Sunny Days


Yep, the weather is just great today and tomorrow it’s gonna be even better here in Devon!
While the eyeball still aches, I’m doing shunting tonight from 19:00 and there wont probably be much to move as we’re kinda low on trucks, tanks and general kit – this actually means I’ll be wrong and rushed off my feet :(
However, with all this wonderful sunshine I must make an effort to half see some of the summer this year – so tomorrow afternoon I’m off exploring!
To most of my work mates this isn’t any big deal as they know the areas I’m visiting well anyway.
So where to go?
Well, I’ve never been to Bishops Nympton in anything but a truck, so that’s a good place to start and I would like to know exactly where the Riphay Scuffle happens – so there you have it. I will be avoiding Tiverton and especially the top or near top of hills because apparently odd folk grow on them ;)
So for the most part I will attempt to follow valley floors unless there are some outstanding views for a photo opportunity.

Also, someone subscribed me to the most awful of websites… a Swish-F**kit site, or to be more accurate – a golfing news website. This I thought was kinda nasty with one eye already aching – now both are in trouble along with most of my vital organs… Lets be clear here – Golf is a NO!!!!  It is, after all where most men lose their balls!

Anyway, on a lighter note – I got my money back from the Les Paul I bought – yay!

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