtail, one day when you were rabbitting on down the phone about something I wasn’t paying attention to.


  2. oh thats just hurtful :( lol


  3. I was staring at a bird in the garden scoffing another bird!


  4. JK, I think they’re equal opportunity omnivores. If it’s got feathers, it’ll eat it. I’m pretty sure they eat fwuffy wabbits and such like, too.


  5. Omnivore = eats anything, very fond of children!


  6. He is a regular to my garden, I love my birds but this one is not welcome!!


  7. we woke up to find one in our garden this morning eating another bird. It is very beauitful with big eyes.


  8. One Sparrow Hawk flew down my garden at full flight one summer and its wings brushed my cheek as it flew past!

    Watched another time as one chased a blackbird and the blackbird flew into my open shed to evade capture the Sparrow Hawk followed as far as the open door and then the thought better of going inside!


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