Errr Congratu-a what?!

It is rare that I don’t get on here a complain about something, but today is different and in some special way truly amazing.

It with the greatest happiness that as of 10:11 this morning I can welcome to this world Oliver Michael Elwood!!

Weighing in as a light-weight 3.65kg / 8lbs, 50cm, born in Slovakia 

Alex, seriously, I’m buying and you can pay the bail!!

I’m totally over the moon for you :)

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Funny old world

Only today I was wondering about if or not to lower my internet presence when I had a glance at my hits only to see this;

Sometimes I enjoy nothing more than my fellow bloggers and netiacs (my word).

Click on the picture to be taken there ;)

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Well I was supposed to start work at 6pm but then a call came through at 9am asking me to start asap…
Whistling off to work I was given a tractor unit that had been sent up for MOT from the Lostwithiel depot (yes, that is a place) and told to drive to Sparkford to pick up some organic milk and take it to Wyke Farm cheese.
Well first off, this truck was disgusting, I mean heaving, minging (to coin an old military phrase for filth).
But they had decided to send it back in the same state as it came.
Well if this thing had passed an MOT, the MOT isn’t worth a damn!!
Arriving at Sparkford all became clear when it transpired that ‘Dave’ the guy who was supposed to be do this run, had had a bit of a run in with a brick – thrown by youths from a bridge.
The good thing is the windscreen these days are almost 1 cm think, the  downside is that while they’re laminated and this stops the window caving it. The problem with laminated windscreens is that when impacted they send small needle like shards around inside.
Dave suffered a scratched right eyeball.
Ironically, the damage didn’t seem that bad, more like a gun shot.

I picked up his load, gave him the time of day and went on to Wyke Farm.
As soon as I turned up, it seemed half the tankers in the area did! And with only one Organic pump and worse, only one CIP point, things soon started backing up.
Returning to base with an unwashed tank, I rang a fellow driver ‘Steve’ asking if he’d left yet as I’d left my cigarettes and lighter there – he said I shouldn’t worry about them as I was only going to set fire to them anyway! LOL

A further run to Westbury ensued with time becoming tight as I wished to get back to go for a drink with my mate Dave from across the road.
I got home at 11:45pm, ran it, washed, changed, washed my hair and was back out in under 5 minutes – women readers might just wanna take note of that!!
We hit the local pub hard consuming 3 pints of ‘Bombardier’ ale in 35 minutes before heading over to Dave’s for philosophical conversations and several malt based drinks and soft Fr**ch cheeses – before being turf’d out at 3am…

An interesting day followed by a great night.

Sunday fell out of bed at 3pm feeling like I had been run over, unfortunately whatever had done so, no one thought to put it in reverse and drive off me…

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What a great Sunday! And a mistake…

01:00 in the early hours of the morning found me standing in the middle of an unfamiliar milk yard. Base of operations today was the Sparkford depot and during my journey over, my car suddenly made a whole new noise.
Some kind of hose or diaphragm has broken and I’ll damned if I can tell where it is… Basically, every time I accelerate I hear air! There is a small power loss, but nothing great for now.

Anyway, back to work… The run was to go to another depot at a place called Grately which is right next to the UK home of th AH64 Apache helicopter at the Army’s Middle Wallop base. There I would drop an empty tank and pick a full one and take it to the Dairy Crest dairy in Chadwell Heath in east London.

As ever, few things ever quite go right and I head east on the A303 at 01:30 and suddenly remembered that the A303 had been shut for carriageway work for weeks…
Soon enough I came to the signs at Wincanton that told me to take I diversion, but oddly enough my gut told me to go straight on… However, logic said that I have a large truck and should follow the signs, so I did!!
Only to be taken almost right back to Sparkford!!!
I then followed this incredible detour around all the country lanes and villages you could imagine before almost an hour later getting back on route!!

Getting to Grately I found another problem – access, or lack of it… The site had a large RSJ barrier secured by a combination lock for which I didn’t have the number – and there was no cellphone coverage.
After walking quite some way to get a signal, I rang up and got the combination numbers only to then find that you can hardly hold the lock in a position to see the actually numbers… 40mins it took me to open this gate – crazy!!

A further 30, and I’m back on the road heading into a somewhat busy London for 5am on a Sunday morning.

It was only when I was at the dairy and asking other drivers which route they took around the Mere roadworks when everyone started smiling at me – I said “what?”
Mere road works had been cleared and open for the last two days!! It’s just hey haven’t bothered to take down all the ‘road closed’ signs!!

Ah well, it’s all fun at the end of the day!

The journey back was awesome, sunny and it was most certainly the most beautiful Sunday of the year so far!

12hrs work done, felt like I had worked every minute of it too – couldn’t find my air leak when I got back, but the TWBrit Car of Character did, as it always has… got me home

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See this picture

This the face of the lady who helped bring in the smoking in public places ban and in the process helped almost killed off the village pub in the UK…
She didn’t force the Tobacco companies to produce and prove a safe, none invasive  taxable product, no she just does a job paid by cigarette and alcohol taxation!!

This is the lady who went and studied hard to be a British Member of Parliament, taking a BA in American Literature, History and Film Studies!!
So committed was she to her course she did it at the University or East Anglia, not in the US as you would have thought.

This is the lady who quit because  she thought she was ‘window dressing’ for Gordon Brown’s Cabinet… Yes, she’s pretty, a bit of Eye Candy if you will… But not to me!

This is the lady who was sceptical of a mother who said she just bought her son a new set of webbing to go to war in Afghanistan… Who then told the woman that soldiers do have all they need and that they have a habit of swapping kit with American soldiers!!

This my friends, is a woman with her head completely….. Sorry, I’ll re-phrase for this lady who is the MP for Don Valley in South Yorkshire – yet went to Twickenham Girls School and spent most of her life in London.

For work on behalf of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and all it’s citizens, for the actions bringing down an industry of our nation heritage and for having no clue at all about what the soldier on the ground has to put up with due to the fact she probably only talks to officers – today Caroline Flint, for the selfless and indeed thoughtless actions against the people of this nation I hereby award you with the ultimate accolade of you’re career to date…


On behalf of ever member of the British Armed Forces past, present and especially those fighting in Afghanistan today


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If you have a moment..

This video is captivating by the way it was shot – it’s real but looks like a toy or model world


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Funny Few Days…

Over in Sioux Falls, South Dakota BigDog aka Dave has been a busy chap… He’s just been upgrading and swapping out his IT solution. Oddly enough he’s opted for a 17” Dell laptop… and good for him.
It’s funny really, my Dell Inspiron has a Centrino T2050 possessor and is still more than capable of anything I wish to use this laptop for – and this includes playing Battlefield2 with all the video settings to max!
However, looking at the release of Battlefield Bad Company 2 on PC a couple of days ago – I wonder if I actually have the power to even start that game… I must look up the specs… BigDog – buy that game – so Iz can whoop yo sorry ass!!

Other stuff…

My new camera is unbelievably outstanding – I’m simply stunned at the pictures it takes!!
I left my previous camera to my mate in Chepstow, and frankly I’m glad I had to buy another. It’s a Samsung ST500 bought from for a fraction of what Amazon charge for it.

I have continued my ruthless cutting of people I follow on Twitter. Some of whom are even friends of sorts, but this is not to say I’m falling out with anyone as we can still communicate on twitter without the following thing. It actually stops ‘extra’ followers appearing which had become a hassle… This is, except for one UK follower who has turned out to be a stunning and insightful individual whom I won’t mention (other than they get larger by the day).

The big spring clean is under way here as I rip through my place throwing out EVERYTHING I don’t use. I’ve always travelled light, and always have the need to live light – but rarely succeed… Until now (I’m hoping). Besides, I live alone and if anything were to happen to me it’d make the job of clearing me out of the way much easier (I’m laughing here – yeah, good luck with that!!) :D

Most admin has been carried out other than requiring a medical for my truck licence…(£113). So I’m simply cracking on with life and looking forward to warmer weather.

News also this week is that they’re gonna release a load of new bugs into the UK. These weird mite-like critters suck the life out of a plant called the Japanese Knot Weed which has become a real problem in the UK. While it can grow a meter in 3 weeks, what you see is a bit like the tip of an Iceberg – the root structure is vast!!
I guess we’ll end up being over run with those too at some point..

Work colleague and Farmerist WKD and hubby ‘C’ have been preparing for lambing. I had no idea just how hard work this is until JK of all people started lecturing me about it.
This (for those who may read this blog) is a bit of a concern… I can’t be having JK learning more about this farmerist business!!
Hopefully WKD will furnish us with pictures of the whole process and lots of ickle lambs… (hint!)  ;)

My cousin’s lad and friend ‘Matt’ has been having an odd year.. Matt is an avid climber of sorts. I say ‘of sorts’ because he’s into ‘Bouldering’ (no, not blundering as the this spell checker would have me write). While he does the odd rock face, he loves nothing more than to wrap himself around large oversized pebbles! This sounds ok until you realise Matt is around 40 ft tall and has the wing span of a 747!!
This last year he’s had the misfortune of having his Land Rover stolen and as such getting to he most favoured places of the Peak District curtailed. This however did not stop him legging it to India to do some climbing a few weeks ago.
Matt is at a place in his life I know all too well as I’ve actually been where he is now – and I’m sorely envious of him.
If Matt is anything like me, he’ll probably head off and work his way around Europe at some point. The only thing I would recommend to him is to get his HGV class 1 – because love it or hate it, it’s one hell of a fall back income.
However, Matt is very much his own man! He’ll do what he wants and he’ll do it his way – and I of all people get that.
I do of course hate him for it :) lol


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Other Stuff…

I have been quite busy on Twitter lately, it’s a useful medium to say the least. I have met some fantastic people on there and with recent events most have been wonderful.
Now I’m not going to sit here and go through my entire list of people I follow or people whom follow me because, well I just rid of half of them LOL!

Twitter is weird, the main reason is that you’re having conversations with people who actually mean little or nothing to you’re life – but are just great to chat to.
In recent times four people have stood out head and shoulders above all others and I really like their input on both my life and general chattiness.
But talking about heads…. Lets have a look at a picture;
This is Gabby from Gabsatrucker – who (for what ever excuse she claims) started trying to take her office furniture apart with what appears to be her head…
Seriously though – have you ever seen a better Cartoon bump than that?!

Moving on

This week unelected Prime Minister of the UK gave evidence at the Iraq Inquiry – ‘so what?’ you may ask…
Well after numerous heads of the Armed forces stated that Mr Brown refused extra money and desperately needed helicopters – Mr Brown sat there and said he never said no, there was any and all funds available for anything the MoD needed!!
But I read the ‘Blair Years’ by Alistair Campbell and to me after 911 there was a real change in our government (other that ignoring it’s people). The UK govt only either listened to the US or responded to media outrage and pressure – which is why the armed forces eventually got more helicopters and vehicles!
I assume this is the belief that the media in some way has it’s finger on the pulse of a nation – well just how wrong they are.

Anyway, the upshot of this is that basically Mr Brown made himself totally unelectable for lying so damn blatantly – bit like Blair did over Kosovo!!
But the public can be blinded…

And finally…

The paper I wrote appears to have fallen on deaf ears or blind eyes… Infact everyone seems to be more bothered about what goes on in Sweden that using their bloody commonsense and trying to think for themselves – it’s all too painfully obvious, yet these days everyone seems to need to spend a crazy amount of money to come up with little or sod all – go figure LOL


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A night of work and old friends

Since being fit to work I’ve only been able to do Milk runs, this work is a vital part of Devon’s local economy but with only two days work in the last week, we’re waiting for the enevitable warmer weather which will bring a huge increase in the milk yield around this time of year.
When this happens we go to six day working because of the sheer quantity of the white stuff that becomes available.

Sadly though, as milk is a live product, it can’t be stored for very long and we must have moved the milk from farm to Dairy in under 24hrs. Dairies can only cope with so much. Cheese factories can only process a steady consistent amount and this means the rest go to Westbury where they turn it into milk powder. In fact they turn 60,000 ltrs into powder every 15 minutes!

However, last night was a simple run to a weird place called Rattery (I’ve mentioned it before) and then onto Cadbury’s (as in the Chocolate).
Getting down to the farm at Rattery it was dark, I dropped an empty trailer, took the numberplate off and hooked into the steps of the fuel tank and went to find out which trailer was mine…
Bouncing about over mud and puddles I eventually find my trailer and go to put the numberplate back on – only to find it missing…. 15 minutes it took me to find it!!
By now I was looking like a hobo who just lost a mud wrestling match!!

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful other than my hours running out and needing to take a break within minutes of getting to Cadburys. I ended up having to squeeze ‘Florence’ (the name of this particular truck) under a petrol station canopy where I eventually took my break.

Cadbury’s has recently been taken over by the large US multi national ‘Kraft’ much to the dislike of much of the staff of the company. So, of course – I see this as an opertunity to get to know the staff better.
With questions like;
Still got the sign up then I see – you keeping it?
Are you gonna be going all American on us then?
How long do you think you’ll be keeping your jobs?

And so on…. I don’t think my bonding worked!

A fast paced run back via Monmouth, Newport, dawn breaking the sky over the Severn Bridge and the Sunrise across Sedgemoor was a great end to ‘different’ night.

Arriving back at base WKD came over to my truck all beaming and bobby along – I swear, I’ve never met anyone so Jolly – ever!!
Beaming away she told me that someone had stink-bombed her truck and was off to get coffee. I stopped and wished her Happy New Year as I hadn’t actually seen her since just after Christmas!
But even with social communication and media of today and keeping in touch, and frankly when I was injured between Her and Gabby – they were the most consistent voices of care – and I aint repeating THAT!!

I dropped my trailer on a bay and went and had a chat properly in that ‘you have 2 mins – Go!!’ kinda way we talk.
It was indeed good to see her and to know all is well with her world.

So… in all, a great 12hr shift


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Slight site update

Well I finally seem to have had a productive day and one the issues I’ve been working on for what seems like forever is now resolved.

In the contact section there is a new email address – gone is the old and replaced with

Now, if, as and when anyone of my Who’s Who crowd decide they’d like to write a post on here, they’ll get an email address also and under their assumed blog handle/name. There are few people that i’d like to add to the Who’s Who section, but as yet I can not.

Anyway, do have a great weekend :)

I’m working tomorrow evening so I’ll be a little scarce on the ground…


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Ok, if this vid doesn’t set you up for the weekend, nothing will! :)

The best bit is right at the end :)

I wanna go!!


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Them Dell Laptops

I think everyone who has ever read this blog or knows me knows that when it comes to Laptop purchasing – I strongly recommend Dell!
I’ve been messing around with laptops for years and have learned many things to double check before purchasing one.
There are also companies I will no longer go near like Sony, Toshiba and Apple, and for good reason!
If you want instant bang for your buck, then you opt for Acer, if you want equal bang for your buck but robustness and lost cost parts availability then you go for Dell.
The trick with Dell is to find as near perfect model, power and features on thier website and then RING THEM!!! Tell them you can’t find ‘exactly’ what you want and make sure you tell them you don’t want to spend more than a given amount – the trick is for that figure to be £100 less that what you did want to spend… Because true to any sales person – they’ll try to tempt you to part with just a little more! They will then bulid you the laptop!

In a moment I’ll prove this fact with what our intrepid reader and commenter Fenny has just done!

But when it comes to power and innovation – Dell always win hands down!!  While many people will rave about the Macbook Air, what they don’t know is that Dell had already produced a thinner, stronger and far more powerful version of that design for less money than the Mac book – the irony is the shear number of Air users switching to Windows 7!!

After all, Dell producted the first ever multi touch tablet that is fully functional and truly works – unlike many of the competitors!

Their latest Latitude Z is a very smart bit of kit and has been around since Sept 09, yet again – we’re hear little or nothing about it. Heck it has auto document  scanning and facial recognition from it’s webcam – the moment you step away it logs you off, like wise upon your return it recognises you, unlocks the laptop and logs you on. It also has induction charging if you so want it and smartphone connectivity.

As for parts : You must remember that the real cost value of a laptop to a manufacturer is around $120! The single most expensive part is the screen and these cost them $12.50. Your screen is never covered by the warranty and I replaced mine for £60. But I’ve worn out the keyboard on my Inspiron 6400 and it cost me £10.41 for a brand new one on Ebay! As such I NEVER purchase a warranty… It just isnt worth it (to me anyway).

So as of Feb 2010, what was the best bang for Fenny’s buck?
Well Fenny and I sat down over the phone and went through the process of looking at all the available things on the market – the top of the resulting list was Acer and Lenovo!
We then went to the Dell site and looked at the nearest Laptop for price… It came down to processor and wifi/Bluetooth and ram quantities.
A day later and Fenny had phoned Dell and what she got even astounded me!!

Dell Inspiron in Obsidian Black   
Intel® Core  i5-430M (2.26Ghz, 4Threads, turbo boost up to 2.53 GHz,3M cache) 
15.6″ High Definition (1366×768) WLED    
1.3 Mega pixel Integrated Web Camera    
4096MB 1067MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM [2×2048]    
500GB (5400RPM) Serial ATA Hard Drive    
DVD +/- RW Drive (read/write CD & DVD)     
Primary 6-cell 48 WHr Lithium Ion battery    
1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5450  1  
Dell Wireless 1397 Mini Card (802.11 b/g)    
Dell Wireless 365 Bluetooth Module
90W AC Adaptor

Now, I went off around the web looking for a laptop with that power and the cheapest I found was £980! Cozmic took a wild guess at £1400…
Total cost – try £600!!!!

So yeah, you want power – reliability and ultimate quality…. Now you know where and how to buy it!!
Just so we’re clear about this – I’m not talking to Fenny at the moment! ;)


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Yet Again Apple shows its true colours!!

For many, there is a feeling that since Apple got itself ‘tech’d’ out of the market by PC manufactures and had to move to PC, or more importantly Intel architecture, the feeling is that Apple will beg steel and borrow anything it can to sell back dated technology in a ridiculously over priced nice shiny glitzy cover…

Now I might be wrong about that, and so what if I am? But when Apple thinks or even sniffs that someone might be encroaching on their space – out come the lawyers!!  Thats no biggy really because the likes of Nokia (and everyone else) having been suing Apple for years – after all ‘Apps’ aren’t an Apple thing at all!!

Here’s an article from the BBC:

Apple sues HTC over phone patents

Steve Jobs
Jobs: “Competitors should create their own original technology”

Apple has taken legal action against phone maker HTC, alleging it has infringed patented technology.

HTC has been accused of infringing 20 patents owned by Apple that are used in the iPhone.

Apple said the patent infringements covered technology used in the iPhone interface as well as its “underlying hardware and architecture.”

HTC makes phones for many firms including Google and was behind the Nexus One handset.

In a statement Apple boss Steve Jobs said: “We can sit by and watch competitors steal our patented inventions, or we can do something about it.

“We’ve decided to do something about it,” he said. “We think competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours.”

In its legal filing, Apple is seeking a lasting injunction which would effectively bar HTC from selling phones that use the disputed technology in the US.

The legal action has been filed with the US International Trade Commission and a district court in Delaware.

In its response to the legal action, HTC said it had only just learned about Apple’s legal action and has not had the chance to investigate the filing.

“Until we have had this opportunity, we are unable to comment on the validity of the claims being made against HTC,” it said in a statement.

In addition to making the Nexus One, the first handset to be branded by Google, HTC has also made several handsets that use Google’s Android operating system.

At the same time Apple is locked in legal action with Nokia. The Finnish phone giant sued Apple for patent infringement in October 2009, alleging it had stolen patented technology.

In response, Apple countersued in December 2009. Nokia launched a second round of legal action in the closing days of 2009.



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Great vid – watch right to the end

h/t  Jemimah Knight


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I bought a Camera

Well I’ve bought 2 recently… the first was a Kodak Zi8 HD camcorder thing which I either got pick pocketed or left on the train back from London a few weeks ago – either way, it’s gone and no one anywhere has handed it in. 

So, I was looking for a good camera and found one, actually there were two, but the lower model number was far better bang for you buck than the top of the range. This was the Samsung ST500, and as Fenny described it – it went all the way to 11!

But what was more important, I got it an awesome price from Amazon. Also, if I signed up for the trail of Amazon Prime, I’d get it delivered next day for free!

I ordered it Wednesday night and cringed when I saw the courier was CityLink whom I believe to be the most useless courier in the UK!!

Sure enough, first thing Thursday morning I get an email stating it would be with me around Friday lunchtime… I tracked it anyway to the local distribution point and like with all things CityLink – everything turned to Sh*t!!! It arrived in Exeter originally at 05:05 am – this later changed to 05:55 am, more then enough time to get it to me…

It’s Monday evening, and the CityLink office has had it for 4 days and not once have they tried to deliver it!  Heck, they could have posted it from there and I would have got it Saturday!!

So I’ve emailed Amazon, I’ve told them that I’ve unsubscribed from their ‘Prime’ until such time they removed CityLink from their courier list and told them no to deliver it under any circumstances! I also told them I expect a prompt refund of my money.

Of course, the reality is that nothing will change, CityLink are a cheap company, Amazon rarely actually care and as such I see it as a simple parting of the ways.

But let me be absolutely clear about this, and I can back up what I say. CityLink ARE the worst courier in the UK and you’d do well to avoid any use of these people at all!!!!


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So I returned to work…

I can’t even begin to say how much I didn’t want to sit behind the wheel of a truck again… But alas, the bills need paying.
Friday was a run to London and back, Saturday was a run to Bridgwater then Blagdon and yesterday was a pick up from Axminster and take it to Droitwich.
In all, 38.5hrs which was a reasonable opener to get back into the swing of things.

The shoulder ached a lot on the first day but after that it’s been a steady improvement.
My licence is up for renewal in the next 30 days and as yet I have made no effort to act upon it.

I saw WKD’s red missile on Saturday, but it was moving soooo fast, it was simply a blur lol. I then realised I haven’t actually seen her at all in 2010!! Well, I don’t think so.. almost a quarter of the way into the year as well.
Heck, British Summer Time starts in 4 weeks!!

But hey, this is all life I guess…


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Some results and finally, the Dentist saga…

During my downtime while recovering from ripping the ligament from my shoulder I received not one but two tickets on my car due to being unable to put road tax on it.
Wednesday morning brought a letter from Devon & Cornwall Police stating that they were no longer pursuing the tickets.
This was after I spoke to them at length and put the whole thing in writing with added images of prescription drugs etc.
While all very nice – and I am grateful… Why then do they have to add that next time they won’t be so lenient!!
Why would they do that? What is it with D&C police that they ALWAYS have to try and intimidate at one level or another… Next time, we’ll follow the law eh? That would be the best place to start!!
Dentist Story
As of the 19th of February I have been without a Dentist for over 12 months… With two gold crowns sitting on a shelf here – this isn’t good.
This came about while I was suffering an acute dental infection last year. The pain was effectively abscess pain and as my dentist lived so far away, we had an agreement on what we’d do and how we’d do it should this problem occur.
Basically, I needed a particular antibiotic so they’d need to send a prescription  or indeed the drugs. All I had to do was get word to them.
I did – At first I rang their office and got an answer machine… In complete pain and agony I told them of the issues. A couple of days passed and I’d heard nothing, so I rang again this time getting the receptionist who immediately said someone was dealing with it. I said I would put the basics of what was happening in a blog post so my Dentist could see it. I did so, and hid a good part of it in my typical humour.
Then I was left in two weeks of sheer bloody agony before receiving a letter from the surgery stating that they were so appalled at what I written on the blog, that my information had been handed to the police and basically go away… (that post still exists on here).
Over the past year I have been asked several times about what happened and I have reserved myself to the confines of close friends and my solicitor on the matter.
On receiving this letter I laughed in complete disbelief! I thought it was a wind up! However, I immediately passed ALL correspondence I’d ever had to my solicitor to find out if what I had put on the internet and had written was wrong. They could see no wrong doing WHAT SO EVER, they said that for the most part my humour and it’s familiarity was on the above normal, but considering everything, I was in the clear. They also added that every thing I had placed on the net was complimentary to both my dentist and the surgery and was effectively good PR for them. Indeed, I hadn’t spoken to, had correspondence with or even been in the same country for over 12 months, so this was still all very strange to me.
So here it is;
I would never leave another human being in that level of pain. I liked my dentist/dental team, and grew to trust them implicitly (rare) until this time. But leaving a patient in pain, passing personal information to third parties outside of the confidence of solicitors is not OK in my book or in any dental health act that I know of.
For two weeks I stared at the phone and the mailbox in agony willing the help I needed to come…
Frankly, if this individual wanted some form of retribution for some wind up or humour on my part – they got it in spades…. Heck water-boarding is nicer!! As too is ripping out my fingernails and possibly even disembowelment!
On the issue of confidences; My Dentist had been aware and had access of my blog for around 12 months prior and had not raised any objections.
But here is the thing, while I will never understand what happened, this dentist gave me the most pain-free years of my life, irrespective of the legal standing, I could not and would not do anything that would prevent others receiving this persons care, because when they’re doing the job, there is no finer dentist.
I am many things to many people, I’m am a social miss-fit and find personal interaction awkward. But I would not leave someone helpless and in that much pain – NOT EVER…
I can sadly see no way, or wish for any possible method to build a bridge with these people – and I wouldn’t dare trust them or anyone again…
People wished to know why I don’t have a dentist, now you do…
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Funny Really….

Only days after Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez tells to Queen to give the Falkland Islands back to Argentina in the video below. Basically, South/latin America and the Caribean islands have backed Argentinian claims over the Falklands –  then Chile sufferers an 8.8 earthquake!

Give it a watch and I’ll continue…

Don’t get be wrong here, I don’t pretty much like how our present government has sold the UK down the river on every level, but for Chile to then ask the UK for help is a bit rich to say the least.
And no thanks to Chavez to talk to/about HM Queen like that and to state what he has stated – he’s basically shot himself and his continent in the foot as far as I’m concerned.

While at ‘that’ age where most men are grumpy, I do believe myself to be a fair guy. I do look at the other sides of arguments etc. And it is rare that a decision is completely absolute…

But on this matter? Well lets just say that our gutless yellow bellied and apparently bullying leader better not even contemplate giving them a hand.

Just so we’re absolutely clear on this fact – The United Kingdom of Great Britain were the first country to ever put a flag on the Falklands and every now and then we have to go and kick someone else off them…
And we’ll do it again!!


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