A Day Out….

Do click on pics to enlarge (I hope)

The first and most important thing about setting off for London today was fiddling with the built in Sat Nav on my phone. I use it because the speedo on my car doesn’t work so in order to not get caught speeding, I use this.
The thing is, when Esmeralda speaks, she does so by slapping me across the face with a glove and throwing it on the floor…
At 07:50 Esmeralda stated that I would arrive at my destination at 11:22…
Well I knew I had to be there at 10 am (to support Sue Black on her run) and was hoping that old Esmeralda wasn’t too accurate.
At 09:55 I turned the engine off in North Ealing and walked 5yrds into the underground station, which wasn’t very ‘underground’. It was actually a beautiful olde worldy place – and within minutes I was bouncing down the Piccadilly Line enroute to Green park.
Everything was running perfectly to time as I sat watching, or should I say cringing at a girl trying to put eye-liner on with what looked like a sharp pencil. I just keep thinking ‘any minute now!’.

Arriving at Green Park and strolling down to Buckingham Palace, the first runners were arriving back and I had got there just in time before the crowds really started to get bigger…
Walking the full length of the Mall to Admiralty Arch I waited until the most unmissable and prolific supporter of both Social Media and Bletchley Park came trotting along doing none other that tweeting away on her iPhone…
When I called her name, well it was more like a Sergeant Major bark, the 2nd pic didn’t turn out so well because I was distracted due to the sudden fear and loathing of my shout by the people around me… hence the pic is late and blurred.

I then turned around and walked the few yards to Horse Guards Parade where works had obviously been underway setting up for this years Trooping the Colour.
Horse Guards is a surreal place to me. These buildings were the original War Ministry buildings and where an empire was formed and indeed – controlled.
And over behind these trees is the rear of Number 10 and 11 Downing St.

Away and off to my place in Kensington Gardens for a sit, think and watch the locals stroll by until the unthinkable happened – the battery in my phone died… So I left the park, much wiser for have been there and headed of over the Bayswater Road into the local shopping area on Queensway to reconnoitre the things I needed. Firstly pottering around a place called Whiteley’s then into Maplins which is a bit like Radioshac, and after getting what I needed, I went on my way..
This is where things got a little vague when I tried to find a tube station, I found my way up Westbourne Grove, then turned left onto Chepstow Place and kept going. I would have taken a few pics of the area, but when you’ve seen one wedding cake type building, you’ve seen them all – though, I did see one of the most precarious places for a toilet… further up Chepstow Place just as I was getting to Pembridge Square. Dear oh dear, the thought of someone losing their curry from the night before as you’re walking past doesn’t bare thinking about! – at head height too!
A few minutes later and I had to stop someone and get directions. It’s wrong to say people in London aren’t friendly, everyone I spoke to today were more than helpful… 3 mins later and I was walking down the steps of a tube station – result!
I made a few more visits and got back to my car and started charging the phone.
On my way out I went past this place – anyone remember? Ahhh well, I popped a post card through the door and left.

This brings me to some of the things I’ve learned of late and about the future of this blog.
It would be so easy for me and anyone to rip into various events. I understand just about everything about them now too, so I wouldn’t be talking out of turn. But really, is that how I should conduct myself and this blog? A rant every time something is wrong – any child you meet can rant…
Nope, I know what I know and that’s that. I have opinions too, and these are most certainly not for sharing.
So in all things, I know where, how and I’m happy with where I stand on issues and with people.
So, today opened and closed old and new doors, I went simply to support Sue Black, because I believe it was the least I could do and the conclusion of this day in London is that it was indeed a great day.
As I said to someone earlier, I’m not sure I could actually live in London anymore, it’s pretty full on even on it’s quietest days.

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Finally, a day or two off

Wow, well my day is finished and at 15.5hrs when I was already tired, I’m just glad to be here to write about it. I didn’t have any incidents, didn’t kill any wildlife, broke my own record and drifted off in to a one hour sleep surrounded by the scent of chocolate being made on an industrial scale. Then to top it all off I watched an awesome sunrise at 03:20 am and had the joy of returning via Hereford, the Wye Valley, Monmouth and down to Newport and away over the Severn Bridge again. This was after a laborious tip at Yeo Valley in Cannington and a rather spooked drop and swap at Bishops Nympton before heading to Cadburys Marlbrook plant at Leominster.

Returning to my car I noticed it had been stalked once again by what some might call the Red Peril, but I refer to it as the Red Missile – owned and proven beyond the envelope by none other than this blogs WKD! I would more accurately call it the red blur – but the TV show Smallville seems to have nabbed that sucker!

Now having CofC’s and Red Missiles in close proximity often leads to flagrant vandalism… indeed, it was but a few months ago I spent ages removing a sticker from my wing mirror, I wouldn’t mind but these are WKD stickers that I supplied her!! So it was a worrying surprise when WKD didn’t have any apparent knowledge of using or losing any of her stickers.
So today, I noticed both her mirrors apparently received similar damage with what appear to be my very own T W Brit stickers… This is a shocking revelation, but in true company and media style – I’m sure there will be some kind of witch hunt for the culprit.
Also, due to the possible forgery of these stickers, I have been forced by this slight of hand to order large oval car stickers which are being printed as we speak. In fact the job is so important they’re being printed well out of the way in California!! (That’s in America JK). Further more, these images are copyright of me

So, with all this weeks work now done, I can go to sleep, get up tomorrow and go to London for a real day off – albeit I’ll be driving there.
I understand the Congestion Charge is lifted on Bank Holidays , but if anyone knows a good if not free place to park towards the west end of Regents Park, please let me know.

This blog is also about to change, well by change I mean it will keep looking the same! By the ‘same’ I mean that it might just be time to call a shovel a shovel and a spade a spade if you know what I mean. However, this decision I will take tomorrow afternoon… It has been suggested that the line ‘Pondering across the web in wonder’ should be replaced by ‘International man of mystery’, well if I were still travelling overseas I would give that a respounding Yeah Baby!! But I’m sadly not at the moment…

Oh one last thing, I’ve finally finished my artwork and have designed the t-shirts… the rest, in good time :)

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Weird world and the weekend

So, being a 45yr old, grumpy fat lard ass, I often sit for hours writing letters I never send, emails I delete and of course blog posts I never post.
This last few weeks I’ve been chomping at the bit to get several things off my chest other than my moobs !
But alas I simply can’t without verification from someone else. There is also the need to possibly talk to someone I’m almost swore myself never to speak directly to and then if this isn’t cryptic enough… I’m just plain old fed-up…

However, apart from work tonight and a run to Cadburys tomorrow and even better return home via the Wye valley, Monmouth and the Severn Bridge – I would appear to have Bank Holiday Monday off..(hu –bloody-rrah). Actually this is good because I hope and wish to go to London to support Dr Sue Black doing a Bupa charity run to raise money after her brother took his own life last year and I think it’s kinda important to offer support. This starts and finishes in the area or london I call the Triangle of Power.

The other good thing is I don’t think I’ll be loitering around Denmark Street for a change as this often can turn out to be expensive. I may just (ok, that means – I will) take a moment or two at a fave spot in Hyde Park at the G F Watts statue of Physical Energy at Midday. It’s a good place to see most things and also get a mix of peacefulness of the park with the background engine noise of the large industrious ship they call London.
So if you wish air any grievance I cause with this here blog and for you to bring your court orders, bottles, knives, bats and bricks – but leaving you’re firearms at home (but then, you have to spot me first and that will be awkward for most – unless I were to wear a twbrit tshirt), this is where I will be…
Any way, London here I come on Monday and while I’d try to get some pics of both Camden and Portabello markets – this incurs the concept of shopping and worse still – shoppers!! Though, while doing a spot of touristy things and if I get bored I might just end up in Denmark St after all.
I will of course be taking the camera and just pottering about in general.

Then a nice steady run back to Devon and a chilled evening and Tuesday off and possible exploration of the place they call Riphay…

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Vote for who you think is the best info pioneer

Go HERE to check out the vids and vote, here’s my vote

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Back to the SSD’s again

There is no denying that the Kingston V+ series of Solid State Drives are outstanding in not only power saving but almost unbelievable transfer speeds.
But even when they offer them with combined kits to clone you’re existing Hard Drive – the prices are simply not viable!!
They currently work out at around £2 per gigabyte in the UK and this basically means not many people will be looking to purchase them unless they’re a high end mobile user.
Don’t get me wrong, these drives are almost guaranteed to out live you, they work for over 1,000,000 hours before failure – that’s 114 years!!
But nevertheless, until they bring the price down to £1 per gig, then few will make that jump.
This may well suit Kingston, they might simply not have the manufacturing capability, yet even at £1 per gig, people will still be asking about viability.
However, millions more will buy them and that turn over alone must have viability to it.
Until now, the single most expensive component in a laptop is the screen… and manufactures rarely pay more than $12 for them, so this begs the question of the actual price of an SSD and why would a company like Kingston be so hell bent on cutting it’s nose off to spite it’s face if they could actually manufacture these things in any quantity?

These drives are available in 64g, 128g, 256g and 512g… So the only real drives that are wanted are the 128, 256 and 512…
Oh and just so we’re clear on the robustness of these things – they’re rated at being able to withstand shocks upto 1500 g’s…

Personally I’m looking at extending the storage of my laptop, yet in all fairness if I was building a new PC, I’d use their 64gb as the C: drive and use a 2nd ordinary drive for unimportant stuff.

So, with these choices, and the fact that no one in their right mind other than the military would spend over £1000 on a 512gb drive.. I finally turn my back on these incredible little things until such time as they consider stop trying to take us all for fools and morons with their present pricing system.
The other thing is; why the hell aren’t manufactures building this tech into Motherboads directly?!

So today, it gives me very great pleasure in awarding the HUA to Kingston Technology for coming so far yet tripping over their greed at the last hurdle.

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Funny old year this one

I can’t help sometimes look back over the best part of the last 12 months and find myself a little dumbstruck.
If someone had told me even at the beginning of 2010 what would happen, I’d have probably just gone and purchased my own pine overcoat and a large shovel!
But it’s now approaching 5yrs of living in semi-rural Devon and I hate to admit it, but life is slowly starting to agree with me down here. But that’s not to say I don’t miss the hustle and bustle of London and having to run around jumping on planes because I do a little.

Apart from all this, summer has finally dawned on this fair Isle and against ALL my wishes, again I’m missing it as I work nights.
Also an odd sign of summer being here is returning to Bishops Nympton a lot…
The summer festivals are starting also and I swore blind that I wasn’t going to miss anything this year… yeah right!
But for the most part these things are my own fault as I’ve not had a real plan of action for such a long time, nor the ability to change aspects of life to my liking. But it has been busy, that’s for sure.

One thing I would like to do is compete in a rather bizarre farmer thing… A good web acquaintance and neighbour of sorts mentioned an event called the Riphay Scuffle… This is a mad 4×4 mud soaked, deep water game of effectively trashing you’re old wreck of a 4×4, getting drunk, possibly winning – but ultimately raising money for the local hunt.
After watching various videos on YouTube and looking up the site on Google Earth, it became apparent that the Scuffle is held within a stones throw from WKD’s farm… Texts followed and it transpires that WKD’s hubby ‘C’ is something of a local champion at his event having won it twice – reeeee-sult!!

Now after watching these vids I also noticed something else, to me and in the minds of former colleagues, there is only one vehicle on the planet that is better in every possible way than a Land Rover and that my friends is a Mercedes Unimog! And after watching these videos ‘Unimog’ was the only single word my mind could form…
So in my view, if you wanna really have a chance of hacking this event, the Unimog would be the vehicle of choice… This leaves us with a problem… A new Unimog costs in excess of £90,000… and old good ones about £10 – 15,000… and that is simply not possible!!
So, if you know of anyone who wants to give, lend, steal, acquire the said vehicle type for me to possibly destroy in an attempt at winning this event – Please, do feel free to get in touch…
In the mean time, I’ll be found oiling and polishing the Flying Pig counting abacus I recently acquired.

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Car Tech

Recently I have been looking into technology to stick in the new CofC2.. But then Ellie Rountree of Rocketboom Tech would appear to have been doing the same – and it’s interesting stuff.

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Who are these people and why?

You know, the other day I got into a bizarre conversation about how people pick their friends and acquaintances. This got me rethinking my criteria of what I call a friend.
But after a long drive I sat back and thought – “yer know, there’s nothing wrong with my criteria at all”.
So what do my friends and acquaintances have in common?

Well over the last two weeks I’ve been doing an absolute ton of research and home work, one reason for this will become apparent on this blog in a few months, the other was researching and analysing events of the last few years of someone I came to know a year ago… and they have the very same traits that fall into that criteria.

The people I know have what I believe is a god given gift, it’s something that is simply not tangible – but ALL of them (you) have it. I of course would like to call it Britishness, but the reality is that some of these people aren’t Brits.

It is an inner strength of character! The likes of which few others truly have. Yes, they/you/me have moments of doubts and stress, but the underlying thing is always the same!

You see life isn’t about what next major problem you’re gonna have, it’s not about owning a house – for which you’re simply the caretaker of. It’s about how you conduct yourself when it goes wrong, how you remain calm when you’re screaming inside. Where you find a solution when none exist!
Life is truly S**t! but that’s the nature of life in a nutshell, it’s also vicious and very, very cruel!

All of the people I acquaint myself with know how to get up and shake the rubble off… They are far more than the simple sum of their being! Some are successful, others happy to potter along – but all are highly intelligent and for the most part, I see more in them than they realise they are… they are so much more.

Yes, I am oddly human, others will disagree, but I have my fall outs over stupid things and sometimes might moan a bit – but nevertheless, there isn’t a person I know I wouldn’t be there for… Not because I have some self gratifying hero type ego, but because these people, every last one of you are simply worth it and you know what – you all have something way above and beyond your own thinking that you can offer this world.

And in return I simply don’t care what folks think of me, that pause where some might think I’m shocked or hurt, that’s me trying to think of a response that would show my interest or simply not telling you about every flaw you may have by return.

But unto each – their own the cliché states, but I for one am happy with the people I know of have come to be acquainted with either in real life or across the net and the world.

So, what I’m saying is this; I know you because you’re special, not to me, but as individuals with amazing intelligence and strength of character. It’s about how you get back on you’re feet after a fall and the disregard of fear as you step into the unknown.

That is what life is truly about, faith in yourself and in those around you – and to keep going…

Every single person I know can bring something to the table, yes much would be from their lateral and common sense thought approach – but their real skills lay in their ability to think differently, to enjoy the mystery and challenge, some of which can most certainly almost unbearable.

But as people our nature is predictable, after all by the sheer definition of who and what we are, we’re emotional beings – both strength and flaws…
Personally I like the way people don’t get me, I compartmentalise my life a lot, so it was a shock to recently go on a corp. website and answer some questions to whether or not I’d fit in.. I answered all the questions, hit ‘submit’ and a new page told me all our common strengths and the other side of the page listed this;
The differences
Here are the options that you selected which are different from the ones you are likely to experience at XXXXXXXXXXX and some suggestions about what this might mean if you were part of the team:

Below it was listed nothing at all… This was met with a “huh!” and prompt page closure lol.. So much for being different I thought… (besides, they pay rubbish). lol
But the fact is that we are all common in our everyday attributes in so many ways, yet we choose friends and acquaintances for many different reasons; social/economic, skills, power, or sometimes because they’re just good solid down to earth people!

So, attributes that help me pick? Inner strength, humour, a mind and personality that has a natural ability to care and is completely open to new ideas and never frightened to go against the grain, to do something different and maybe even shake the tree and break a few rules from time to time.
These are the essences of the real pioneers of our age and history is littered with them.

As Einstein once said, “Logic will get you from a to b, imagination will take you everywhere”

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A little promo for Iron Man 2 at Rocherster Castle – clever

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YouTube at 5 yrs old

Yes, no one would have thought that a video sharing website would have been so popular, but five years on it’s one of the most successful sites to date with over 2 billion hits a day!
Google, realising that within Youtube’s first year of operation that it had already become a household name on a global scale moved to and purchased the site from it’s co-founders Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, who were all early employees of PayPal for a cool $1.65bn

So yes, good for Chad, Steve and Jawed and of course Google and ultimately – good for us… Oh! and thank you :)

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Ronnie James Dio – RIP

Unbelievably it’s true, Rainbow and sometimes Black Sabbath front man and accomplished song writer and artist in his own right has died in Los Angeles.
Dio announce that he was battling stomach cancer last year and after receiving treatment in Houston finally died at 7:45 am yesterday morning.

Dio is the 2nd member of the original Rainbow line up to pass away, the first being CozyPowell.

As a tribute to both, here is rock classic Stargazer from the Rainbow Rising album

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A good night and Esmeralda got a whooping

It does seem that when I eventually get to sleep, I really sleep!! And for someone normally happy with 4hrs, it’s quite a shock.

But alas, last night’s run was actually quite pleasant, well it was after I got back to the M5 after Bishops Nympton where this time I took a pic of the unholy knot of farmers nails that is the fastening of the gates there.
Also in my nervous rush to get this over with, I managed to drop my wired headset on the floor and promptly drive over it… But then, bad things happen about these parts!!
Getting back on the motorway and heading up to Michael Wood services I wondered what the CoPilot GPS  on my phone would make of the journey, so I tapped the details in and made the setting as for an RV as CoPilot don’t do UK Truck mapping, just US.
Horrified! – it told me the shortest ETA would be 03:36!! The issue with that is a) I didn’t believe it and b) I had to be there for 03:00!
So, as you can guess, the drive of my life was taken out of it’s box and engaged!
The other funny thing was that it gave me 4 different routes as I kept following the most straight forward route there – none of them being the same until it finally ran out of alternative options.
For once I has a great truck and more surprisingly – a perfectly balanced trailer and with gritted teeth and knuckles that may remain white for several more days to come – I hit the weigh bridge at 03:12 and Esmeralda (the voice on the sat nav) got her whooping! (much to the stunned amusment of the security guard there)
Everything was perfect from then on, Cadburys got their milk and as the sun was rising I had the joy of driving back through Hereford down to the A40, on to Newport and the M4.
This route is actually one of the nicest areas to drive through in the whole UK, it’s positively stunning! Even if it did start raining, heading back to England over the new Severn Bridge and back to safety of course, I realised that some days are just good and this job isn’t so bad after all.

Though I do sometimes wonder who it is who sits and writes the info they post on the motorway info boards…

I did however decide to try and poison my system with a McD’s breakfast on the way home at 08:30, well I would have done if a family of dick heads hadn’t made it to the front of the queue without even a thought of what they wanted to eat!! With McD’s making to order these days and abandoning the entire concept of ‘fast-food’, after listening to this incredible bunch of morons still trying to decide after 10 minutes, I left, went home and of course – went to bed…

Tonight – London…

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Yes I admit it, I’m actually feeling tired as well as perpetually looking it.
Tonight I will be off to work at 21:30 and will lurking around the fearful area known as Bishops Nympton an hour later before trekking out of this darkened land to Cadburys, or do they call it Kraft now?

But this week is appearing to be very much longer than last week and it’s starting to take a little toll I think.
WKD on the other hand just legged it for 8 days!! This, while cowardice in the face of relentless hardwork, is something I find myself most jealous of.

However, I have been making plans of my own and travel is most certainly on the cards at present. But longer distance travel will not be in order until I have had my teeth fixed… (strange huh?)

But I have the next two nights running up to London and back and then I’m going to NOT be available until Thursday – Yay!!

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The Night Florence Died

please read all of this and click on pictures to enlarge

It’s funny really, people often think of trucking as a lowly job, an unskilled job sometimes. But over the last four years as many know I have been primarily driving Milk Tankers.
Yes it’s a considerable change from the heady world of Comms & IT and it’s true – the wages simply do not compare. But the hours are long and often unrelenting. People rarely understand the balancing act that the truck driver is working with. I have stated in the past that contrary to popular belief, truckers aren’t there to spoil you’re day, they’re aware of how any contact with a car often proves fatal and as such while we need you’re consideration, we do often have to think of what other may simply not understand or know.
For instance, if you drive around London’s North Circular (the A406) and wonder why the truck in front of you is being a pain and staying in the middle lane, the answer is – it’s the safest place for YOU!

We often crack jokes about how we simply do steering wheel attendance, or joke how we don’t do much for a living, but this is irony… What we do is balance between getting a job done and staying alive, but more importantly – keeping you alive.

With the movement of bulk liquids, this is a wholly different set of issues and dangers and not a week passes in the UK without the loss or turning over of a tanker somewhere.
Driving these things requires a small amount or grasp of physics, indeed, if I drive around a corner with a half loaded tank, the milk (or any fluid) will move up the wall of the tank with it – thus causing a very real chance of rolling it over. The slowest recorded speed of this in the UK is 16mph!

But motorways and cities are only a small part of the driving skills, most of time is spent on tight and winding country roads. Here the dangers increase many times over and yet there is the unrelenting need to get the milk to dairy as fast as possible. Infact certain rules/laws are lifted because of this requirement as it is a needed yet perishable product.

Some drivers leave me standing with their skills, I know I simply can not compete with their skill set – WKD is one such person in this area and I have no problem at all in admitting it, but then I think she may have been around since before God invented the Cow.

Recently I posted this picture of a truck I was driving and have driven a great many times; Florence. This picture while grainy, was taken about two months ago while I was taking milk to Cadbury’s.

Obviously by the title of this post, something has happened to Florence.
On a wet night a couple of weeks ago between the villages of Bow and North Tawton in Devon – Florence, fully loaded and weighing 44 tons, slipped on a bit of rain washed mud…
And this my friends is what happened;
She slid sideways while coming out of a corner at about 35mph, helped with the unbalance and ever moving 28000lts of milk she was carrying.
As she touched the soft mud verge, her brakes became instantly ineffective and she stuck a tree. Trees do not move and I can’t even begin to ascertain the tonnage of the sudden stopping of this weight as it struck the tree… What is for sure was that the strength of the impact not only threw the driver out of the passenger door and landing him 150yrds away on his hands and knees in a field, but was enough to rip the trailer cleanly away from the tractor unit.
If this wasn’t enough, as the front of the trailer struck the road surface, the inertia and sheer mass of moving milk somersaulted the entire 37 tons of tank end to end before crashing down on its back and rupturing.
5 fire crews and several ex-farm bulkers battled in vain to pump off the milk before it ran of into the water table… I say in vain because they only saved 8000ltrs – the other 20,000 running straight into a river…
Milk is a terrible pollutant, and the damage to aquatic life is horrendous! Milk has no trouble at all eating through concrete either – infact it’s pretty nasty stuff by all accounts.

The driver survived and was totally uninjured – which in itself was amazing… Infact, had the door not have been smashed open a split second before he went though it, I’m sure only half of him would have complete the 150yrd journey.

But alas, Florence did not survive and while it was amazing the tank didn’t go through or land on top of the cab, Florence’s days are sadly over.

This is what we do, it’s how you’re milk gets to you’re breakfast table, tea, coffee, cheese and every other dairy product. And to me it reminds me of just who my colleagues are in this business and just how much I admire and respect their skills, humour and the ability in any weather, day or night, to simply get the job done 365 days a year – in full knowledge of the risks involved. These men and ladies are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and while there is always risk and accidents will happen – their abilities minimise these.

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A blast from the past – very funny

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Another Airbus 330 Crashes

The Afriqiyah Airways flight from Johannesburg had been due to land in Tripoli at 0400 GMT. The plane crashed as it attempted to land, the airline said.
Officials say 93 passengers and 11 crew were on board the Airbus 330. They are said to be of various nationalities, including British and South African.
The plane had been due to go on from Tripoli to London’s Gatwick airport.
Unconfirmed reports say that an eight-year-old child was the sole survivor of the crash.

But reports now coming in say ALL105 people have died…

What more is there to add?

The Airline website has posted this information

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USAF brushing up on unit discipline

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Not that I wanted to work, but another long one…

Piled into work slightly late as I knew there wasn’t any trucks available and sat around chatting, and as ever – for a little too long.
The run was to be Westbury, shoot over to Bishops Nympton to do a drop and swap and then go on to Taw Valley Cheese (TVC)… And my ride today was Bonnie

Well that was fine, and pulling off the A303 at Mere to cut through Maiden Bradley and Frome against an awesome sunset, I was hoping for a short night before a couple of days down time.

Arriving at Westbury, well the town not the dairy because there was this long line of trucks awaiting me!
I finally left Westbury 5hrs later and via Glastonbury, made my way to the M5, down to the “Here be Dragons” sign and the North Devon Link Road, then on towards Bishops Nympton -WKD and Lorain territory…
My flask of coffee now running low, at 03:30am I did wonder if the house of the White Knuckle Drivers was open for refills – but then thought about the concept of a fate worse than death itself and carried on my way.

Arriving at Bishops Nympton via Bishmill, I found the new super sized steel farm gates closed… Dismounting in the eerie darkness of a silent Devon hill top with the only missing attribute to the area is a pub named ‘The Slaughtered lamb’ I approached to unlock the gates to find them locked with nothing less than Farmers Nails!!
Instant paranoia setting in, I undid the weirdest knot of hell’s own creation and swung the gates open – running back to the cab!

What followed was about 6 phone calls between my base and the base and Nth Tawton to what should be taken where, as TVC was shutting down and there were problems with milk intake there anyway.
After sorting everything out I embarked to drive on some of my most disliked roads in Devon – Hill Village and Eggsford to Winkleigh

Arriving at Nth Tawton I find that there is yet another load to move, this time 26000ltr of organic milk to take back to my own base. Then as it turned out, half the lights on the trailer wouldn’t work.
Being close to my break time and with zero help from the folks there, I decided to make it up to a rest area at Okehampton and take my break as the sun was starting to rise and would mean I could carry on the rest of my journey without the requirement for lights… Not 100% legal, but due to constraints of the drivers hours and no help being available, it was the safest option I could work out while still making some progress.

Arriving back at base and clocking off after 14.5 hrs (of which there seems have been too many of these recently) I again made enquiries about obtaining the photos of the night Florence died in an amazing crash (Florence is a truck), but to no avail as word has gone out that they’re to be kept hidden, albeit that everyone has seen them… lol

I staggered down towards the rest room only to have WKD herself keep moving her truck into my way, oddly I didn’t realise it at first because I was both too tired and caught up in about 274 thoughts.
Laughing over my hot chocolate (purchased with real money as the machine still won’t accept farmers money for some reason) we talked about what had been happening with the election before all the drivers joined in. Kinda think everyone wants a new election now.

And with that, I went my weary way home to Honiton…. (getting stuck behind a tractor most of the way)

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The 2010 Laugh a minute Election!

Well, I haven’t been following the news much because I’m stuck between laughing hysterically and dying of horror as this disgusting debacle is played out to the entire shame of the nation!!

Basically, as soon as reports came in that people couldn’t vote – THERE WAS A PROBLEM, and a bloody huge one at that!

Then – all this new stupidity which is fast growing as a major laughing point and joke around the world…


All three parties need to reform the Election system NOW!! And have a new election…

My feeling is that there should be no ifs, buts or ands… about it – Get on and get it done!

Here’s how… sort out the constituencies, then hold local elections. From these we’ll have a list of parties that have been elected. That list of parties will go on the ballot paper for a national election… Simple huh?

Right, those are my thoughts – now c’mon you lot, air you’re thoughts in the comments…

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Apple under fire

Yes, it had to happen… Just about everyone seems to be suing Apple for either iPhone or iPad patent infringements!!
Nokia are now not only suing over the iPhone but have launched a huge legal battle over the iPad!!
“We’ve taken this step to protect the results of our pioneering development and to put an end to continued unlawful use of Nokia’s innovation,” said Paul Melin, general manager of patent licensing at Nokia.
In a statement, the company said that during the past two decades Nokia has invested about $51bn (£34bn) in research and development and has rounded up 11,000 patents.
Last year Nokia filed a similar lawsuit which claimed that various Apple products infringed Nokia patents. Apple responded with a countersuit against Nokia for infringing Apple patents with its smartphones.
Meanwhile, Apple is also involved in another legal row with Taiwan’s HTC, maker of Google’s Nexus One phone, which it says has infringed patented technology.

This legal stuff is quite normal in the tech world, but that’s not to say they don’t go to extreme lengths to find out what each other are up to… None of which I’ll be talking about here ;)

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