Music and Entertainment rights and copyright


Here is the TWB solution to the music, Film, TV industries and personal use issues regarding the payment for all copyrighted media.

Simple and effective; riaa-logo
You register with an entertainment company or a special website for a minimal cost (lets say $5) to cover costs on a global database.
You are issued a number, a user name and password and maybe even a RFID tag for over the counter purchases.
Every time you purchase something, on the web, net where ever – you simply register the item under your own ID
From there on in, you can download and listen, copy (for yourself) and use that media – from ANY source.

So if you have a CD of lets say ‘Hotel California’ and it gets damaged – you simply download it again and make a hard copy at no extra costfilm to you.
If you want something new, then simply login, and the item is automatically billed to you at $1 a single record $5 album $8 a movie.

How and why

The prices take into account several things;
1 cost of distribution is almost nil
2 cost of packaging is nil
3 the media is instantly available to a massive global audience
4 the industry can take for more effective information and control from this simple method i.e. viewing figures and global musical taste.
5 The artists, production companies get and instant return on there investment.
6 Illegal users can be tracked and traced far more efficiently
7 Use on other 3rd party PC’s Telephones etc can use a self deleting software and cookies to make sure the other individuals do not copy the personal access information.
8 Software on personal Internet interfaces can verify instantly and automatically whether or not you have paid for licence use of an item.
9 It’s a one shot deal, that will never be hindered by media evolution – once you own it, you own it forever!
10 As TV moves to 4G, companies like the BBC who operate through licence fee payers, can work out direct charges for each programme etc.
11 Global freedom to watch whatever you want, when you want it.
12 No requirement for regional coding
13 if downloading a movie as a one off showing between friends and not to keep – can be based on the ‘hire’ principle.
14 To start the ball rolling, all movies over 15 years of age should be allowed to be free of any costs for anyone participating in the programme.

pirate33So basically, the industry gets far bigger (after all, there are 6 billion people in the world) and instant audiences, they get and instant return on everything and finally they can track and trace all non registered items – it’s as simple as that!

Of course, this would require every aspect of the industry to sit down and communicate..
The idea is simple and will work – all it takes is for people to want to do it and getting on with it.

TWB is happy to discuss this with anyone – just email

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