The best bacon sandwich?

Yesterday I had a run that took me all over the place, finally I returned to a location I haven’t been to forwykefarm months, Wyke Farm.
I love going to Wyke Farm simply because they make great cheese, the staff are fun and have this great little on-site shop that does everything to do with great farm and country fayre.
Upon arriving I asked when the shop was opening and the person I was talking to, there eyes lit up straight awykefarm selectionway “ah, you’re after the best Bacon Sandwich around”, came the reply. Actually I wasn’t, after all, I am trying to lose some weight. I told him I wanted to get some of the mature Cheddar, but was told to try the bacon sandwich.
9 am came around soon enough and as I walked up towards the shop the great small of bacon and other cooking was wafting down the lane towards me.
I walked in and asked for the house brick sized lump of cheese (a fraction of the supermarket price) and was over come by the smell of freshly cooking bacon – so I had to have one.
What a sandwich!! freshly cooked succulent bacon in a 7 to 8 inch bread bun, lovely and hot – and get this, there were so many rashes on it, the layers of bacon measured one and half inches thick!!!

Even with all my teeth problems, I sat and enjoyed probably the finest bacon sandwich I had ever eaten!!

Wyke is owned and run by the Clothier family, and has been for over 100 years. They make severwyke tntal cheeses, even a low fat one. They also make a cheese that is so strong, they simply called it TNT!

If you’re ever near Shepton Mallet, The Royal Bath and West Country showground – then go a little further to hamlet of Wyke Champflower near Bruton – and enjoy :-)

Or visit the website HERE


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  1. You are cruel….my mouth is watering .and you can’t get a decent bacon butty anywhere . The Americans think a bacon butty is three strips of precooked bone dry crunch facsimile of bacon lathered in mayonaise, lettuce and tomatoe on toast……. and let us not even discuss the sausages……… I truly am envious this morning and can almost taste and English Bacon Butty …….


  2. LOL. Well there you are, the next time you’re back in Blighty – you know exactly where to be at 9am in the morning. :-)


  3. A bacon sandwich always determins whether a vegetarian to true to their word!


  4. IN-deed, that said, Kate Hewlett is nuts about Tofu Bacon! WTF?! I mean, where is the sport in that? LOL

    How are you RP?


  5. Not so great at the moment mate, still…..mustn’t grumbe!


  6. Rockposer, email me and tell me the news


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