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Joanne Colan of Rocketboom and MTV Europe fame has been doing some interesting stuff lately. Over the next few weeks and months she’s doing some work for a non-profit organisation called Global Nomads wjoannecolanho run education programs connecting US high school students with teens and young adults in other parts of the world around specific topics, mainly in line with the UN Millenium Goals. Basically she’s talking to high school kids in the US, Gaza and Iraq about all sorts of health and wellness issues that relate to being an adolescent in the global community. Joanne was asked to be a part of this project after she reported on there climate change project a year ago and is truly loving the work.

It transpires that everone has been badgering her about what she’s gonna do next after leaving Rocketboom and leaving little time for her to reply via facebook and twitter etc.

Frankly, I think ‘good on her’. Joanne simply never stops and is in high demand and with whatever she’s doing in the now and the future – you can be sure she’ll be making a difference.

If you would like to know more about the work of Global Nomads click HERE



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