That’s not ‘taking the p***’. It’s way beyond that!!

The British Govt over recent years has come up with some of the most over politically correct, useless ideas and actions that have gone completely against the national will of people that have turned out to be far worse than anything Maggie Thatcher ever did.
So just what are our misguiding group of useless individuals doing now?
Only lendinA400MRenderingg AIRBUS money!!! In fact they’re lending £340 million.
They, or should I say Lord Mandelson, claim it is an investment that secure 5000 jobs….
Airbus (DeathGlider inc) aka EADS and others in the same group, are the one of the most money wasting companies in Europe.c-130J
We are now years into and exceeding a 5 billion euro over spending farce called the Airbus A400m – a concept from the early 80’s. The A400M is/was designed to replace the C130 crate called the Hercules. Yet from the outset they designed the aircraft wrong. Lockheed whonasa_C130J_concept make the C130 was originally in on the whole thing, got fed-up and left 69690main_C130J_fig2to design the C130J  and with the aid of NASA designed a serious upgrade to the C130 cockpits systems– and delivered it!
The A400M came truly into being in 2002 and has been a comedy of errors. Almost every few months they put the first delivery date back, and at present with it’s billions of over spent dollars, pounds and euros, they claim the first one might be ready in around 2012.
On top of all this, the Airbus A380 (THE death glider) is already up, running and deliveries being made – albeit, they’re late.A380_Flyby
Of course, this does not come close to the questions about the last couple of Airbus CEO’s having been investigated due to dodgy share dealings with EADS.

No, Mr Mandelson – do not lend our money to the Fr**ch! Or is there more to this? Is there something we should know that you’re not telling us?

Companies are in bad enough trouble as it is for this govt to go squandering £millions on crap that either does not work, does not fly and crashes all too often for modern kit.

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