Ooo, what a day?!

Well it started with being roused from my sleep by the phone to be told/asked to get to work an hour early… thinking that something had changed about the days planning, I returned a few hours after I had left to find that nothing had changed as such, but there was an added job – valeting!!

A little stunned, the said vehicle that is now on it’s way to Europe was in a hell of a state. So it was with this I trekked off to North Tawton to clean this beast – oh, and pick up a tank of milk as well.
Returning a few hours later with a very clean truck (on the outside) I was then on my way to Bishops Nympton to pick up another.
Gabby, who was stalking me on Google Latitude, twittered me to tell me I was in a field – hmmm, “No, S**t”… That is, after all, where we go LOL.
I spent time at Bishops Nympton, taking my break and trying to remember the day I spent there in summer sitting on top of the tank watching the sun go down – instead of freezing my proverbial butt off.
I sent a few emails and commented on my previous article before heading back to base with the milk.
Now when I got back, I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of standing tanks full of milk and after further enquiry I found that the dairy at Crediton had had a problem with cleaning out it’s pipes and silos and had to re-do the entire process. The thing is, the dairy industry in the UK runs on a knife edge and when things go just slightly wrong – the knock on effect is massive! Especially when you consider that the milk never stops coming…
Anyway, back on the road and back to North Tawton to pick up my last tank – only to find it was the only tank there, so I have no idea how they faired in the end.
While there we (a few drivers) got into a conversation about just how bad at driving we can actually be. This was a hilarious conversation with some outstanding admissions. But then came the question of who was a truly outstanding driver and everyone said the same.
Personally I can’t think of who it might be – but apparently she reads and comments on this blog under a 3 letter acronym (b*gger!!) LOL. Sometimes you have to ask about the injustice of it all, even if uninformed (that’s ignorant by the way) passers-by do feel the need to stop and ask her if she has her diff lock on – especially while reversing back up a 1 in 4 gradient, single track road with four/six wheel drive, traction-control, auto load ballancing, three axle steering and a moving liquid load of 18000 ltrs of milk on the back… if she didn’t know what she was doing she wouldn’t be behind the wheel, after all she was hardly wearing a hoody shouting “yo,yo,yo look at my ride – I iz gonna pimp this sucker”

And with that I will leave you with this very short vid that makes me laugh outragiously every time I think about it, it’s dedicated to the ladies who read and comment on this blog Loraine, Fenny, Gabby, WKD, Terry, and JK

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  1. omg, somebody else please follow TWB on latitude already. every other tweet he’s practically begging people to stalk him and it’s starting to get pitiful…..

    The vid is hysterical! But considering I was getting “help” with my driving from James on Thursday from 700 miles away I’m kinda grumbly on the subject of men vs. women drivers. And Terry didn’t help with her laughing at me on twitter!!! lmao…….now

  2. oy, its only Monday… and already your being hurtful…lol
    As it turns out, i forgot to switch the tracking off and gave away a private location, as such i have turned off latitude for now

  3. I had another really helpful man assisting with my driving the other day too, he insisted on directing me backwards even when I knew I was in the right place, he thought I should go further back, I just thanked him and asked him if he needed me to give him any help building his shed because I felt sure he would appreciate my advice!!!

  4. me and my bf didn’t laugh at that video at first, but as I came in from the kitchen he sudden just out laughing. Then I started and we have giggling ever since.
    WKD Im probaly being really thick here but you know how to put sheds up too?? twb said you know all about chicken roofing, but thought he was being horrid.

  5. Twb, how do I stalk you like Gabby?

  6. JK lol, i think youve got the wrong end of the stick love.

  7. JK I expect I would be about as good at putting up a shed as that bloke would be at driving my tanker!!!
    Have a good day six TWB, I only have one day off this week and have shared some of it with the dental hygenist (JOY)but now I have a really shiny smile (ting)

  8. Duh! How silly do I feel now lol
    I knew I hadn’t read it properly. :)

  9. Jennyk, do you have the latitude stuff figured out now? It’s actually quite fun :)

  10. Well you have time, because I’ve put my position in a fixed place for now and I’m not working tonight after all.
    So, while I believe the only person on this planet that does not require any encouragement to stalk me at all is you JK, lol, do take your time girl.

  11. Look I can’t help it you know, I’m not as techy and I know nothing about driving lorries, it’s very hard sometimes to even imagine the situations you talk about because I’ve never seen trucks do what you talk about and I’ve never ever been in one.
    And well, what the people on this blog do for work would have never entered my mind to do. I’m not very good at driving and if i was honest, it scares me more than anything else. I read what WKD does and I get astounded. Then I’ll read ROAD RAGE and read that Little Trucker seems to drive around in a truck ready to die at any given moment.
    Now, I’m trying to work this stalking thing out, so should I have gmail account?
    Sometimes I really don’t feel very bright compared to you lot

  12. Yeah, really?

  13. Hi Charlie :)
    You have to tell us now, well especially me!! You can’t just say something and just leave it up in the air like that, it’s not fair.

  14. I think it may be time to close the comments on this post.

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