You Did What?

Yesterday I had the joy of the worse driving day I can remember. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the truck I had – was anything like a truck really!!Image(253)
As soon as people had seen what I was driving, the laughing began. Infact, some people even drove around the yard several times to laugh all over again.
In despare I took this photo and sent it to WKD saying that this was just shameful – That was the first mistake of the day!! Oh the texts back and even an email… May be I won’t text such info in future lol.

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Back to it

Well my two days off draw to a close with a 5am start tomorrow. Looks like a straight forward day picking up a load of hire trailers from Bristol – 3 in all.

Other stuff:GabsBikerChick
Gabrielle aka @Gabsatrucker has been added to the TWBrit Who’s Who page and furthermore she’s been most helpful in helping me pick what promo stuff I should get. As such a decision has now been made, so all I’m looking for is someone to help sort out the artwork – or I invest in the right kit to do it.

UK, or should say the governments Peter Mandelson is proposing to introduce a ‘3 strikes and you’re out’ for internet file sharers – yeah, that’s really going to work – and could render the said gentleman in a world of trouble. Shame really, he often sounds so bright – yet hasn’t got a bloody clue! (bless)

AresWatched NASA finally launch the Ares rocket today – really, a falling leaf would stop those guys doing anything. Needless to say it was highly uneventful and they seem to be unable to build a rocket that’s weather resistant against rain and thunder – hurricanes, that I understand, but nothing else.

I leave you now with the knowledge that the only problem I have witwkd icon1h working tomorrow is that WKD will be sitting back with her feet up doing nothing while others have to go to work. If she comments on this saying otherwise – don’t believe her ;-)

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Today and tomorrow – so much to do

Well I say that, but really – can I bothered?! 
There are a few minor things I have to do, but they take money – the thing I no longer like spending..

I bought a brand new Linksys wireless thing on eBay that should have been £80, that cost me £20 which has pleased me no end in my sad little way. I had to go to the Post Office to pick it up – but as I was half way through the front door I received a text and went to read it – here it is:


Did you remember to get the Milk?

I just rolled about laughing after yesterdays text from the ever formidable WKD – I certainly never expected to be looking a picture of cows butts! but I was almost in public view and there is no way I could let the outside world see my face with a genuine smile on it – they would throw up!!

Any way, I went up to the Post Office and picked up my Linksys parcel and Image(247)headed home when I decided to see how Dave was getting on across the road with crack in the wall of the very old property he’d  bought.
After few laughs  I pottered home and for lunch I had a Choc Ice and a mug of coffee (bliss!!)
The Linksys router is exactly as describe and was indeed in a brand new sealed box – I love shopping on eBay, especially for computer bits!

I’m kinda chatting on tweetdeck at the moment – but really, that is the day so far – it’s certainly a better one than @gabsatrucker is having  on her way through Tennessee at the moment according to twitter

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A different day

Yesterday I had a bit of an odd run. I was to take 28000ltrs of milk up to Droitwich. This in itself wasn’t at all unusual as it’s normally a singe days job or around 8 – 9 hours.
But on the back of it they wanted me to return and take a second load to Bridgwater dairy. This again isn’t a problem, it just means you can’t stop off anywhere and you need to get your foot down.
Having made good time to Droitwich I received a text from WKD bringing a smile to my face, you see, on Sunday night I came home to find I was out of milk and all the shops shut (oh – the irony), then made a mistake in mentioning this to WKD – who promptly told me off in a later phone call – something about hauling 60000lts of milk and not even having a pint!
So expecting a basic text – I was stunned when I received this;


Heard you ran out of milk
Can I help?

Bringing a smile to my face, ok I had a mouth full of coffee at the time and simply wasn’t expecting a text like that.
I returned in good time to make my second run – in fact I did it 7 ½ hours so I had time to have sit down somewhere that wasn’t behind a steering wheel.
Half way up to Bridgwater and the phone rings asking me if I could pick up an empty trailer from Devon Cider Company in Tiverton after I returned… This in actual fact turned into picking up two trailers and finishing a 14 hour day soaked to the skin with prevailing rain.
But you know what? I thoroughly enjoyed my day yesterday, I effectively did four jobs, had a laugh and now I’m enjoying 2 days with my feet up!!


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Windows 7 Install tips

Rocketboom Tech’s Ellie gives good basic advice about windows 7 installs and upgrades (yes, that is Win7 running on a Mac)

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I have written about SSD’s (solid state hard drives) previously, but Cozmic brought my attention to this quite informative assessment about the present state of play regarding the performance and quality of such things.

If you watch this, please stick with it and I apologise for the commercial at the begining  – of which I have no control

h/t Cozmic

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Joseph Mallozzi’s Weird Food Purchase of the day

I like reading and commenting on Joe Mallozzi’s blog. He’s the ever entertaining executive producer and writer of the Stargate Franchise over in Vancouver.
Now, while I’m not a fan of the new Stargate Universe (as Fenny put it – you simply don’t feel entertained after watching it),  I do enjoy reading about many of the subjects Joe covers. At the very top of this list is Joe’s interest, if not passion about food. As such, he makes these little vids called ‘Weird food purchase of the day’ and some really do beg belief. Basically, he finds weird stuff and tries it out.
When he eventually puts them all on YouTube I will post them all in one go – but to day it’s the turn of something hot and his writing partner joins in the fun.

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Trafalgar Day


I’m not a great historian by any stretch of the imagination, but Trafalgar, while a Royal N**y thing (sorry, can’t seem to spell that word) is one of history’s greats. It was important too. Nelson’s defeat of the combined Spanish and Fr**ch fleets and is one of the many reasons (and there are many) why the English language is spoken (or a form of it) in the USA etc.
But today is an important day in British military history – yet, typically, not much is going on about it.

The Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 was the most decisive British naval victory of the NapoleoniBattle of Trafalgar mapc Wars (1803–1815). Twenty-seven British ships of the line led (click map to enlarge) by Admiral Lord Nelson aboard HMS Victory defeated thirty-three French and Spanish ships of the line under French Admiral Pierre Villeneuve off the south-west coast of Spain, just west of a place named Cape Trafalgar (oddly enough). The Franco-Spanish fleet lost twenty-two ships, without a single British vessel being lost.
Nelson was mortally wounded during the battle, becoming Britain’s greatest Union jackwar hero of the time and then only succeeded by Wellington himself. The commander of the joint French and Spanish forces, Admiral Pierre de Villeneuve, was captured along with his ship Bucentaure.

Needless to say with Nelson at sea and the Duke of Wellington on land chasing down and whooping Napoleon, the day or at least the campaign was won – then we had to go and do it all again and England, will forever be our England! (well, until Hitler turned up and we had to do it yet again – Doh!)


This post is for the Richie family in Houston


Loraine mentioned something in the comments about the lamp posts in Trafalgar Sq in London were cast from the cannons of the Frannelsons_columnco Spanish ships that lost the battle.

Firstly, the Column itself is topped off with a ‘Capital’ (that’s the bit that finishes the top of a column off) was cast from unused Fr**ch and Spanish bronze ordnance. Furthermore, as I mention in the comments section, each street lamp running from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Place has a ship on it that wasMall Lamp Post defeated by Nelson.

Old captured weapons adorn the streets of London, it was indeed common practice to spike and use them or melt them down, using them as trophies of sorts. None more so than old cannons. All over Cannon bollardLondon and indeed the UK you will see a certain shape of bollard on the sides of roads etc – these are often old small canons that were captured from the ‘then’ enemies of the realm – and there was a hell of a lot of them.

These days they even manufacture this shape of bollard in order to keep the continuity of local architecture in tact because of the sheer number of originals.

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Chillin and a few beers

Had a welcome quiet weekend this week. simply kicking back and chilling out.Pint2
Last night however, I went out drinking with my friend Dave from across the road. Within 40 minutes we were already on our third pint and in our second pub, getting ready for the next one.
In the ‘Three Tuns’ we met up with someone who works for Dave and after she took to the Karaoke mic, I was out with the phone to take some suitably shocking photos of her.
Sadly, she chased us down to see the pics and asked nicely that I didn’t post them on the web (Doh!!). I don’t know how aware of the law she is, but with her asking so – I simply can’t post them :-(
PintIn all we hit 5 pubs, drank the best part of a gallon of beer and after 3 hours headed to the Chinese for a take out and look at his and Annie’s (his wife) holiday vid and discussions over the development of his property.
In all, it was a good night out, listening to two live bands (the 2nd one being much better than the first).

Upon arrival/stagger home I immediately set about drinking a couple of pints of water to stave off or at least lessen the chance of a hgerman-beerangover migraine this morning. This always works – however, it really does not do anything to prevent the feeling of being dragged through a hedge backwards. And then it was off to the land of nod where I simply dreamed about past beer drinking times – especially memories of Oktoberfest in Munich.

Today I’m reading my 3rd David Baldacci book in the last week and when I feel 40% human again, I’ll set about tidying up, buying a little plaster and a trowel to do some patching up around here. Also actually offering sudo-sympathy to Ex-Yorks twitter budy ‘Howlatthemoon’ in Ausse who has eaten something that does not agree with her – bless LOL

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London, Oxford (well, Witney) and the TWBrit CofC

Image(222)I piled off to London yesterday morning looking forward to a busy day of meeting new people and old friends , meeting with a garment printers for promotional stuff for this blog and having a general potter about doing my own thing…

Invites were made to various people and for the most part, the people I wanted to meet were unavailable and the rest of the day was more a question of business, need and total indulgence.

In a little over 2hrs the TWBrit Car of Character (CofC) delivered me to Ealing and after paying only £1 per hour for parking , I was very pleased to find the car park was in very close proximity to Ealing Broadway tube station.Image(219)

Making reasonable time to Green Park, I strolled through the park to The Mall. A quick picture of part of Buckingham Crib and on to the ICA and the Tuttle Club.

The Tuttle Club; To be honest, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. The Café area is quite small and was quite busy. Getting a well needed coffee I spoke to a couple of guys, this ended really in a serious conversation about the merits and piImage(233)tfalls of the new Stargate Universe which ended in ‘none’ and ‘many’ respectively. After they moved away, I really didn’t know what to do or who to talk to as everyone was heavily engrossed in conversations and pawing their laptops. After a few minutes  I simply finished my coffee and left.
I don’t know what conclusions I have of Tuttle,  The people I met were nice enough, but I can’t say it was the most welcoming environment or anything really. But at the same Image(226)time, I’m not so sure what contribution I could have made, so I don’t think I shall be returning.Image(224)

Coming back out into the Mall, I strolled across to Horse Guards Parade where the Blues and Royals seemed to be facing off as ever and then walked through to WhImage(230)itehall, I stopped and took a pic of the memorial to the women of WW2 and Downing street before making to Parliament.

As time progressed, it was back on the underground and off to Image(238)my London home from home and a complete shock – Denmark Street aka Tin Pan Alley.
Getting off the tube at Tottenham Court  Road, I really wasn’t prepared to see so many shops Image(242)completely closed down and to be honest – the ones that had remained open seemed to have the some seriously over priced guitars!! One shop (Rose Morris) actually had the Taylor acoustic guitar I most covert – but instead of it being price at £3500 – it was priced at £4319! I was not impressed!!
Then it wImage(240)as time to step into the 12 bar café were I was due to meet my old buddy Mark Bickmore aka Sonic. The thing was, the 12 bar café had changed and to be brutally honest – it is for the worse. When Mark turned up, we simply legged it to a Starbucks instead.
After a bite to eat and copious consumption of what Starbucks attempts to call coffee, we went back to try to find a guitar I even wanted to have a play of – yet sadly, there were none!Image(239)
One guitar I truly wanted to play was the new-ish Taylor Solidbody, yet no one had one. Rose Morris said they had two, but had so much trouble selling them that they had to reduce the price to the point they made no money by the time they did sell – as such they’re not looking to restock them.
In fairness to Taylor, the guys praised the playability of them – even stating that they hadn’t known anything like them, especially with regards to the strings relation to the fret board.
Mark and I spent a while catching up, then it was back the work of the day, Mark returning to work and myself to the East End to meet with Indigo printing.
After the meeting I did a few other things before finally returning to Ealing Broadway and setting off towards Oxford to visit both my mother and sister.

Sadly a long day that bore no fruit at all. What did go well was the TWBrit  CofC which preformed admirably – so much so, it actually impressed me… If the question was ‘Did I enjoy myself?’ then the answer would be a resounding YES!!

That car of mine…

The TWBrit Car of Character is annoying me!
Yes I just bled the brakes through, replaced a piece of exhaust/tail pipe and had someone sort out my ever leaking nearside rear tyre… But the thing ‘hunts’ i.e. idles erratically.
There are only two things that make these engines do this and I have checked them both!
One of which is a small vacuum hose, so while pottering around tomorrow on my way to London, I’ll buy one anyway…img_car_scrap other than that, it’s idle speed control valve – but I actually don’t recognise it on this thing.

So… while I personally don’t mind driving around in an embarrassing car (I just love the look on peoples faces) I think that I the time comes when I need to spend another penny on it – it’s gone, history and time to get another!

However, as long as it gets me to London and back, who am I to complain?

Talking of which – anybody want anything from London tomorrow?

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Hubble spots something new

While pottering around on Fox Scitech page I found this: a new Hubble Hubble cooooo-elSpace Telescope image, what appears to be one galaxy is actually the product of a collision between two Milky Way-like spiral galaxies.
The result is a galactic merger called NGC 2623, or Arp 243, and it is about 250 million light-years away in the constellation of Cancer (the Crab).
Studies have revealed that as galaxies approach one another, massive amounts of gas are pulled from each galaxy towards the centre of the other, until ultimately the two merge into one massive galaxy.

NGC 2623 is in the late stages of the merging process with the centres of the original galaxy pair now merged into one nucleus. Stretching out from the centre are two tails of young stars, showing that a merger has taken place.

During such a collision, the dramatic exchange of mass and gases initiates star formation, seen in both the tails.
The prominent lower tail is richly populated with bright star clusters — 100 of them have been found in Hubble observations. The clusters are brighter than any seen in galaxies closer to our own.

Personally, I just thought it was cool…

Something not so cool…….

Apparently they’ve found the worlds firs vegetarian spider!!  In a possible affront to its fierce meat-eating relatives, one jumping spider prefers to dine vegetarian, munching on specialized leaf-tips of acacia shrubs, finds a new study.acacia_spider

The eight-legged vegetarian, called Bagheera kiplingi, lives in Central America, and is now considered a rarity among the world’s 40,000 or so spider species, most of which are strictly predators, feeding on insects and other animals. B. kiplingi is about the size of a person’s small finger nail.

Bugger – they keep finding more!! will someone please stop looking for them and just kill-em

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Almost there

It’s actually turning into a quiet week here. I’ve been waiting for a new laptop screen to turn up, running around sorting out a few things and filling londonup my itinerary for meeting people on Friday in London.  It’s probably a good job that I’m returning on the same day as I think I might have needed a week to get over the possible hangover if I’d stayed over.
The biggest hassle was oddly deciding on how to get there… But at the moment looks like the TWBrit Car of Character might indeed be making the journey (shock horror)
sonic1One person I am looking forward to seeing is the Bickmore – or as I call him, Sonic! Bain of Network Rail and backbone of keeping the entire Southern Rail network up, running and healthy – and believe me, that’s hard work.
I hope also to meet up with Dr Sue Black and have a good tinpan alleyold chin with her and others at Tuttle.
Then it’s off to Denmark St aka ‘Tin pan Alley’ –  second London home!
If all that is not enough, then I’ll be heading back to Devon for a night of serious drinking with Dave across the road – I say serious because while I don’t drink much,  one I start drinking a googly beer, well – yer know… gotta drink it all… Waist not, want not!

Any way, no more excursions looking for jackets today. I thought back to yesterday walking around Exeter and apart from a couple of people, I really didn’t enjoy tramping around the shopping areas. I say a couple of people because while strolling down South St. around 4:30 pm a mother and her ver young son were coming the other way, and for the life of this poor little fella, he could not work out whether past me on the left or right – until he froze with indecision. I couldn’t help but laugh. The was the lady cutting my hair in the barber shop who took it upon her to try to work out my problem finding a jacket – I did, try middle aged and fat! LOL

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Oh, oh dear…

It hasn’t escaped me that I have gained weight – nope, not at all…
So when today’s work was cancelled – which was slightly annoying as I was gonna make time to have a chat to WKD as I was to start at 17:00 and would be in the area quite a bit before then – all my plans changed.
I’m in need of a new jacket and frankly I’m kinda particular about jackets and coats. You see I prefer things that are good and rugged in the outdoors, on planes and they must also look reasonable while propping up a bar while brandishing pints of beer.
As such, I’ve owned some great jackets (when I’ve found them) and two in particular were brilliant – one a brown leather jacket and the other was a Camel Trophy Adventure Wear coat – both of which were stolen!
I did have a reasonable suede jacket which a sad demise so apart from a cupboard full of Fleeces, Hi-Viz and a Berghaus outdoor coat – the rest are formal jackets, suits and woollen long business coats.Orvis
So…. I went to Exeter this afternoon in search of a great Jacket…the outcome was completely dire! I did find one jacket an Orvis. This jacket is heavy – very heavy and probably the thickest Nubuck leather I’ve ever worn. As you can see for the second photo (click to enlarge) – it has everything for just about every orvis1occasion. However, I simply could not justify spend in excess of £300 for it (not these days anyway).

After making it to the barbershop for the first time in 3 years and via a quick trip to Micky-D’s, I returned home empty handed and not too impressed.

If I’m not working tomorrow I might go and check out the Rohan shop up in Taunton or simply leave it for now – sigh…

But winter approaches and please, if anyone has any ideas or thoughts – please let me know.

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So much going on

Today there so much going on and things I have to do and keep up with – I really can’t focus. I have loads of pictures to transfer and stuff to write about, but can’t seem to actually get around to doing them.

As such, the blog is open to general comment and questions about pretty much anything today, so fire away.

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What an awful week

While I have a busy old week, and there’s plenty in the news over here in Blighty – I can’t help but be a little stunned at what has been happening in the Asia Pacific region..
Yeah, we’ve had all sorts of email attacks via various phishing scams, politics are starting heat up here and WKD even came back from Fr**ce!! However she did bring some weird foreign illness or disease back with her and somehow managed to slip past Quarantine.

Anyway, none of this comes close to the multiple tropical storms, mud slides, earthquakes and tsunamis that have occurred in the last few days, displacing possible over a million people and killing thousands – as such (and if you’ve been living under a rock) I’ll let Rocketboom give you the update.

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If you like Battlestar Galactica  then you’ll find this show a comfortable replacement – if you like the Stargate franchise and wasn’t keen on Battlestar – then you’ll be wanting to miss this!
There was even distant hints of the odd Brown-Coat incident. But sadly this show takes more of the Battlestar feel liquified with outer fringes of SG and so far (too me anyway) Fails.
The acting is held together by a slightly belittled Robert Carlyle whose acting standard is as superb as ever.

The musical score often becomes too much and is highly reminiscent of Battlestar as too the battle scenes and camera movements.

The story is ‘standalone’ with familiar faces helping with it’s introduction. Set design and effects are of the highest possible SG standard, but with all the close in camera work on the main characters – it’s lost to making the place feel small. I say small because they’re supposed to be on a huge ship.

The conclusion to this opening story is next week and I will reserve full opinion until then. But the way I feel right now – I’d be stunned if they got more than a second season out of it and I would hate to say that you’re watching the death of a franchise. Is it for the  younger audience? definitely NOT!
Stargate – it is not!

Words to sum it up; Dark, Dreary, Battlestar, unimpressive, sad

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Oooo Work again

Ok I have to admit it properly – I miss Comms and IT and going to and from middle_eastwork in a clean state. Oh and the money of course.
I also miss the Middle East.
However, with the news just in that I’m starting at 05:00 tomorrow morning for a steady run into London, or should I say – hauling another 28000ltrs of milk to arrive around 10:30am to Oakthorpe dairy in Palmers Green, I shall tell you of the yesterdays run.
It wasn’t a remarkable day really, I had to drive up to Shepton Mallet, pick up a tank of cider and take it back where it came from in Cornwall.
Bemused as to hot-fuzz-poster-1why this was needing to be done, the chap at Shepton Mallet informed me that it gets sent to them to be filtered and bonded, then returned for bottling. I couldn’t help but think just how expensive a process that was.
Coming out of Shepton I headed for the town/city of Wells (where they filmed the movie ‘Hot Fuzz’’ – a somewhat disturbingly accurate depiction of rural living). On to Glastonbury and then to the M5 southbound.penhallow
The destination : The Cornish Scrumpy Company at Penhallow – wayrattler down in the bottom of the country.
They make particularly strong cider, one of which is called ‘Rattler’.
Some time before midnight I was back on tight narrow lanes, finally squeezing through farm gates in the dark. I reversed the trailer in an area with literally only an inch to spare either side with a floodlight blinding me all the way back.
As I off loaded, the guys there educated me fully in the world of cider and what makes a laughing cider, singing cider, sleeping cider and or course – a fighting cider.
I retuned home at 3am this morning, much wiser and less tired than normal – yesterday was a good day.

Unlike one lady trucker’s fateful day on the other side of the pond – who’s trailer wheels caught fire and who also got her tatts touched up by some old guy- glad you’re ok G.

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Do you remember when?

I don’t normally get political – but here’s my feeling of frustration.

Do you remember when this country stood for something? When people had pride? Acted out of a knowledge of what was right and not self interest and greed?

Do you remember when the law truly meant something and that hitting someone over the head with an iron bar would get you 15 years in prison – not 2 months.

Do you remember when schools installed discipline and kids knew right from wrong because they knew that punishment was the response to wilfully doing something wrong?

Do you remember when defending the realm meant having an armed forces big enough to protect this Island and all of it’s protectorates?

That if a nationalised industry made a profit, it was money that would be re-invested and/or release the burden from the tax payer?

Do you remember a time without CCTV cameras – the daily street corner proof and symbol of the break down of law and order.

When a Prime Minister was a genuine statesperson?

Even the ownership of Firearms, when police would make sure you weren’t a loony and no one felt threatened. When people used to shoot safely for fun at a local gun range – now they are illegal because a police force didn’t do it’s job properly and now –  even the kids have guns.

When I look back at governments I supported, and the one I didn’t – it’s easy to see that all of them did both good and bad things.

Mrs Thatcher was to me – the last true statesperson we had, but her war with the miners and privatisation of the utilities was a huge mistake. Mr Blair I have no time for at all – the fact he claimed Kosovo as victory is enough to make me want to punch him – the reason, he said we were going to act decisively and then sat back and did nothing for months until the US came along – so all the Serbs did was ramp up the killing and raping machine.

Since 911 our country has died, the rules and regulations brought in are archaic and wrong. We fort terror long before most countries so the ensuing changes did nothing other than dissolve the freedoms of the people.

We ban smoking – but never demand the tobacco companies to make safe cigarettes, we impede traffic when the whole nation wants more roads, we tax at an unbelievable rate and then give money to other countries.

The NHS… It’s not an NHS is the you can’t get dental treatment because GP’s are paid so much more than Dentists. There are far, far too many managers and the arrogant lack of communication between health authorities is nothing short of criminal.

Education – the LEA’s have so much money it’s crazy – they just have no idea about what things really cost!! As such they pay five times more for everthing.  Why are the kids doing ‘Computer Studies’ and learning about the history of it all – when they could esily leave school with A+, N+, MCSE, CCNA or CCNP and be indusrty ready and employable?!

House prices – you’re joking right! where on this earth can you glue to 6 pence bricks together with a little mortar and the result is then worth over £100?!  We need to bring in property taxes to curb the house pricing!

Spend any real time in another country and you will learn things like;

1. No one respects Britain any longer.

2. The UK is one of the most expensive places on the planet.

3. You dare not intervene with anything in the UK without fear of being shot

To me Britain is – sorry, was the open handed Bulldog – we were good and yes – great and with the power to back up our threats and keep our people safe. 

Now, not so much…

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