Busy Honiton

hot penny dayThese last few weeks have seen a variety of local events. We have strange customs in this part of the world (for sure), these range from ‘Hot Penny Day’ where the children walk up the middle of the High Street and everyone else throws hot (warm or cold) pennies in to the street. The children in turn pick up all the pennies and spend them at the street market.
honiton hill rallyLast week of course was the Beautiful Day festival and this week is the Honiton Hill Rally which where old stream traction engines show off and various other events happen.

For me, I miss most of these events. You see my time off is so ridiculously varied and uncertain – I can never make plans to meet up with people and go and do things locally. That is of course not quite true because Dave, (my friend who owns the chip shop across the road) have been known to frequent certain drinking establishments locally, the trouble with this (or not actually – as the case may be), is we start drinking, then drink some more and then we start our way through anything unusual looking things behind the bar – which always appear to be many! We haven’t fallen over yet – but we’ve drunk some pretty weird local drinks!

It’s now 6:30 in the morning and I’ve not long since arrived home from work. It’s a Bank Holiday here in England and it would appear that I’ll miss this and any chance of going to the Hill Rally.

I’ll be posting later, when I finally get up so do pop back

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Oddities of the last few days

 So the whole south west of the main UK road infrastructure was held up traffiyesterday on the worse driving weekend of the year out side of Christmas, because of a guy threatening to jump from Avonmouth bridge just south of Bristol on the M5. For hours they tried to get this guy not to jump but eventually – he did!
The cost to industry, ruined holiday travel, people getting caught up and stuck in there cars for in excess of 6hrs without access to food or water leads me to believe that in such cases, the Police should be just as liable as the person wanting to die. Next time – just Harpoon the guy and drag him in!! Stop beating about the bush and get on with it.
Or we could follow the Chinese model, but while I actually believe in saving a persons life, if they truly wish to die, then there is little you, I or anyone else can do to ultimately stop them!

Noel and liamOasis have split….and about time too! The disputes between the two brothers Liam and Noel have become so far out of hand that Noel has finally called it a day.
I have to say, Noel will probably continue in music at one level of another, but I don’t see what Liam could possible do without Noel.

However, while former kidnap victims (once given up for dead) get found in the US, nothing is as bizarre as someone actually trying to brGodlawing an injunction against God! Yes, you heard that right! To prevent the “death, destruction and terrorisation” caused by God.
 As it turns out, the case was the thrown out as defendant has no address, legal papers cannot be served.
Nebraska’s state senator Ernie Chambers, who said he might appeal against the ruling.
He sought a permanent injunction – more like it’s time to get committed if you ask me, after all – at what point does he not understand that a court serves ‘under’ God and simply does not have the power to – weird!

Today, I’m going to Bridgwater and Cadbury’s!  I start in a couple of hours so, need to get my skates on and shoot out to Countrywide and Tesco’s

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Bletchley in need of help – so time to have some fun

 It turns out that one of the UK’s and indeed of world techie historical interesting sites has been given the cold should regarding support from the government. Bletchley Park is badly in the need of repair and needs to raise ridiculously small funds considering the size of the site.

However, all is not too bad. While I would strongly recommend everyone to give just a couple of quid to the place, there are plans afoot to making saving it more fun. Boffoonery.com is putting on a night of comedy at the BoffooneryBloomsbury Theatre in London on Tuesday November 3rd 09 as a benefit to Bletchley Park. I have bought my ticket and will make a day of it in and around London (i.e. Denmark Street and the 12 bar Café – unless something interesting comes up). Though, I’m not sure if I’ll be taking the TWB Car of Character.

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O2 ok, i’m impressed


The broadband transfer went well and it was completely straight forward.

But here’s the thing, my internet is faster, pages load quicker and downloads seem to be much faster – yet it is supposed to be the same 8mb connection!

I was impressed that they didn’t automatically load junk software from the cd and that the process gave me choices to opt out during the whole process, which so many other vendors do.

So all is good – right, I’m off to work. Today, for the Co Op, tomorrow (so far) I’m off to Oakthorpe – but I’m not holding my breath!

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Music and Entertainment rights and copyright


Here is the TWB solution to the music, Film, TV industries and personal use issues regarding the payment for all copyrighted media.

Simple and effective; riaa-logo
You register with an entertainment company or a special website for a minimal cost (lets say $5) to cover costs on a global database.
You are issued a number, a user name and password and maybe even a RFID tag for over the counter purchases.
Every time you purchase something, on the web, net where ever – you simply register the item under your own ID
From there on in, you can download and listen, copy (for yourself) and use that media – from ANY source.

So if you have a CD of lets say ‘Hotel California’ and it gets damaged – you simply download it again and make a hard copy at no extra costfilm to you.
If you want something new, then simply login, and the item is automatically billed to you at $1 a single record $5 album $8 a movie.

How and why

The prices take into account several things;
1 cost of distribution is almost nil
2 cost of packaging is nil
3 the media is instantly available to a massive global audience
4 the industry can take for more effective information and control from this simple method i.e. viewing figures and global musical taste.
5 The artists, production companies get and instant return on there investment.
6 Illegal users can be tracked and traced far more efficiently
7 Use on other 3rd party PC’s Telephones etc can use a self deleting software and cookies to make sure the other individuals do not copy the personal access information.
8 Software on personal Internet interfaces can verify instantly and automatically whether or not you have paid for licence use of an item.
9 It’s a one shot deal, that will never be hindered by media evolution – once you own it, you own it forever!
10 As TV moves to 4G, companies like the BBC who operate through licence fee payers, can work out direct charges for each programme etc.
11 Global freedom to watch whatever you want, when you want it.
12 No requirement for regional coding
13 if downloading a movie as a one off showing between friends and not to keep – can be based on the ‘hire’ principle.
14 To start the ball rolling, all movies over 15 years of age should be allowed to be free of any costs for anyone participating in the programme.

pirate33So basically, the industry gets far bigger (after all, there are 6 billion people in the world) and instant audiences, they get and instant return on everything and finally they can track and trace all non registered items – it’s as simple as that!

Of course, this would require every aspect of the industry to sit down and communicate..
The idea is simple and will work – all it takes is for people to want to do it and getting on with it.

TWB is happy to discuss this with anyone – just email

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Jeans and other stuff


Yesterday I went for a walk up the road to a shop call Countrywide Farmers. The reason was that a friend had mentioned that some of the stuff they sell was amazingly cheap priced – or completely over priced.
I got there and low and behold, heavy duty work jeans £11.99 ! a bargain!!
I walked around the shop and looked at footwear. I personally wear a lot of cat logoCaterpillar ‘Colorado’ Boots, they didn’t sell those but what they did sell, looked alright and also had Dublin River Farmersthe cambrel antibacterial lining (no smelly feet!) , these were also a very good price. A common boot on the feet of farmers these days is a thing called a ‘Dublin boot’ which is a comfortable long boot made of leather and is also wataigle-parcours-vario-outlasterproof. The prices for these were EXTORTIONATE!  It made me almost pleased that I don’t have fields to walk about in!  Though some of the Aigle boot priceAigle-Boots-Logos were ok for what they are – but to be honest – is a standard pair of wellies worth paying over £80 for – crazy!  Some of the fleeces they offered were also seriously over priced.
I borrowed a tape measure to check the inside leg on the work jeans (the waist, assumed to be correct) and purchased a pair.
Guess what – they huge, enormous in fact! So big, that if I was ever big enough to fit them – I’d ask WKD to shoot me with her shotgun, not my car.

Alas, I’ll replace the tags and take them back in the morning
That’ll teach me for browsing in a shop again!

WKD sent me a wonderful picture of….. a chicken – not this one

roast_chicken copy

This one


This and her other chickens are (in the chicken world) Veterans, hardened by years in a battery chicken farm – now having gained freedom. As chickens go – they’re well-ard! This one is of course making  it’s way to use the available cover to set up it’s sniper position in a manner of achieving effective all round defence, which in turn will allow it to give the appropriate direction to the other chickens via the usual pecking order. Of course, with the obvious care WKD demonstrates over the animals etc on  the farm – the clichéd question is; does this make WKD a bit of a ‘mother hen’ ? I’m only guessing here, but she’d either be proud to say yes – or be reaching for the box of cartridges.

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Today, aside from the normal amount of grumpiness my age brings with me, I can honestly say I’m not a happy chap! This is work related and will, I have no doubt – lead to a predictable course of action on my part. You see, I simply don’t do things or work for people who make me unhappy (no matter how detremental to my life/income) – but, we’ll see how we go.

dellOn a lighter note and that makes me smile – Dell have been in touch. But more on that at a later date.

Now, these days it’s fair to say that life has led me to a point where by Chapswearing like a drain is common place for me. Indeed, this is not the best outward persona for anyone outside the bounds of humour – but while I was suffing the net the other day, I came upon ‘The Chap’ a truly English magazine based on both the web and of course in hard copy. To have a little read through it’s pages left me with a wry smile (my worst lol), but ulitamtely it’s an excellent look at what we have truly forgotten.

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All change – again…

I was supposed to start work at 16:30 with two trips to Westbury. Apparently certain people don’t understand that I have a life away from work, so it was no surprise that my home phone was ringing and email inbox filling up with calls and notices to leave my mobile phone on and ring us asap after I had given them notice that I wasn’t available until 13:00 when my phone would be switched on.
So, basically they tried to palm off work I loath on to me – so I simply refused to do it. The next thing – can I go to Oakthorpe at 12:30…
Oddly enough – I can…
And I had such an interesting post about chickens to write… Oh, you so think I’m joking! lol

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Just what does it say?

The other evening, after taking abuse about the TWB Car of Character, I washed it!! One of the benefits of working in this industry is that there is always good quality jet-wash kit about.
Setting about my CofC it was brought to my attention by a group of drivers that using a jet-wash on the car might just do more damage than good, and that indeed – bits just might start falling off! Well, they were wrong! This is because I know the car is – for the most part – sound!
I went home and the following day walked to my car to notice a peculier thing – it didn’t look any different at all! It didn’t look clean, yet it didn’t look dirty – it sadly just looked like the endearing heap it truly is.
Alas, while I have actually asked WKD to shoot my car with her shotgun (to give it more character you understand) I think there is little hope for the old motor.
Wishing to avoid the nickname ‘T-Cut’, based on the fact that everyone seems to recommend it – I know a little about car paint and it’s pigments (especially on a former red car like the CofC). Basically I would need full blown sponsorship from a car polish maker and weeks of applications to restore it. Then there’s other cosmetic work – and for the £350 a paid for it, it just isn’t worth it.

Oh heart of mine, so heavy…


Of course, I could just send it to Libya…

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Honiton Hippy Fest

Hippy Fest

As I call it anyway… although it’s in the next town of Ottery St Mary.
Beautiful Days is the annual music festival that takes place down here in sunny Devon, UK. It turns out to be very popular indeed with tickets selling almost as quickly as the Glastonbury Festival.
HERE is the link to the official site.
In honour of this and that WKD is (as she puts it) ‘Revelling with the Levellers’ today, here are the Levellers and ‘The Boatman’.

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Darn it

I just broke my laptop screen!!!

What has stunned me here is the simplicity in which it broke. This Dell dellInspiron has been one of the most awesome work horses I’ve ever owned or used from Dell. In fact, throughout this blog you’ll find reference to experience and knowledge of Dell products. But the single thing that Dell does best – is build sturdy Laptops!

This Inspiron was bought on Ebay over 2 years ago and has travelled everywhere with me. It’s been battered, dropped more times than I can remmember and has had so much abuse that even the screws securing the hard drive have long since fallen out of it and disappeared. When I got this, it came with Xp Professional on it and it kept freezing up. Biting the bullet I bought and formatted the drive with Vista Ultimate, put an extra gig of ram in it and it’s never failed (except when I didn’t secure a lead during a major overhaul and clean), even with the system running I have pulled the hard drive clean out , pushed it back in and it still carried on working!!  Now, I learned all about Dell laptops and just how good they were when I lived in Saudi while working for Marconi Middle East and using a complete Dell solution – you see the Dell global support doesn’t actually cover the Kingdom and we had to maintain hundreds of them ourselves. This Inspiron 6400 has had everything thrown at it, coffee dropped on it, thrown around the inside of a hard braked truck and even had a large full  Stanley steel flask drop square on it – yet it does not stop, break or miss a heart beat.

How did it break? you may ask… Well I had just sat down and was taking a sip of coffee while just turning the open and running laptop towards me by twisting it near the top of the screen on the bezel towards me. As I did, I felt it go. I’m shocked and a little surprised it went the way it did to be honest – but after 2 and a half years of solid abuse – not totally unexpected. With half a screen still working I made the biggest error – I ran my fingers over it and the rest of the screen then cracked and the image disappeared.

Oh well, there goes £70 – unless eBay…

Friday evening and guess whos working…

Sitting here in MichaelWood services heading up to the Cadbury’s Chocolate factory in HerefordshiCadburyre and already the place is filling up with those pesky caravan things :-(

Update: So I arrive a little late because I had to wait for a truck and here I am sitting, waiting for the milk to finish being pumped off before I clean the tank out.

Now before anyone asks why I said I was in Herefordshire and not in Bourneville – it is this; The actual chocolate is made here in Marlbrook as a thing called ‘Crumb’ then it is sent to Bourneville and other international locations to be melted down and mixed into the products and tastes you’re accustomed to.

Final Update; The CIP (cleaning) process went wrong… Some how the machine has pumped nearly 30,000 litres of Caustic Soda into the tank and left it there!!! So (don’t try this at home kids) we’ve had to simply open the valve and let it drain away. Now, don’t get me wong here – but I think I’ve just witnessed one of  the most unsafe acts in my life.

We’re still here and amazingling still got all of our skin and thankfully our eyes haven’t melted either – seriously!

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Duke Down


The first Duyorkspngke of Wellington’s member has been killed in Afghanistan. The Duke’s who now go by the name 3rd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment have only recently been deployed.

In the incident, 2 soldiers were killed One was from the 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (Duke of Wellin120px-yorkshire_regiment_tactical_recognition_flashgton’s) and the other was from the 2nd Battalion The Rifles.
They were killed while on a routine foot patrol near the town of Sangin, in Helmand province, on Thursday. Their families have been informed. The soldier from the 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment was one of 125 extra troops deployed to Afghanistan after the UK suffered a record number of casualties last month.

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Vodafone not getting a new phone?


I have mentioned previously at my discontent with my present mobile phone the Nokia E65. It’s a great phone, you see I need connectivity and that is one area this phone excels in. It is, however, a slide phone! If you’ve never owned a slide phone – then don’t!
It turns out that I’m now eligible for a phone upgrade, so I’ve been on the hunt for the elusive Samsung Omnia HD. I don’t need to change my package as such, because I actually have an awesome contract which includes over 12hrs of free phones calls a month!
The Samsung Omnia HD has been renamed as the Samsung i8910 (amazing!) which to me reads as ‘we’re already improving on it’.
samsungSo a call was put in to Vodafone (Verizon’s cousin) who claim that if it’s on the market – they sell it. Well apparently – they don’t! Yet a quick move to the Vodafone forums shows they clearly do.
Make no mistake here, I’m aware this phone is a cut above the rest and will wipe the boards against other phones – but apparently they don’t sell it. Not that this stopped them from trying to flog me something else – but the moment I said I would wait – they couldn’t get me off the phone fast enough!
LOL, really, Vodafone, you need to train staff to be less obvious.

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Do you remember?

AirFr  ce Way back in June – June 1st to be exact, Air Fr**ce lost that plane, you know, The Airbus…
Well it turns out they’re still looking for the flight recorders! According to Flight Global;
Fr**ch investigators are to consider options for expanding the search for the flight recorders of Air Fr**ce flight AF447 after ending a second phase of undersea operations.
Search teams in the South Atlantic have completed stages designated Phase 1A and 1B in the hunt for the cockpit-voice and flight-data recorders of the Airbus A330 lost on 1 June.
France’s Bureau d’Enquetes et d’Analyses says the search, undertaken in co-operation with oceanographic institute IFREMER and AirbusLogohydrographic service SHOM, has focused on a 75km-radius circle around the aircraft’s last known position.
The BEA says that the search “did not make it possible to locate the aircraft wreckage”.
It says it will draw a team of investigators together over the next few weeks to analyse data retrieved so far “with a view to a third search phase”. BEA says it will determine “requirements and means” to proceed.
Airbus has already indicated a willingness to provide funding to extend the sonar search.

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Things you should never say to a Trucker

It’s true, there are things that people should never say to a trucker and sometimes when they do – they’re just asking for a bad outcome either now or in the future.

You see when folks say these things, they’re talking from a place of ignorance, often sounding like they’re in a position of authority getting the driver to try and explain to them their entire lack of intelligence – not good…

What do I mean?

Ok, here’s what not to say…


“What time do you call this”?

“Where the hell have you been”?

“You’re late”

“the other guy always arrives at XX:XX”

“What happened to you”?


These things are so common, drivers don’t even mention the crap they get off people anymore.

So why are all those things wrong?!


Firstly – Safety. Depending where a load has come from, the driver may have been so darn tired he or she might have needed a sleep and I don’t need to explain the consequences of a fatigued driver.


Secondly – The driver, drives…. Yes it’s that obvious, that is what this person lives for – Driving. They don’t like hanging about and most love speed. SO they’re not gonna be swanking about down at the local mall or taking in a movie, they ARE going to get to you in the shortest possible time!


Thirdly – (and as such) a delivery might be late but the Driver is NEVER LATE…. Not ever – think aboutjam1 it!!

The time on the delivery note is a rough guess, it does not allow for Traffic Jams, Accidents, Blowouts, Breakdowns, Weather, Road Conditions, Problems at the point of dispatch, Finding you’re place, Illness, Injury, Pulled over by the Police, Securing a load or the Problems at the previous delivery point!

None of these things have anything to do with being late because the Driver is a professional!! He or She knows exactly what they’re doing, they know their business – you don’t!


If I’ve had a really bad day, the worse thing you can say to me is “What time do you call this” – especially if you have a watch on you’re wrist. Because the retort is going to be along the lines of if you’re bright or completely stupid!!


If you’re not sure about the time a delivery may or may not turn up, there is no better place than listening to traffic reports on the radio to have a real guess of the road situations.


The things that have been said to me, the shear bloody attitude I get from people is unreal. Heck I’ve offered several times to leave and on two occasions did.

I remember after witnessing a horrific fatal accident, receiving a full blown rant from a guy I was delivering to. People seem to forget that truckers see death and horror quite a lot.


And here’s another thing; if a delivery is of the sh*tty type – i.e. the Driver needs do a lot of manual work, in bad weather and then reload, DON’T offer them a hot drink as soon as they get there – but do offer them one at around the halfway point and take about 5 minutes to talk to them. You’ll soon get a good relationship with the drivers and you’ll get a good understanding of them.

But do remember, if they were late getting to you and have another three or more drops after – they’ll be getting the same grief you’ve given them again and again… And really, do you want to drive on the same road as a seriously pissed off trucker?


Some more stuff:

A trucker will drive in 6 months – more than most drive in a life time!! So maybe, just maybe they know a little bit about driving… they know how to read the road and in many instances rely upon you being switched on in you’re driving ability to make certain manoeuvres go smoothly. They have to contend with an advanced knowledge of rules, regulations and laws, they must know them thoroughly, even the Police don’t have the same knowledge and experience and are in many cases, not as qualified as the trucker.

They/We are not there to screw you’re day up. But sometimes the lack of given experience of some road users can screw up everyone’s day.

Nearly everything you own, wanna own, the clothes on you’re very back were and will be delivered by truck – don’t forget the food you eat as well.


Give us you’re patience and time – and we WILL give you everything you want, need and desire… Because that is what the men and women truck drivers around the whole world do.

Dirty Websites – oh, YES!


Norton aka Symantec have released the dirtiest websites of summers 2009. Now, before you all go running off unlocking the darker sides of your minds – these aint ‘that’ kinda dirty. These are where you’ll find the phishing sites, malicious downloads, browser exploits and links to unsafe external sites. In other words – dirty stuff you don’t want on your computer!

 Sample of Dirtiest Web Sites:norton_logo

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O2 Broadband

o2bannerThis change to O2 Broadband is going disturbingly well so far. Official changeover is either on Monday or Tuesday next week (I forget which). They have emailed me and text me, every step of the way – keeping me fully informed of the progress.
The equipment arrived today and I have yet to pull the software apart to see whats in it and whether I want it on my computer, but the four port router and Wifi AP look good and I’m looking forward to the change and total unlimited usage.

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Emirates Airlines – just keep getting bigger…

emiratesEmirates Airlines based in the UAE, seems to be getting nothing but enormous these days.
Emirates started a huge investment plan a few years back and as of last month became the largest operator of the Boeing 777.
In fact, they are the only airline to own every single type of 777 available, 78 of them and have a further 28 on order! The order value for those 28 exceeds $7billion – so things are good over Boeing and Emirates.
Emirates received its first Boeing 777 in 1996. The airline recently completed an upgrade program on all its 777s that equipped the airplanes with Emirates’ award-winning ICE (Information, Communication, Entertainment) system, offering passengers in every cabin up to 1,000 channels of on-demand entertainment. 
“The 777 is the world’s most successful twin-engine, long-haul airplane and Emirates has contributed significantly to the 777 program’s success, both in becoming the now largest 777 airline customer and through its continued feedback on quboeing_logoality step improvements we’ve made to the airplane,” said Marty Bentrott, vice president of Sales for the Middle East, Central and South Asia, Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

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Mobile tech moves on

4g For anyone who has read my blog from the outset, they’ll know I worked of the preliminary concepts for 4G with my old work mate ‘Irh’. The evolution of so-called smart phones was and is a direct result of the work we carried out. Every 18 months, more and more ground breaking technology appears in the latest versions of these devices.
We are still along way from being 4G ready and while phones like the iPhone have a huge following, the phone is more experimental than useful. Indeed, it’s connectivity is almost shameful compared to some very basic Phones – lets be honest here, 3G has been around a while before the iPhone even appeared.
So what is the present technology requirement for a mobile phone today?
Well it must have;
Quad band – GPRS – HSDPA  – HSUPA – Bluetooth – Modem – Camera – Video – Wifi and removable storage.
That’s all well and good, but compare these things to todays so-called leading smart phones and prepare to be disappointed.
My phone is getting on for 18 months old and is not a smart phone – yet can do all of the above. So what is the next thing we need? Wimax Wave2, and believe me – not a lot of phones have that at all.

Connectivity is the name of the game here, but also is the simplicity of the user interface software – and that’s a tough group of concepts to deal with and design.

In the same way as ‘Blu-ray’ was dead before it hit the shelves, many new phones have been flogged to an unsuspecting public without basic functionality in favour of a glitzy appearance – like the first iPhone (or should I say Samsung). Thankfully in a rare moment by Apple, they have allowed the wide spread proliferation of applications – this is about the only thing keeping iPhone alive!sony_ericsson_satio_multiview_h1
At the moment Samsung and Sony are neck and neck at producing 12 mega-pixel phones with Samsung introducing the OmniaHD, the world’s first HD video capable phone.  The Omnia has been nicknamed ‘the real iPhone’ on the grounds that this phone comes with all the real hardware listed above and much more (other than Wimax) that Apple did not have put into the iPhone.

But the reality is this (I once gave this speech to Marconi back in 2003 – and they laughed). The future of Mobile Comms will be a large hand/pocket device with a separate bluetooth ear piece – an you know what, it’s already happening, after all, would you want to hold a device that has a 20Mbps  download and 20Mbps upload capability to your head? Because that’s what 4G will bring us and much more – infact, we’re now looking toward 1Gbps 
The future isn’t bright – it’s glowing!!

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