Some results and finally, the Dentist saga…

During my downtime while recovering from ripping the ligament from my shoulder I received not one but two tickets on my car due to being unable to put road tax on it.
Wednesday morning brought a letter from Devon & Cornwall Police stating that they were no longer pursuing the tickets.
This was after I spoke to them at length and put the whole thing in writing with added images of prescription drugs etc.
While all very nice – and I am grateful… Why then do they have to add that next time they won’t be so lenient!!
Why would they do that? What is it with D&C police that they ALWAYS have to try and intimidate at one level or another… Next time, we’ll follow the law eh? That would be the best place to start!!
Dentist Story
As of the 19th of February I have been without a Dentist for over 12 months… With two gold crowns sitting on a shelf here – this isn’t good.
This came about while I was suffering an acute dental infection last year. The pain was effectively abscess pain and as my dentist lived so far away, we had an agreement on what we’d do and how we’d do it should this problem occur.
Basically, I needed a particular antibiotic so they’d need to send a prescription  or indeed the drugs. All I had to do was get word to them.
I did – At first I rang their office and got an answer machine… In complete pain and agony I told them of the issues. A couple of days passed and I’d heard nothing, so I rang again this time getting the receptionist who immediately said someone was dealing with it. I said I would put the basics of what was happening in a blog post so my Dentist could see it. I did so, and hid a good part of it in my typical humour.
Then I was left in two weeks of sheer bloody agony before receiving a letter from the surgery stating that they were so appalled at what I written on the blog, that my information had been handed to the police and basically go away… (that post still exists on here).
Over the past year I have been asked several times about what happened and I have reserved myself to the confines of close friends and my solicitor on the matter.
On receiving this letter I laughed in complete disbelief! I thought it was a wind up! However, I immediately passed ALL correspondence I’d ever had to my solicitor to find out if what I had put on the internet and had written was wrong. They could see no wrong doing WHAT SO EVER, they said that for the most part my humour and it’s familiarity was on the above normal, but considering everything, I was in the clear. They also added that every thing I had placed on the net was complimentary to both my dentist and the surgery and was effectively good PR for them. Indeed, I hadn’t spoken to, had correspondence with or even been in the same country for over 12 months, so this was still all very strange to me.
So here it is;
I would never leave another human being in that level of pain. I liked my dentist/dental team, and grew to trust them implicitly (rare) until this time. But leaving a patient in pain, passing personal information to third parties outside of the confidence of solicitors is not OK in my book or in any dental health act that I know of.
For two weeks I stared at the phone and the mailbox in agony willing the help I needed to come…
Frankly, if this individual wanted some form of retribution for some wind up or humour on my part – they got it in spades…. Heck water-boarding is nicer!! As too is ripping out my fingernails and possibly even disembowelment!
On the issue of confidences; My Dentist had been aware and had access of my blog for around 12 months prior and had not raised any objections.
But here is the thing, while I will never understand what happened, this dentist gave me the most pain-free years of my life, irrespective of the legal standing, I could not and would not do anything that would prevent others receiving this persons care, because when they’re doing the job, there is no finer dentist.
I am many things to many people, I’m am a social miss-fit and find personal interaction awkward. But I would not leave someone helpless and in that much pain – NOT EVER…
I can sadly see no way, or wish for any possible method to build a bridge with these people – and I wouldn’t dare trust them or anyone again…
People wished to know why I don’t have a dentist, now you do…
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