Pain and trip to Hospital

Some of you are aware that I’ve been having shoulder pain this last few days.
Initially I simply thought I’d cracked a collar bone and a few days rest would be enough.
Two days ago a had one of those big-stretch yawn things and in doing damaged it further.
This morning without thinking – I did it again with starkly different results!!!
There was a sudden movement and a ‘thud’ feeling behind my shoulder, followed quickly by a yell from me and ending up in abject agony.

With water for some bizarre reason appearing in the corners of my eyes I made a call to K&J (see Who’s Who). Kev said he would come over and take into hospital. I asked if he thought that was required and he simply responded “put it this way, for you to ring me means you need to be in hospital”.

He of course was right and sometimes I am the worlds worst and saying ‘I’m in trouble and need help’.

45min later I’m in Exeter A&E and being asked all the basic personal info about where I live, what is my shoe size and of course my penis length….
Then came the question “Who is your GP?”
Well I don’t have one and then followed a telling off!!
15mins later I was seen and again was told off for not having a GP and told I’d simply over stretched…
I was then directed to the ‘Walk in Clinic’ (???) and seen by another nurse – who for the third time today ripped into me about not having a GP!!

Patience now running low and in chronic pain I was asked if I’d taken any pain killers, I said I had take 3 Ibuprofen. I then received another telling off because I should have had only two….

I finally said, OK, I’m off… This was much to the surprise of the nurse who asked why.
I said that it’s obvious you’re not going to do anything for me, I have been questioned 3 times about a GP and reprimanded 4 times, once being about taking one extra tablet.
I said I wished to stop wasting their time, my time and the time of K&J who kindly were waiting for me as it was obvious I wasn’t going to get any treatment.
I then got a lecture of how I must have a GP so they could sort out treatment as there weren’t allowed to do anything.
I asked if they were serious.. I said “ I have injured myself, I am in pain and I have come to a hospital and you’re saying I need my own Doctor….  I’m Off “.

To cut a long story short, she went away and got a Dr, he examined me  and said I had ripped the ligament away from my shoulder. He wasn’t surprised at all about the amount of pain I was in telling me not to any work for at least a week. Gave a prescription (on a Sunday when all pharmacy’s are shut) and then gave me a lecture about how I should have a GP and asked me to apologise to the nurse….

K&J on the other hand were awesome.

So, in pain, really quite unhappy – but glad I have a spare shoulder

Special Thankyou must go to Kev and Jeanette for ruining their Sunday and coming to help an old lard-ass – thank-you.


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  1. Sorry about your awful trip to hospital. Perhaps I should work in medicine, when hubbys ill (very rare) I am always telling him off about opening the medicine cupboard and taking one or two of everything available!!!
    Hope you are feeling better and on the mend soon.


  2. ok, I’m blaming my miserable 10 miler on you today, lol!! Can’t believe the doctor asked you to apologize to the nurse, grrrr.


  3. If you’re expecting sympathy from me, you’re going to have to stop ringing me in the middle of the night. How on earth did you manage that, anyway?

    And yes, last time I went to A&E, having belted my knee with the side of a boat, they told me I had to go to my GP. At least I have a GP, but it made me wonder WTF the A&E department are for, if not for accidents and emergencies.


  4. TWB sounds a nasty episode, chill-out & rest those weary bones!! ;-)

    Hope you make a quick recovery soon.



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