Sarky Sarkozy – crashes out…

Sarky SARKOZYToday, late in the morning, while he was jogging in the park at the Chateau of Versailles, the president of Fr**ce felt unwell. This episode, which came after 45 minutes of intense physical activity, was not accompanied by a loss of consciousness,” the palace statement said.

Sarkozy, an avid jogger and cyclist, was forced to interrupt his run and “lie down with the help of an aide,” the statement said. A presidential doctor who is with Sarkozy at all times snurseounded the alert and administered initial treatment.

I’m only guessing here, but if you need help to lie down, what does that actually say? So, there’s this ‘presidential’ doctor giving treatment(?) what, for feeling tired? or for the lack of PMA to finish the run? Or to help him get his face on the floor?

Oddly, it was no ‘biggy’ and Sarkozy gets to have a nice sleep in hospital surrounded by nurses…. You gotta love the Fr**ch!       (or, not!)


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