Just so you know… The TWBrit Chistmas list…

There is something here for every pocket and as long as nothing girlie or fish based is offered, TWBrit will happly accept just about anything for Christmas – the reason???

It’s because I’m Cheap!! & yes, this is tongue in cheek

Battenberg Cake

Jim Dunlop Tortex guitar picks (plectrums): Orange .5omm (personlised of course with the TWB logo)

Dentistry: Yes, anything for a ‘GOOD’ (trustworthy) dentist!

Galaxy Chocolate

Accuracy International AW .338

Land Rover 110 CSW + Winch + Tow-Set, built on an XD Chasis

A Knighthood:  for services to Britishness and Commonsense


NEC curved monitor


Theakstons Old Perculier

Training Course vouchers for Learningtree

Boss BR 1600 (but the 1200 will do)

9 piece drum kit

Taylor K22CE

Milka Chocolate – preferably Naps

To do the Reasonably priced car lap – but then, a days training by Sabine Schmitz would be better

LE1700 Tablet PC

A Tesla (yes, you read that right), well a go in one at least 

 A lifetime supply of  Coffee


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  1. These are such boys toys! You really need to get in touch with your le-femme side!!
    Why would you want a gun??

    When are you gonna come clean about this dentist stuff. It’s obvious that it’s had a huge effect on you and you’re bitter in very dark way!


  2. Err, really – I don’t/
    Shooting has been a passion since I was 12 and used to shoot smallbore at competition level.

    The Dentist… Yes it runs deep! You just don’t do what this dentist did – or actually didn’t do….
    I will write about it in due course.


  3. Sorry, I don’t buy Nestle products, so the coffee’s out. Buy yourself a nice Batenburg, wrap it up and pretend I sent it.

    And you think *you’re* cheap? ;-)

    Actually, I was going to recommend the one down from the BR 1600. I think the 1200 looked better for what you’re likely to do with it.


  4. LOL indeed Fenny.
    Yes I happen to agree about the 1200 and I think that’s also what Cozmic recommended too.
    Will ring in a bit.


  5. I’m a) dying and b) watching telly


  6. Hi Fenny, are you really badly ill? A lot of people around here are not doing well with illnesses this winter at all


  7. Jenny, thanks for asking. No, I just have yet another cold. I got sent home from work yesterday for making the place look untidy. I just feel generally crap, but it should clear up in a day or so. I should keep away from the germ ridden students!


  8. Well i think the battenburg, sounds good. Not sure about the other items!! lol

    Yes the 1200 boss unit still looks good, go and see if you can get a demo?

    As for xmas pressies, I’m happy as i’ve got mine. A Technics 1210 turntable (to join the other one), so i can spin tunes over xmas!! :E

    Apart from that, all i ask for is a few flowers to brighten up the house during the dull winter!!

    Happy xmas to all



  9. A tuntable, isn’t that like going backwards with technology
    Errr Flowers? I’ll just take that as the following;
    Flowers IPAFlowers Original


  10. Oh yeah forgot about that one!! I was refering to the one that comes in various shapes & colours & smells nice. (And that ain’t beer!! lol)

    As for the turntable, i’d rather have my mac for DJ work, but vinyl wins over all audio formats for quality!! :E (Can’t beat reggae on vinyl, sounds great!!)



  11. No, seriously though – you’re wrong…. They come in bottles and draft! :-)


  12. Don’t listen to him Cozmic, you have all the flowers you like. I’m not really a fan of them myself.

    Get well soon Fenny!


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