Does Obama do anything other than play golf?

I’ve been really quite shocked at the lack of action by this once community organiser.
Indeed, there are certainly people with big mouths in the White House, all too ready to scream rhetoric at others – but do absolutely nothing…
And where’s the boss man? on the golf course! So while they make sure the CEO of BP is getting constant moralistic jibes for a hole on the sea floor that US company Transocean drilled – especially when he goes to support his child, you can rest assured that the effective control of the USA is in safe and effective hands somewhere between the 5th and 19th hole!

Then this stuff about General McChrystal, don’t get me wrong here – there is a system of protocol! But did you read what he was truly saying? Did anyone heed what General McChrystal was pointing out?
Did anyone also notice that the General resigned – but the media say he was fired!!
That fact is that if the General had resigned and then pointed these things out – they would have been quietly swept under the carpet!!
He’s a wise and very clever guy, after all you don’t get that many stars on your uniform if you’re stupid.
No, what we have here is a point blank ignoring of issues and facts over protocol…
I’m all for rules and protocol to a point – but when the reality needs to brought to the fore, then stuff them… Say what needs to be said, after all people are dying out there – not that it’s easy to see that from the green of course.

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Oh that’s not Cricket really…

Yer know… since several years ago now and having used Motion Computing tablets, I have sung their relative praises often. It’s not unfounded promotion either… More recently I have been talking about them due to the sheer number of people wasting money on iPads when even lesser tablets than Motion’s are much better.
But the iPad isn’t really a tablet, like Mr Jobs said – it’s a slate and like all good slate, if you drop it, it breaks…
So yesterday I was invited to join an online seminar on the newer Motion Computing J3500, a ruggedized multi-touch, powerful bit of kit that can literally connect anywhere and it’s screen can really be viewed in direct sunlight. I registered for it and was really looking forward to it (not that the offer of a $500 discount had anything to do with it)
So, after whizzing around and getting organised, I sit down to watch the seminar.
I let the whole thing load up and then a window opens requiring me to dial a number to simply get a pass code.
So I scroll through the numbers to find the UK listing and dial…
These are word for word what I heard;
“Welcome to the HSBC bank”
Say what?
So I tried again and double checked the numbers – the same thing…
By now the seminar had started and could not hear the audio etc. So I posted what had happened in the chat window and left..

The web conference system is run by a Cisco thing called Webex, and frankly I’m sure when all is working as it should – it’s great… But when it’s not? it makes the host look very bad indeed.

It’s a sad instance for what I truly believe is the premier computing equipment of today and for the future. Heck they can be 4G wimax wave 2 ready anytime they like, the kit is second to none, so while I’d love to get my hands on a  J3500, and yes – it’s beyond my affordability… I know when to let sleeping dogs be..

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Worked the weekend – again…

Well, I’ve been to London, Glastonbury, West Devon, North Devon, Westbury, Stroud, rescued one tipsy planner from a BBQ, appear to have broken a Digi Tacho machine, went to Sparkford and after another night in London i’m chillin.

Funny how again I miss the sunshine and not so sad about missing England fail in the World Cup because after seeing them play once I think the writing was on the wall for this lot.

Yes, I appear to have had a broken digital Tachograph yesterday which was kinda odd as I didn’t know you could… I had been driving to a place called Crediton to pick up a tank of Cream while in slow moving traffic. But I kept seeing an amber ‘T’ illuminated on the dash which normally means I’d exceed the governed speed of the vehicle, this in itself being very rare of course  ;)
So as I had been crawling along in traffic for most of the journey I looked up at the machine that simply stated “Internal Fault 01”.
Hmmm, apparently I had driven for a total of 8mins by the time I returned to base.

Also, I went passed Glastonbury Festival in the early hours of Friday morning, well 3 am…
The only traffic were band tour buses slipping quietly into the site, but was quite astonished at the sheer number of security personnel around.
What was even more astonishing was coming over the hill from Shepton Mallet towards Pilton and seeing the entire site illuminated. Sadly I couldn’t get a photo.
I think the description that Glastonbury Festival as a temporary city is actually an understatement !
However, as the last tour bus peeled off into the site, I put my foot down to get clear of the place on the open road ahead – only for something to catch the corner of my eye… Set back of the road was a so called Mobile Safety Cam – speed camera… As to whether or not it was working or even manned at that time, I guess I will find out in due course.

Earlier though, after leaving Yeo Valley at Cannington I did managed to snap a good sunset…

Other stuff:
It is almost 10yrs to the day that my trusty Leatherman Super Tool was attached to my hip, purchased on Olaya in Riyadh, Saudia Arabia and rarely to be removed. Indeed, I simply don’t go anywhere without it as it’s by far one of the simplest, most useful and well used bits of kit I’ve ever owned!
I’ve driven over it (more than once), repaired plumbing, done a rewire, cut a seat belt off a crash victim,done First Aid, built and repaired more computers that I can think of with it, fixed my truck, cut through barbed wire and even cut Battenberg cake with it!!
It’s not even classed as an offensive weapon by the Crown Prosecution Service and whether at work, play, in an interview, wedding or in the pub – it has been the most dynamic bits of kit I’ve invested in and it’s always on me. It’s even lasted through, deserts, in the Artic circle and even working on the London Underground!
For ladies not knowing what to buy there men – if they don’t have one of these things – get them one (because no self respecting bloke should be without one!!).
It is now time to replace this, and during these last 10 yrs, Leatherman have really gone to town on designing dozens of different ones. Longer ones are best as you get more leverage on the pliers which brings me to only two models – The Super Tool 300 or the Leatherman Core…
They are for the most part the exact same tool, but unless anyone knows of a downside I think the Super Tool 300 is the way to go… as I retire this, the most faithful bit of kit ever…

And finally…  The W.K.D.
What started as something slightly incoherent from JK about cycling, the information transpired to her telling me that this very own blog’s WKD has started cycling to work…. Gabby, I am blaming you for this ;)

Now, I have no issue with anyone cycling, I have also been known to crush a cycle frame below my girth too… But three issues occurred to me about all this;
1. Distance – WKD does not live just up the road from work, she lives miles, hills and valleys away.
2. The temperatures at present are really non conducive to such things at the end of a 10hr day.
3. The roads… and more over – the idiots (like me) who drive on them, especially as the summer holidays rapidly approach.
Now, as folks go WKD is ok insomuch as she’s a good egg and a very jolly one at that. But with her only being on this blog a little over a year and having only known her for slightly longer, it would be a harrowing shame if she were to become incapacitated due to this activity.
And to be clear about this, I’m not saying anything out of some weird care for her – I’m seriously worried about the hits on this blog and how those figures would drop if she got squashed by a bus ;)
Gabsatrucker on the other hand, who just competed in the hotter than hell race in Texas is highly prone to cycling injuries, tripping over dead Crocs while running in the dark and all manner of self inflicted misery, but then she does love her stunt work… and buying cycles that almost as big as her!!

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We Flush It – You Flaunt It

Is basically the advice from Steve Jobs on the laughable state of the new iPhone 4…
Originally suggested as the first 4G mobile which it isn’t, the iPhone 4 has a bad habit of not being able to receive a signal if you hold it in a particular way – you know, like NORMALLY!!!
This is apparently worse if you hold the phone in your left hand…
The original idea was that the entire steel casement was to be the antenna, but is actually based at the lower left hand side of the unit. Once your hand covers it – you lose all signal!!
Apple said: “Gripping any mobile phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance, with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of the antennas.”
Steve Jobs on the other hand simply replied “All phones have sensitive areas”, which is basically a polite “go away” response from the billionaire…
An irony? When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 4 at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, he described the integrated antenna as “really cool engineering”.
Here in this YouTube vid, the problem is tested – see for your self…

I stand by my conviction that both iPhone and iPad products are all flash and no substance and simply carrots dangled to help you spend a small extra fortune with Apple later.

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What an odd few days

So over on the left of the pond, BP is taking a lot of flak as we know from a lot of people. What strikes me as odd about all this is that, well I think I’d like to be contracted to do a job and face no liability what so ever!!
It just seems odd (not that I know the first thing about drilling for oil or what Black & Decker you would need to do it) is that Transocean get contracted to come along with their own equipment and workforce to drill a bloody great hole in the sea bed no less that 1 mile from the rig itself and when it goes wrong – the client gets shot – not the people who did the job…
On top of this, I don’t think there has been a time in history when so much money has been put up by anyone to get it all sorted out.
Oddly this isn’t so far the biggest oil spill in history – that was done by Saddam Hussein in the first gulf war, and having stood on the beaches or the Arabian Gulf, you simply don’t see any sign of it because nature does infact take care of such things.
However, while an awful lot of critics appear to be standing around doing nothing other than complaining rather than getting their sleeves rolled up and helping out, the Obama administration has been doing one hell of a lot of sabre rattling. This part is actually hilarious simply because there is absolutely nothing they can do… After all, they’re still taking revenue from the oil products being sold by BP, so there seems to be a conflict of interest of sorts going on.
On top of all of this the BP CEO has been dragged over the hot coals with everyone demanding reasons, answers and above all else – action on something the likes of which has never happened before…
After this, the CEO rightly hands over control of the entire operation to his man on the ground that is in charge of the operation, makes $20Bn available to residents of the gulf of Mexico and leaves the whole thing to the experts.
The following weekend he goes to support his son in a yacht race and gets damned for it… I’m sorry, a father can’t go and support his son now?
This rhetoric came straight out of the White House who have basically done F**k all about any of this other than take time for photo shoots and mouthing off. An irony when BP could simply just say, stuff it – we’re off!! Or maybe someone might want to send a little Viagra to the Oval office, to help cure things in some way.

Further BS from the White House came this week with regards a Rolling Stone magazine article about General Stanley McChrystal and the war in Afghanistan. You can read it HERE, and frankly – I didn’t see a problem with the article at all.
But alas, the reality is that either we commit every single member of all our armed forces – or we get the hell out of Dodge!!

This week in the UK we had the promised emergency budget from our new government. And quite honestly, I didn’t think it was anywhere as near as harsh as it could have been.
Personally I would prefer a hard 3yrs and get it over with, but that may also have a dire effect on business.
It is what it is, and it isn’t bad at all… Not that you would believe it if you listened to the former govt. who got us into the mess in the first place…
In fact the week before the same party had all it’s new prospective leaders in a TV debate which turned into the biggest direct show of a complete lack of unity, ideas and frankly was a bit like watching headless chickens running about – I stopped watching it was so embarrassing… I think it was the part when they all agreed that govt. should have and the people want them to have more control… doh!!! Hello! Why do you think you’re not in power anymore?!

Other news in a New York Times article and followed up by CBS and others is about the fact that Apple is becoming the worlds most hated company due to their overt control of applications and persistent product updated replacements and lack of user control… Hmmm, wonder where I’ve heard that before…
There isn’t anything wrong with a Mac per se and yes, if you want Mac OS, you can indeed just buy it for your PC, but it’ll only come with drivers for Mac hardware… Ironically, a modern Mac is a PC format but only people with way too much money and lack of intelligence tend to go that route unless of course you need a dedicated hardware for editing applications – then Mac is ok. That is assuming you are okay with people being beaten into working on making Mac products does not effect you’re conscience – especially as their workers have the highest suicide rate and are often disappeared by Chinese police if they fail a metal detector test when leaving work.
The difference in Windows and other OS is that you the user get to play about with everything (hence people whinge when they screw up what they don’t know about).
But there are folks who while successful in previous employment and hired spokes persons for our present govt in IT things that do advocate these products and frankly prove which end of there body there head is really at!! Odd really as the field they were from was web related and nothing at all to do with IT…
PC is still the world business platform, if you want a good laptop – buy a damn Dell and if you want a proper tablet – go to Motion Computing, which is also oddly owned by Dell. But as the CEO says, “We’re not in the business of Disposable tablets” so don’t expect a fully functional Win7 computer tablet that is also ruggedized to be as cheap as the glitzy, but somewhat useless iPad.

Actually, here is a vid by an artist who bought an iPad as a form of digital sketch blook only to find that the moment you rest your hand on the screen as well as the pen – the hand also leaves a mark. The Motion products reconise the difference the moment you the systems Wacom pen on it. The latest versions while expense operate multi touch and ped. The Ls800 is available for around $200 2nd hand on ebay (introduced 4yrs ago).

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Ahhhh, the bird we were looking for

h/t H,

This blogs good and often quiet friend has provided me with answer to the bird question from two posts ago, it is a Sparrow Hawk. Not only that, she has furnished us with a photo she took of one getting down to business.

Thankyou H, and guys – this photo is living proof that birds do indeed go for the Jugular

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Finally, a bit of Devon on my own time…

You know, it’s kinda odd that for being in this area for nearly 5yrs, I’ve hardly seen any of it for myself!
Yes, I’ve seen most of it through the windscreen of a truck, but not in a car or for myself.
First off I went in search of where the Riphay Scuffle is supposed to take place and missed it completely… Oh I tried to find it, but no – nothing….
Then I kinda got a lot of, just trying to find the word…. Oh yes – Lost!
Now, I can say I was heading for the sea because in Devon and Cornwall you are always generally doing so. But like many areas, there seemed to be a repetition of sign place names like Oakford and Witheridge – oh and every other sign seemed to say Rackenford…
I ended up on a road called the B3227 (what a great road!) and eventually spotted a sign for Bishops Nympton. A few miles later and I finally pull into this tight little village that I have visited the outskirts of many times, but for the first time I got to actually see it.
Tight, hmmm, understatement really… I drove around and looked for a place to park, but eventually gave up.
Rackenford had a very interesting coloured pub to say the least and I was amazed just how similar both villages were laid out.
I can’t tell you how many tight country lanes I wandered, but when I finally decided to call it a day, I headed back over the M5 motorway and toward Uffculme.
The reason I did this is because I was convinced there was a possible shortcut through to Honiton… more fool me!!
Eventually I cranked up Esmeralda aka the Sat Nav on my phone and what followed was a worrying drive on roads and lanes I didn’t even know existed!
With hedges rubbing both wing mirrors, my greatest concern was not for an oncoming motorist or cyclist – but a work colleague.
While I went through some place called Ash Hill, I certainly didn’t expect to be directed through Broadhembury, in fact I was going so quickly I completely missed a junction as I went straight through it.
I decided I should slow down after seeing the look on some chaps face as I passed a large well trimmed hedge (well it was a blur really) before dropping anchors on fast approach to a ‘T’ jnc.
I avoided higher hills and the village of Stoodleigh as this is very local to WKD and while I’m not quite saying I’m anti social, the fact is – I am anti social :)

All in all, a day doing what I wanted to do for a real change, while I wasn’t impressed with some of my driving antics – it was a great day out…

Oh, the CofC2 performed well and I also noticed that the brakes seem so much more effective after the car has returned from being airborne :)

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A simple night and a great morning

It’s no good, I was going to wait until I had been out and about today before posting, but sometimes things are either weird or just too nice to not mention.

Last nights work was basically shunting trailers about, doing the odd driver recovery when hours run out and just, well, general-ish duties.

Absolutely nothing seemed to be happening when I got to work due to a complete lack of trailers. However, a stroll down to the rest area ended with me coming face to face with a bird of prey in the same room as me.

Obviously the thing didn’t want to be there, but I couldn’t help but reach for my camera before letting it out…

I don’t know the type of bird this is, maybe someone can let me know, but at the moment I’m too tired to look it up.

The next odd thing was when I stared at the Ex-Farm drivers route list for today…

Running down the list I finally came to the last driver who’s odd allocated vehicle read ‘Garden’… after reading what was a very odd assortment of delivery locations, some of which I wasn’t even sure if the driver knew where they were… I was later informed that the work they would be doing is quite literally as described. So sticking my head out of the window I took a moment to look at the front weed patch by the office…. Hmmm – no farmers nails there! And yes, I am of course talking about this blogs resident farmerist WKD…

I rescued one driver, did a run to North Tawton and still completed all the required shunting before heading home, not that this was in anyway hard work.

However, the journey home, while quiet, did allow me to pull the car over at the top of Hembury Hill and take some photos of the glorious morning that had dawned today.

Time for some sleep I think :)

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Sunny Days


Yep, the weather is just great today and tomorrow it’s gonna be even better here in Devon!
While the eyeball still aches, I’m doing shunting tonight from 19:00 and there wont probably be much to move as we’re kinda low on trucks, tanks and general kit – this actually means I’ll be wrong and rushed off my feet :(
However, with all this wonderful sunshine I must make an effort to half see some of the summer this year – so tomorrow afternoon I’m off exploring!
To most of my work mates this isn’t any big deal as they know the areas I’m visiting well anyway.
So where to go?
Well, I’ve never been to Bishops Nympton in anything but a truck, so that’s a good place to start and I would like to know exactly where the Riphay Scuffle happens – so there you have it. I will be avoiding Tiverton and especially the top or near top of hills because apparently odd folk grow on them ;)
So for the most part I will attempt to follow valley floors unless there are some outstanding views for a photo opportunity.

Also, someone subscribed me to the most awful of websites… a Swish-F**kit site, or to be more accurate – a golfing news website. This I thought was kinda nasty with one eye already aching – now both are in trouble along with most of my vital organs… Lets be clear here – Golf is a NO!!!!  It is, after all where most men lose their balls!

Anyway, on a lighter note – I got my money back from the Les Paul I bought – yay!

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Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

This is the place that when I ripped the ligament from my shoulder, they kinda ignored the injury and spent more time reprimanding me about not having a local doctor than treating me and when I realised they weren’t going to do anything I shocked them by simply trying to leave…
That’s right, while in complete agony they did absolutely nothing, no pain relief, nothing – just a series of prolonged bollockings… they did give me a prescription, but it was Sunday late afternoon and there wasn’t anywhere open!!
To be clear how much trouble I was in – I couldn’t physically work for the next 9 weeks…

So…. The night before last I’m fast asleep when I get suddenly woken by a very sharp pain in my left eye, a bit like someone driving a needle through it.
It then just wept on and off all night.
The following day I couldn’t get the eye to focus except for a finite area roughly 13 to 14 inches away. So I went up to the local optician s who in turn told me to go straight to the local minor injuries unit.

After much prodding, poking and lights – lots of lights and an eye test, they gave me some ointment and told me to go to A&E at the Royal Devon and Exeter…
So this afternoon, I went along – first problem, you wanna go to hospital, you gotta pay for the parking and of course I didn’t have enough change. Second was waiting for over half an hour at the desk while this woman was saying that her child had got face paints in his eye (read, the damn bottle!!).
Now I don’t know about you lot, but I don’t like standing at glass screens talking through loud intercoms giving my personal details to the line of people waiting behind me…
Then the wait, and seeing as I knew what time the hospitals eye Dr went home, I waited a further 30 mins after this and went home…

At this hospital, no one works with any speed, it’s like you enter a world of slow motion.
But as you can tell my patience was sorely lacking and in view that I have a spare eye I will not be trusting my damaged eye, or any other part of my body the most outstandingly useless hospital I have ever had the misfortune to have ever entered. My taxes pay for this place and the wages of those within it, therefore – I’ve paid for the parking spot while requiring treatment – or is this some secondary admission fee like thing…

As for my shoulder injury, I got a Doctor, but ended up treating myself from watching YouTube videos after meeting a fellow techie in London who had done the same sometime before.

Yes, my eye remains untreated, yes it still gives me blurred vision and it still aches… But I will not enter that hospital again unless I’m a position where I do not have the option…

The NHS, great if you’re dying, but will make you wanna wish had if not

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The Internet – a freedom limited

Ok, there are many ways to raise revenue on the web, these manly fall into 5 basic methods; Sales(e-commerce), Advertising, Sponsorship, Personal Information gathering and sale (like facebook use) and Pay membership sites.
While even payable membership sites offer free pages (even if they’re nothing more than smut sites), the methods we access the WWW are about to change.
Already, newspapers are starting to charge for access – but soon it will be every website.
At present, blog sites are paid for by the blog owner by simply adding features to there blogs, but if the present plans go through – to look at anything outside your ISP package will cost money!
Now it’s not rocket science that the world of entertainment is suffering through lack of adaptability – heck, the money MGM owe is staggering. But this is because they have been very slow in response to the changing technology and global market to which they make and supply TV shows etc.
Indeed, the future of ALL television is going to be web based and when 4G becomes widely available, this new (6yrs old) system of transmission will bring the commercial changes that will destroy internet usage as we know it.

Now, the profits from this will be staggering, I actually had to work out revenue for a proposed 4G network in Bahrain a few years ago and the figures are stunning to say the least.

But what of the everyday user, what about Googling etc?
We are basically going to have to pay for everything unless we’re going to pages that are directly selling things to you.
This isn’t a joke, for years websites made no money at all and were always run at a loss. Only recently through advertising have ordinary website started to make real profits and we haven’t even looked at what or how governments want tax our internet usage.

You see, the only reason we require super fast high speed broadband is for watching TV and movies, for everything else broadband is already fast enough, it’s actually bandwidth with are limited on.
What I mean by that is this, it’s like everyone owning super cars that can go very fast – but the road is narrow, we need wider roads etc.

So to the consumer the future isn’t bright and there are various groups and organisations set up to fight this oncoming slaughter of the web – be there to stop it, because if these things happen – it’s truly over!

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At this rate, they’ll call me Judge Dredd

I worked Friday night and finished around 8am Saturday morning. It was for the most part uneventful.
I took a steady drive home in the heat of the morning sun and trying not to look for signs around the Broadhembury area marked Beer Farm again.
Now I park the TWBrit CofC2 a couple of streets away (unless it’s Sunday) and take a short cut through a little area of wooded parkland, over a footbridge by the river and on towards the High St.
As I was just finishing crossing the bridge I looked down to see a sight that I wasn’t happy with.
I have mentioned on this blog before that Honiton has a character called Chris. Chris is a middle aged spastic who rides around (much to the horror of local, especially none local motorists) on a tricycle. On the back of this bike is a box with the licence plate Chris 3 on it.
Chris is a good guy, you don’t have to talk to him for long to realise all his faculties are there, his body simply won’t operate like yours or mine. I have no imagination of just how frustrating that must be, but from time to time it also gets to Chris as well.
All the truckers like Chris and even WKD puts up with him ;)

So I’m glancing down as I walk over this bridge when I see a tricycle and the Chris 3 number plate lying in the edge of the water… Thinking the worst, I jumped down to the waters edge and started looking for him.
Thankfully he wasn’t there which meant his bike had been maliciously thrown down!
Now, how I feel about this pales into insignificance to what my reaction to catching someone doing this would be…
I climbed back up and carried on my way as my route home takes me past the Police station.
As the station came into view so did the site of Chris and a young WPC.
I tell them I had found the bike and a quick phone call soon had my friend Dave (the owner of the chip shop) out and we went off to retrieve the bike.

I of all people get and scheme practical jokes, but the concept of which is about making people fear the worse without it actually happening – but there wasn’t anything funny about this. This is Chris’s only form of real mobility, without this his life is nothing! But the worse thing is that if Chris had found it, he would have tried to retrieve it himself – and the consequences of that would have concluded in a sadder story.

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The Honda Pious

A great idea, a move forward maybe – or a soulless blight of modern motoring?
I can’t help but dislike this car, not for any other reason than what I often witness the users of them do.
I’ll be rattling down a motorway in my truck and sooner rather than later these days – I will almost trip over one…
Great! good careful commonsense driving, all very green etc, oh bloody etc!
So, then I may try to overtake it, in some rare instances I do – but 99% of the time my presence has a reaction on what would appear to be the automatic control functions of the drivers brain… as I pull out – they start to accelerate!
Or they let you pass and suddenly find the need to over take you and promptly slow down again…
Now there are some things that you just don’t do, in fact if you want to know more, go and read my Motorway Driving Survival Guide over there on the right if you really want to learn the driving stuff the highway code (a pretty useless document) does not tell you..
But, when a truck pulls out to over take you, the driver has just committed 44tons at around 56 mph (with a crash inertia of around 1000tons) to run on to a 10ft wide strip of road called the middle lane. They are now attenuating the traffic behind them…
So if you want to get the person in command of this heavy weight dance angry – just pull away and then slow down again…

Now I happen to know of the odd owner of these cars and frankly saving the environment isn’t worth the whole lack of fun, the enjoyment of and the freedom that a car of choice can actually bring you..
If you own one please, do you, me and every trucker a favour – sell, burn, or give it to someone you dislike! ;)

errr, no! I don’t want one – so don’t even think about it :)

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In the fickle world of UK politics


It’s odd really… no it is, how one minute you can stand for something with all your being and if something slightly out of the box, or a little ‘in you’re face’ can change an attitude.
It’s a little bit like the usefulness or sometimes uselessness of agents that allegedly serve the interests of people they work for. For the most part they are nice people, but then 9 times out of ten all of them know that bad news is actually good news and that ultimately they know how to use all manner of ironies to the benefits of their clients.
However, in some instances the client has to know why or indeed where they are – is actually the right place and time or not…

Recently I came across various instances of bare faced uselessness, ineffectiveness to an outer envelope for which I was frankly astounded. In the middle of all this was a highly respected person whom I believe was purposefully lead down a garden path in a completely wrong direction, not only by the people they worked for – but I’m pretty sure the agent representing them as well.
As such I started looking at similar instances and would you believe, there are many, too many!!
Now, I simply do not believe in coincidence like this constantly repeating itself in the same field of work, it just isn’t possible!!

In the process of all this, the manner in which this person had to consistently defend their history and background, even their upbringing, became like a broken record… and that was when I twigged there was something wrong!
The ferocity of attacks to this person was increased, yet the retort was never different, they were a cross between putting on that broken record and simply ignoring.
Ignoring isn’t such a bad thing unless an accusation starts to stick, but then being told to distance themselves from an event or individual that offers support is not only point blank stupid, it also goes completely against the grain.

Now, if you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you may well know what I’m talking about, if not – then I apologise.

In all of this, the human factors side of things are never taken seriously enough – at all… and frankly with the stuff that was directed as we got on the last mile, it was no wonder or surprise that the ultimate outcome was as it was.

So what were the problems?
Wrong location! There is an old saying ‘you don’t sh*t on your own doorstep’ but that doesn’t mean your doorstep shouldn’t move… instead they were sent there to simply cut their teeth!
Too involved! Sometimes less IS more, indeed it is!!
Poor direction!! Shocking direction actually – yet great people!
Compromised – yes, what they stood for became compromised right here…
Insidious back stabbing and undermining from within – oh where would you like me to start?!

However I became compromised, I stepped over a line and no longer had the benefit of advice from a distance – objectivity if you will, that and the fact the human race simply isn’t ready for the TWBrit point of view – not in the raw anyway.

Would I do or say anything similar in future? I am who I am, what’s right is right… and while I may choose my words obviously for the hard of reading – damn right I would, and if there were a next time, after quadruple checking of facts I would be a damn sight more relentless…
But for me personally, a trust of sorts was broken, even if that trust was of my own making.

This blog has come close to being killed off a few times in the last year, my personal interests are simply not reflected by my life and to that level I feel both fraudulent and to some degree useless.

But what I do believe is the person I supported has now cut their teeth in this field, they graduated with a first and it’s now up to them after a period of time if they want to let that experience and knowledge go to waste.
I don’t want them to, but it is up to them – they’ve now had their ‘Stafford’, the next location will be a safe one… for no other reason than this; they have a job to do! It’s not a local job – it’s national! They need to be where they will be most effective and that is simply a fact! The thing is – they know it too, as too do the people around them.

As for what articles I previously wrote – they stand and will no longer be rescinded. If people have a problem with that, bring it on :)

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Rocketboom and The World Cup

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Discomfort and a Brain Fart

This last month I think I’ve growing more and more restless. I feel like I should actually be somewhere else doing or infact helping to do something totally different… Does that make any sense whatsoever?
Last night I found myself getting a slightly shorter temper and while I’d like to put it down to tiredness, I can’t and this is a slight worry.
Now in the greater scheme of things, there is no present ‘ruler of the universe’ job opening, which is a bit of a disappointment, but I do need to be elsewhere.

So in typical fashion I put myself in the third person and typically asked myself – so what are you gonna do about it, how are you going to get on and get things moving?
Well, this is the weird part – total blank!!
Maybe Gabby’s comment about diesel fumes may just hold water… However, no matter how bad a situation – there is ALWAYS one more thing you can do! So, we’ll see…

In the very early sunrise of last Saturday morning I was driving home between a town called Cullompton and Honiton, something I do almost daily, when after passing the sign that states some village fete or do at a place called Broadhembury, I noticed a smaller yet better sign ‘Beer Farm’!!!


So, racing home to my bed, my heart was set on learning more about this new found farming concept and come lunchtime after much needed rest and reaching for the front door handle to embark upon this possibly new adventure – the phone rings!
Now, while I was trying my best to ignore this, I have to bare in mind that having two months of work due to injury and a car replacement has decimated my account and when there is work – it most be done!
20 minutes later with my bottom lip flapping out of the window, I passed that very same sign on my way back to work!

Thankfully the job wasn’t very big as it was the closest, stickiest humid day I think we’ve had this year. A simple run to the dreaded Severnside and drop and swap a trailer and come back.
Now, because I had to meet someone there I pulled into Michael Wood services to ring in and check where the guy was exactly – only to be told the job had changed.
Severnside had a milk production problem the day before due to a sticking valve, so while wondering if BP does the maintenance I knew things would be quite bad there.
My job was to find and unload several tankers of milk as production started flowing… I would have to split weigh new tanks coming in and give our drivers empty tanks to take out…
This was fine until you realise that there were over 50 tanks of nearly 30,000 ltrs from many companies all waiting in turn to tip.

As an agency guy, I wasn’t expecting to become the soul representative of the milk company and haulier I often work for. Indeed, I landed in a nightmare talking with Wincanton, DHL, Milk Link, First Milk, Dairy Crest and more – trying to get things running in the right or a better order.
On top of this and while the dairy was full to it’s 2,500,000 ltr capaicty – several more tanks were brought in and some even by people who hadn’t ever driven tankers or milk. These people were simply told “here are the keys, that’s you’re trailer, here’s where you’re going – when you get there talk to (me) and he will sort you out”.

So basically what I was lead to believe would be a 5hr day soon turned into a 15.5hr day in all, because at 3am I made the call and said I was coming home! (unless, there are medals and the sun isn’t planning on coming up tomorrow, I was done)

After leaving work and driving home, I passed the turnoff for Broadhembury and alas, no Beer Farm sign existed anymore. It was 6am on a glorious Sunday morning – and in the distance I could hear the desperate call of my bed.
Another summer to be slept through again.

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Has it already been a year (and a bit) since the illustrious Joanne Colan left this hotpot of daily internet news?
I like and enjoy Rocketboom and like anyone with a pulse, I can watch people like Ellie and Molly all day long.
But enough of the chauvinism…

A year on and what, if any have been the improvements?
Well the Meme’s seem less, Rocketboom tech is about the same albeit I really don’t think they’ve truly embraced 4G and travelled the world talking to the manufacturers about how far they’ve truly got.

So now we come to the main show…
I’m sorry, but to me personally It has never fully recovered. The viewing figures may be up for all I know, but it’s just not the same.
After Joanne left, RB went through a restructuring of sorts and there was even to be an LA office. RB office itself has moved again, but for the most part many of the people I know who used to watch it – now don’t.

Now, Andrew Baron (or Drew) isn’t any kind of lame duck, far from it infact. He’s a razor sharp intelligent guy with an imagination for the newer style of internet entertainment (i-Ent) and while his normal methodologies have worked astoundingly well, I’m just not sure they’re working so well now.

So, what of this new presenter and indeed what of Joanne? Well, Meme Molly was an exceptional Vlogger in her own right on YouTube. Sadly they have made her try to copy the previous style that was very much Joanne and it simply isn’t right for Molly. Though I do think they’ve slowly been changing things a little.
Molly also seemed initially like a kid straight out school, often trusted up in what looked like a bad party frock, but Mollie has a very eclectic style, and one day seems like the sweetest kid, the next like the hottest rock chic. Her own style and personality needs to shine through more as she is far more talented than she appears to be allowed to do.

So gone were the cool womanly relaxed styles that Joanne Colan used to embrace, leaving only Ellie looking consistantly awesome.

Throughout the year though, there has been a slow and steady transformation, Molly isn’t as green as she was and is for the most part doing a stand up job. I do like Molly, but in her own style and while she has taken on the RB style, I think the RB style needs to change a little more towards Molly’s own style to be a greater success.

Ellie’s Rocketboom Tech is actually very good, it should be a show in it’s own right because she covers the very latest things and not always because it’s just the latest gadget on the market, they often look at things far before the point of market rediness. The show is sometimes woefully just too short and much more could be shown – like the recent incar tech show…

As for the new ‘out in the field’ reporter, well, I haven’t got a clue really…

Joanne on the other hand has been busy, very busy! And I hope to bring news of this here shortly.

I do like Rocketboom and I most certainly don’t know anything about show production etc. So my verdict?

Rocketboom a year on:  it’s still Rocketboom – but it never recovered!

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Recruiters – lol

So, I get approached by a recruiter wanting to pay me a 6 figure salary to design data centres – something I might just know a little bit about…
A conversation followed and in no time because I hadn’t designed one in four years I was basically told that I had been out of the industry too long – an old timer if you will.

So laughing and taking it on the chin I went off and looked at the latest designs of data centres… Would you believe they aren’t even at the entry level of what I had previously designed? Data throughput is lagging, and frankly it would appear that few have indulged any creativity at all.
When I designed my first DC, there were no training courses, there wasn’t a known methodology – so I designed from scratch…
That system still is years more advanced that any system in use anywhere in the world today and apparently I’ve been out of the industry too long…

I’m still laughing, because I know even now I can build a DC the likes of which would be future proofed and beyond the most people imaginations…

I don’t know if it’s the old problem of people designing for the here and now or what, but DC design is about the next 50 years, the text 6 technologies and inbuilt sustainability and reliability..

Technology I helped design like 4G five years ago still isn’t even available to most countries yet.

But hey, what do I know – I’m an old timer

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Hmmm Taiwan

Now, I don’t know if this is true or not, but it is odd. Samsung’s little (or not so little) sub. Foxconn who makes iPhones and iPads for Apple, apparently have an enormous suicide rate…
Steve Jobs claims the factory isn’t a sweatshop, but the employees and former employees tell a very different story. The management openly admit to punishment beatings of Foxconn employees to make your iPhones, iPods and iPads!!
It’s no surprise that electronic goods of any type rarely cost more than $50 to make and the rest of the street value is simply profit. But to the workers who are physically searched and scrutinised on their way in, during and upon exit of the factory, if any one of them sets off a metal detector – they simply call the police and have them carted away.

Now, you don’t have to search far to know what that means in Taiwan or indeed China… But is this worth the price of your iPhone and iPad?

I think  N O T !!!!

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Other things going on

Fenny, well we’re talking about Fenny-lite actually because she’s almost gone turncoat on us with that new super damn laptop of hers and legged it to Atlanta in the US of A…
Yer know, one minute she’s this helpful down to earth person, the next she’s gone undercover or something, but then – well, then she gets with her scary friends in a club they call the Demented Fan Girls!! They then board planes, hire cars and hotels and go legitimately stalking their idols at stage doors and Conventions.
Fenny is 99.99% pure sanity…the other – who knows, it’s apparently a girl thing ;)
I guess we should send Terry, aka Little Trucker 1972 along to route them out as she lives just outside Atlanta.

CofC2 drinks oil….hmmm, but is still quick :)

Major tidying day tomorrow and time to relax from the internet and twitter a bit.
I really have so much to do it’s quite disturbing.

Now as an off shot of the last few days, I’m now some what more convicted than ever to leave the driving world behind.
There are recent events also, which I won’t presently go into on here, but needless to say I’m starting to believe I live in a country of people who have nothing better to do than go on a witch hunt.
This doesn’t actually refer to me at all, but it is something that is slowly grating away at me.

On a lighter note, I’d like to say that I know a thing or two about driving, but after seeing this vid, this grasshopper still has much to learn

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