ANOTHER Airbus crash


A Yemenia Airbus A310 crashed with 142 passengers and a crew of 11 Yemenis on board after setting off from the Yemeni capital of San’a. It went down shortly before landing in Moroni, on the main island of Grand Comore.

The majority of the passengers were from the Comoros islands, returning home from Paris, he said. Those on board included families with children and there were at least three babies on board, he added.

A Yemeni aviation official said “A passenger jet from Yemen with 153 people on board crashed in the Indian Ocean early Tuesday as it tried to land on the island nation of Comoros, as yet only one person has known to have survived” .

Airbus: killing the world – one plane load at a time.


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Piracy, File Sharing, the entertainment companies and the new battle lines


It can’t have escaped the notice of everyone that the entertainment industries and indeed, the artists themselves claim foul when it comes to so called illegal downloading and file sharing.
Yet, we all question the validity of the incomes generated by these people. Indeed, no one would ever question an honest days pay after an honest days work, but some of the earning figures are nothing short of grotesque!

The other issue is this… If the entertainment (or whoever) industries can’t ‘lock the door’ and secure their own products – who is the greater fool?!
Indeed, after years of whinging about lost profits, what have they really done to safe guard the products and works of the clients who generate this stuff?
piracy keyI mean, would you open an electrical goods shop that has no doors or windows, and expect to find anything left when you turn up the next day? The answer is no, because it would treated like a great giveaway centre.

Is it unreasonable in this age of accountability, to say that I pay an ISP for a service, a service which I believe to be safe, secure and legal – and that everything I get on it – is legal?

In reality the responsibilities are everyone’s, but they start with the manufacturer of the media themselves. Then it in turn moves to websites, ISP’s and then the end user.

In fact, a few months ago, on the Blog of Joseph Mallozzi (executive producer), we discussed the so called illegal downloading of his show Stargate Atlantis. The thing that seemed forever to shock the makers of SGA and of course the mgm-logo-largeparent and owners ‘MGM’ was the formidable global sale of the DVD box sets. Many people from all over the world said they both downloaded the show illegally and bought the box set. After a short discussion it was realised that MGM had sold the show to obscure TV channels and stations that are unavailable to most people. The result being that everyone downloads the show, watches it, deletes it and then at the end of the season, buys the box set. The huge irony here is that by doing such an appallingly bad job at selling the show, they had both created illegal downloading – yet were reaping vast profits because of it through DVD sales…. Amazing!

I really baulk and artists saying they’re having money stolen from them by this – when they aren’t losing one cent from their respective profits. Who, by simply standing on an arena stage for one night or simply a couple of hours will earn more money than most people will see a tenth of in there life times.
the-pirate-bayAt the same time, I have no problem with people earning a lot of money – as long as they don’t whinge about it!
So here is the thing; Piracy is only damaging to those media that are not well estalished, yet these very same media are more likely to promote themselves by allowing free downloads in order to obtain recognition. It does not kill music, it does not kill TV and Film (unless no one ever wants advertise anything, all of a sudden). What this is truly about is control.

So…. After an infamous court case with the global file sharing website ‘Pirate Bay’, who were fined millions of dollars – Pirate bay has drawn the new battle lines and is about to launch what could become the ultimate YouTube.

The BBC has the story


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Media coverage & Michael Jackson

grimreaperI’m stunned!
Seriously, what can I say?!
The early morning of Friday while returning to my place of work, the radio was awash with presenters droning on and on about Michael Jackson’s death. The lack of sincerity was hilarious and Chris Moyles of BBC Radio one of the worst.   Finally, I succumbed to the user friendly device known as the ‘off’ switch.

Within hours the jokes had started, and later that night I was receiving so many jokes by text, I switched my phone off!

The media was and is, still pumping out this ‘oh how sad’ stuff. Yet social media tells a far, far different story.

Here are some of the many jokes I received, especially for the staff at the Cullompton Shell station (who give me so much grief about the validity of my MoT).
If they offend you, well, ……….theres a concept!

Michael Jackson’s ghost has been spotted at great Ormond St.Hospital. Apparently he’s still trying to put the willies up small children:)

Reports of Michel Jackson having a Heart Attack are INCORRECT! He has been found in the Children’s Ward having a STROKE!

Tributes have been pouring in since Michael Jackson’s death. Billy aged 12 said “I just don’t know who’s gonna fill this massive hole he’s left behind”.

Rumours are claiming that Michael Jackson, the living legend has died with food poisoning from eating 12 year old nuts.

Gary Glitter has bid 5 million pound on eBay for Michael Jackson’s phonebook!

Early reports say that Michael Jackson hasn’t been this stiff since McCauley Culkin stayed over.

Out of respect McDonalds have released the mc Jackson burger 50 year old meat between 10 year old buns.

Michael Jackson has just been refused entry into heaven, don’t blame it on sunshine, don’t blame it on moonlight, don’t blame it on good times… Blame it on the buggery.

Michael Jackson passed away this morning from a massive heart attack. Authorities have released a statement saying that they will melt his body down & make plastic toys so kids can play with him for a change!

Grim Reaper1So, here’s the thing – It appears to me that no one (or very few), really care that Jackson has died. Even a friend who works in a local school was telling me that the young children were cracking jokes about it.

So, media world, The BBC, CBS, Fox and the rest of you all – next time something like this happens, check to see what people truly think first, because it’s you lot that got us originally thinking this way – well, you and Michael Jackson.

Just so we’re clear on this, in the last two days I have spoken to around 60 people from all walks of life, different backgrounds and different ages/generations, on a professional, personal a family basis –  and not one offered any kind of sadness. But everyone of them had a joke, blunt comment or simply didn’t care for this guy who could have done so much, yet after 80’s and early 90’s did so very little.

I’m more sad for the loss of Farrah Fawcett


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Oakthorpe and a sore realisation

So yesterday I go to Oakthorpe for the second day on the trot and today I’m doing a third run. The thing is I don’t go there so much these days which is a shame, both for earning potential and the fact we used to go up there 5 times a week – every week. Then typically, I get three all at once.
So yesterday was Friday, the millions of home bound cars trying to cram into the same spaces to get to there destinations quicker – while extra traffic because of events such as Glastonbury all added toOakthorpe copygether for a little mayhem.

Arrival at Oakthorpe found Dave running everything – and in a disturbingly good mood… I was also, until he put me on bay two. Bay two is one of the toughest reverses I know of and I’ve had to reverse in some pretty amazing places.
What I mean is, I’ve reversed into places that look like you simply couldn’t get a truck into it – yet it goes in very easily. Bay two looks so incredibly straight forward and simple….But it isn’t!! It’s a complete right angle, narrow, always between two trucks and then at the front end there is simply no room to swing the cab around to straighten up.
Sometimes, you get it right first time, but more often than not – FAIL!!
I eventually got it in with a bit of hand and arm waving and then took my break.

At this point I received texts of the some what dark humoured Michael Jackson jokes presently doing the rounds. Then I recieved more, and more and, well so damn many – I had to switch my phone off!! That much laughter is painful to the old rib cage!

Arch of LightHowever, on my may back around the North Circular road at around 10pm I was stunned at the vision of the new Wembley Stadium all lit up. The huge arch over the top is completely full of lights and almost blinding!  I tried to get a picture of the place – but it’s not very good, hence the pic nabbed from the net.
I couldn’t help but admire the place, where my brother was some top Health and Safety guy during its construction.
While staring at it and noticing the flashing lights from within – I realised what was going on – it was AC/DC’s Rock and Roll Train concert on their Black Ice tour – the very same concert I could not get tickets too!!!
Well, that took the smile right off my face!!

And now, I’m off back to work and sunny Oakthorpe – again!


Well that was an odd day

So I go to work, I nice long run up to North London and then get diverted – well, I still did the London leg. You see we normally come straight back after running to London because if anything happens, we simply run out of hours. But my diversion wasn’t on the route home – nope, it was in to other direction altogether!  In fact it had me running down to the Channel Tunnel to swap out my Trailer and pick another of concentrated Cider to haul back to Devon.

Sadly though, My hours did run out as I approached Solstice Park – a rest area at Stonehenge (that rather bizarre garden ornament). Yet as I write this, I’m getting ready to head back to London again – thankfully keeping from the Glastonbury area where the Festival is on this weekend.

Here is a map of my route yesterday.



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Carpool is a kinda Vblog where actor Robert Llewellyn from Red Dwarf and Scrapheap Challenge fame, interviews interesting and sometimes famous people while driving kryten_228x309in his car. Most of the time he is simply giving  them a lift across London, or he travels to interesting locations – like a video he just posted talking to Michael Eavis  during the preparations for this years Glastonbury Festival.Scrapheap
The great thing about these interviews is they’re extremely candid, open and for want of a better phrase ‘gonzo’. What I mean to say, is that they’re completely ad-hoc. As such they’re brilliant. Further to this Robert’s amiable personality and humour both disarm and relax the interviewees, making for no awkward moments and make the viewer feel like they’re actually there.
It is extremely entertaining, the actors and comedians are without make up, they openly swear and talk normally – it’s very open and real. As such, I have becoCarpool Stephen Fryme totally addicted and wonder why people who I also follow on the web have not done the same. He does an awesome interview with Stephen Fry as well.
I can fully recommend this site and furthermore he often tests new hybrid cars during them. Links are in in the photos above, in bold text, in the Blogroll and HERE

Oh, and he loves the Tesla, Which I will be writing about in the not too distant future, or more accurately, I’ll be writing about the Tesla S, a large roomy car with a 300 mile range and almost affordable. Here is a picture of it until then.

Tesla S


Top Gear to really reveal The Stig?

jeremy-clarkson copytop-gear-logo

According to UK press and indeed, Jeremy Clarkson’s own article, tonight’s  all new season’s first episode of the BBC’s Top Gear will reveal the identity of The Stig.
Well my thought on this is – which one?
There are several Stigs from what I can tell, and all of them vary in height and weight. For qTG-Africa-Stig1uite some time I believed the original white Stig was former Formula One driver Johnny Herbert – I was convinced in fact. Yet through later appearances and shows I wasn’t so sure. As far as I am aware, Johnny Herbert still lives in Monaco and it would cost quite a bit of money tSTcco fly him up all the time. That said, Top Gear is the BBC’s most popular international export and creates a great deal of revenue for the BBC.

Then there are all of the Stig’s cousins… Stig’s African, American, Communist and Trucker cousins in fact…

However, I have yet to watch the show and so some time later today, I’m sure there will be an update to the post.




Schumacher?!   –  Not a chance!

The Stig

Because they tested the Farrari FXX on the track, and there is no way in hell that Farrari would let anyone else drive it!

No, the Stig is not Mr Schumacher…




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Working Again

Today TWB is modelling the 2006 DAF XF 95 – 430, and large sausage looking trailer of 28000 ltrs of milk.

Also today, WKNR shouted hello I as I came into work. At which point I had to ‘fess-up’ about the acronym I use for her, and that it is sadly not working. You see with WKNR standing for ‘White Knuckle Rider’ – it was not supposed to be an acronym for ‘w**ker’.

Now her real initials are NT, but using them would remind my geeky readers of Windows NT… Then with ‘Trucker’ – it could become TNT. But this seems to point her being large in some way, which in all fairness she…. isn’t.

 So, what on earth do I use? Maybe I should consult her, maybe her hubby has an embarrassing nick name for her.

 Input is welcome by all.

UPDATE >>>>>> WKNR has been updated to WKD



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Europes new game ratings

So the powers that ‘be’  in the greater Europe have come up with some new warning Icons to be placed on computer game boxes – see what you think to them…


Game Icons



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A work day

And today, TWB will be modelling the all new MAN-TGS 26.440 truck as his Ride.

Hell, I’ve even got a Reefer on…

Todays Ride


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Oooo lets have a look at N.Korea

This is an article that just shows how bored I was yesterday.
So, everyone is freaking out about North Korea and it’s claim to have tested a nuclear weapon and are about to test fire a long range rocket.

So here is what we know;
If NK did actually run a nuclear test – they would have probably hurt more of NK than anyone else.
No one really believes they did it.
NK is an indoctrinated people of true believers, that believe it is there lot to safe guard the Korean avenue to China and Russia.
They need to do all this crap to keep the people believing in the doctrine and to try and tell the world ‘hey, we’re here’.

Basically, the only people who are worried are the South Koreans as they’ll be first on NK’s hit list. Then China and Russia are worried because when NK fire a missile – no one really knows (least of all, NK) which direction itNK Airforce’s actually gonna go in.

Now it’s important to know that this is mainline propaganda street – oh yes, even from our own sides. So there is no reason to worry.

So I went looking around on Google Earth, and at first didn’t see much that impressed me at all. You see, the NK Airforce is a little dilapidated and that’s putting it mildly. It’s main NK Airforce2front line fighter jets are the Mig 29 – the very aircraft that both the F22 Raptor and Euro Fighter Typhoon were designed to beat hands down. Also, they really don’t have many aircraft at all and most of what they do have is very old indeed.
The NK navy…I’m yawning here!NK Airforce3

So what about the NK Army? That’s where we have a problem. N.Korea is large and mountainous. The NK Army is huge and the military infrastructure vast. Infact it’s bigger than most western nations put together. At first I couldn’t quite see on Google Earth where the military bases were – airfields are easy. So after a quick trip to Youtube the one thing you learn is this, the NK Army love Drill, infact Drill is the backbone of any army – so back to Google Earth and a quick look for any large Drill Squares…
Then I saw one, then another and another and…. There are thousands of them!! And as you start looking around the areas near them you start to see the ground works and fortifications – and they are very impressive.

So here’s the thing – in a ground assault, we’d get one hell of a kicking! To nuke the place wouldn’t work as a good part of the country is mountainous and the bottom line is this – no one wants to do it, the loss of life would be unbelievable and on such a scale as tnkorea20he world wars.
However, there are some things to note;north_korean_army_babes_md
How long could NK sustain a military of millions at war with just food alone? Not long!
And for all those grunts out there who wanna die happy, the NK Army have just as many women as men in it – they’re into the kung-whatever quite a bit, so you’ll get a hell of a kicking, but a nice smile.

Now, a few people are not happy with the slagging off I gave the Guards for the Drill they displayed at Trooping the Colour – especially how theydidn’t seem to be able to keep a dressed line… well these folks seem to be able to. So while this video is tongue in cheek to say the least – well you work it out LOL.

Actually, when I finished staring at NK on  Google Earth, I had come to realise that I’d love to have a look at the country, especially before we have make it glow in the dark for the next 30,000 years.

hmmmmmm, still bored here…


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Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8

What can I say?…. IE-logo
For the last and final time, I cleaned up my system and downloaded it – now for 6th time.
It is now uninstalled permanently until MS either fix it, tell me how to fix it or bring out a new version.

Why? I hear you ask…
Well I kept getting this ‘Internet Explorer is shutting down’ rubbish. It’s all to do with DEP (data execution prevention). Now, this wasn’t a problem at all in IE7 but it is a nightmare on my machine.
Right from the very start, from the initial download of the beta version, all the way through to several versions of the complete product – it has been a HUGE problem.
I have spent hours checking add-ons, applications, safe listed websites, compatibility modes, even making IE8 ignored by the DEP – but no…. It just keeps kicking in.
Personally, I think it’s a ‘flash’ issue – because a trip to YouTube always crashed it.

Now, most people I know who have downloaded IE 8 have had no problems at all – yet a quick look around the net and you soon see that thousands of people are having this very same problem.
I wouldn’t mind, but sometimes Microsoft ‘help files’ are this planets most unhelpful files.

Rant Time

Microsoft – listen very clearly to me. I have spent a great deal of money with your company over the years, yet you refuse point blank to use the media you helped to create.
I know that you guys know about this problem, and there might even be a work around  – but unless one of you get in front of a camera and post video help – then pack up and go home! Because you’re no longer being an asset – you’re being an abysmal hindrance.
Hey, I can read the techie stuff, I’ve worked in this game for years – but when there is no information at all, then how do you expect the average home user to get on?
Wake up, use the mediums available to you and try to keep up with your own creation!!


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Okay, now this is really interesting – it’s Rocketboom Tech

Those flashdrive/lockboxes are available all over the place on the web


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Trooping the Colour

Last weekend saw the official Birthday celebrations for HM Queen Elizabeth.  In time honoured tradititroop-colouron the Guards Regiments turned out to do there thing, losing the combat gear and putting on red tunics and bearskins.

This year it was the turn of the Irish Guards to come out and troop the Regimental Colours for the Queen to inspect. Now I don’t know about other armies, but the Queens colours are the ‘be all’ and ‘end all’ of a British Regiment. They’re given to every regiment effectively as an authority and endorTTCfaintsement by the monarch of the day and bare most of the Regimental Battle Honours of that given Regiment. Historically they are a rally point in the battlefield, but today the represent everything that Regiment stands for and indeed – dies for.

As such, they are treated in high esteem and are rarely moved without armed escort. Today in the UK, most people don’t understand the significance of such things and certainly don’t understand that they’re carried and guarded by armed soldiers wishing to do harm to anyone that comeGenTTCs near them. It is this minor detail that can actually be seen during parades like Trooping the Colour, when the Colour Guard take possession of the Queens Colour the four soldiers, the ones on each corner of the guard column turns outwards, raising there weapons to high port with bayonets fixed – that is the time that it would prove very unwise to decide to go over and take a look at the Colour (there are actually two flags in a set of Colours, one is the Regimental Colour and the other is the Queen’s Colour – but only one is used here).

However, as most know, the Guards Regiments take it turns to guard all major London Palaces and whiltroopingsoldierse this is a huge tourist attraction, the Guards role is actually a serious one. In more recent times, the number of tourists have become so great that the main entrances to places like Buckingham Palace have the armed Police officers doing the daily routine checks and backup. But this in no way deminishes the Guards role. They might look like a great tourist attraction, but they are still very deadly.

Anyway, back to Trooping the Colour… I couldn’t watch it! I don’t think I can remember the time I last watched soldiers stand in such un-straight lines in my life!!!! I even got to wondering if they had done any drill practice at all until the day before.

Terrible!, I know standing on parade is boring and crap, but good grief that was bad!

Needless to say, no one will know this more than the Guards themselves, and lets be honest here – to march and try to keep the dressing that perfect over such a long line is no mean feat… Certainly, I’m glad I never joined the Guards!

Oh, one last point – each regiment is awarded one set of colours – except mine… we have two sets – I’ll leave you to find out why ;-)

PS I do miss the days when the Queen would ride to these events.



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Microsoft Morro

So it’s Microsoft again….yawn…. anyone know when they’re releasing anything good? of moreover – amorronecarenything for a good price?!

I do… and it’s FREE….

Actually MS have been talking about this for some time, it’s just that now it might be nearly ready for release. I am of course talking about the Microsoft ‘we’ll bare the responsibiliy for our short commings’ Anti Virus software calle d ‘Morro’.

It is presently in the final stages of internal testing as MS have loaded it up on all there own PC’s etc – so they must trust it. Indeed, it will keep you safe from Viruses, Trojans, Spyware and rootkits. While no firm release date has been set – Microsoft are promising full and global distributiong before the end of the year.

So here’s hoping….

Just one other thing, ‘Morro’? Morron? Moron!, it could be me, but that reads like an I/O joke


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Todays British Bobby

These days, as always, A British Bobby does not have to go looking for trouble, he can simply expect it. The photo below, while it is a Copper in Downing Street, It is also an image that’s starting to become a far too common place all over the UK.

Todays Copper


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Messing about on the water


In the world of private boating there are many reasons to own a floating tub. You may just want one for fishing, having a little weekend fun, even water skiing, yet in the world of billionaires, it seems that every couple of years they try to out-do each other.
Obviously you need to entertain, show off, have enough room for guests to stay over night. You need it to be refined enough to reflect your wealth and make it a floating paradise, certainly you need to park your helicopter (or two) on board – and preferably in it’s own hanger. Then you might need several boats to ‘tender to’ it – and not least, your own mini sub to sneak about…

This all sounds like something out of James Bond, yet it has become the norm for the richesprinceabdulazizt people of modern society.

Until recently, the most impressive of these were the motor yacht Prince Abdul Aziz owned by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. At 482 feet, the octopus-front-viewsteel hulled vessel has often been termed as a ‘marvel of the 20th Century, and when it comes to modern marvels; Paul Allen’s (co-founder of Microsoft) Octopus is truly amazing. At 414 feet in length, this does have two helicopters, a hanger and a mini-sub!octopusrear

Recently though, the Russians have entered the game and with the recent launch of oil billionaire Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse takes the Mickey out of this. You see, just what does a guy who has it all buy? He already owns Chelsea football club and a string of other global assets. Well you guest it, he has a super yacht built. The 557 foot Eclipse initially was speculated to cost around $400m but tEclipse1hat didn’t take into account that it was to have it’s own missile defence system…. Not bad when you consider that one of the greatest battleships of all time, the Bismark was 823 feet long. But the Bismark was cheaper!

To me though, the cooDeepflightlest part of all this isn’t how many helicopters you can own and plant on your average mega-yacht, how many people it can sleep – though it’sSub on the Rhone Wreck a speed might be of interest. No, it’s the ultra cool Mini-Subs!  One company is getting an awesome reputation in this area and it’s called Deep Flight. In fact the late Steve Fosset was to attempt Sub on Surface1the fastest, deepest single dive record in one of there subs! These subs are basically like underwater fighter jets and capable of depths in excess of 37.000 feet!! with decent and assent rate faster than 350 feet per minute…

The only possible thing I can add to learning of these is this;  WANT ONE !

superfalconSkins Removed_12


Dem bones, dem bones dem – Dave Bones

Just a note of condolence to the ever mad and mental friend of so many, Mr David Bones who lost his mother sometime in the last 24 hrs.
Initially I asked him why he did it, but he pleaded his innocence well.


In reality of course, I sadly doubt his mother knew how important Dave’s unusual yet vital calling has become, or how well known he is in political blogging circles world-wide.

Bonesy, do what you need to do and be where you’re needed – and know you have friends out here.


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And another Airbus has a spot of bother

JS A330

So the Aussie carriers ‘Jet Star’ is happily flying one of it’s Airbus A330’s along when a fire breaks out in the Cockpit… Thankfully fire extinguishers were on hand to fight the fire in the Cockpits electric circuts before the wiring insulation really went up and the Airbus was propmptly diverted to Guam.

And there are people who actually want to fly on the A380 when it comes out – amazing!!


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There’s good entertainment on the horizon


So next year sees the return and remake of the amazing TV Series ‘V’ with non other than Morena Baccarin as the sexy alien leader.  It’s good to see Morena doing so well after originally shooting to global fame through Joss Whedon’s Firefly. I’m just hoping the aliens dress just as sexy as they did LOL (such a guy!). Of course there’s no news on a second Firefly movie as yet, but the Brown Firefly castCoats among us I’m sure live in hope. That series brought several people to the fore. As Joss has always had an awesome eye for future talent. He brought us the likes of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan and Angel star and name sake David Boreanaz. This before we even start on such wonderful people as Summer Glau and the ever sharp witted Jewel Staite. All of whom have gone on to bigger and better things.
Smallville is still running and on its way back to our screens, a show that is oddly amazing with a small group of awesome females in it.
This brings me to another subjectws-cover

The Women of Sci-Fi Calendar…

Now, it’s beeShanks & Doign a while since actors and best buddies Chris Judge and Michael Shanks convinced Michael’s wife, actress Lexa Doig to partake of a great idea… So back in 2007, The Women of Sci-Fi Calendar was born. But what of it now?! Well the ladies of Smallville, Stargate, Atlantis and the brilliant Andromeda were in it – yet, internet searches reveal little these

My favourite programme of late ‘Life’ is sure to return and an all new Stargate show ‘Stargate Universe’ is due to air later this year – which Joseph Mallozzi seems forever excited about… But let’s not forget the next Stargate movies that will start SGUproduction at some point in the next few months.

Iron Man two has been in production for a while and my guess is that it will be as least as good as the last one.
I haven’t heard anything about the show ‘The Mentalist’, but then, I’ve not really looked. I like the show, but there is something missing, maybe a little more personal interaction is needed, or the Jane character needs to have little more lavish life style – something, anything more than what there is. The show is brilliant because you feel you’ve only been sitting down 5 mins by the time the show ends.Torri Higginson

NCIS… I’m not sure what to make of it, it’s been great, funny and generally entertaining – but there are aspects that need addressing with the characters and, well, I don’t know – KHewlettagain, it’s either lost something or it’s always been missing – if nothing else it’s getting a little tired. I was really hoping that Torri Higginson was going to become part of the permanent cast. Torri is one of a handful of actresses I think have yet to given an effective vehicle to show off their best and true individual brilliance, Lexa Doig, Kate Hewlett are two more – but I guess it also comes down to getting the right part. But one actress I’m shocked that we don’t see much of is Laura Bertram.




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