It’s over…. The Talent has left the building!

rocketboom_logo-copyRegular readers of this blog will know and more than likely watch the various episodes of RocketBoom that I have posted. To be honest, until a header from this blog was used on RocketBoom – I hadn’t heard of it (shame on me). But most people, myself included, found there way to the RB site and started to watch hours of these Vblog reports made by this stunning, intelligent, sharp witted and good humoured Lancastrian Joanne Colan.

Well it’s not been lost on many of you that both I have stopped posting RocketBoom vids and that Joanne had all but disappeared.

But who is she? well, while the young of this world seem hell bent on being a celebrity without reason, The Joanne’s of this world are the few talented people with enough intellect to be by far a cut above the norm. Fluent in several languages Joanne cut her teejoannecolanth in the business the hardway;

Before RocketBoom

From 2000 to 2004, Joanne joined MTV Networks Europe. She wrote, co-produced and hosted shows such as the Top 20 Countdown, MTV News, MTV Movie Special and hosted live, international events including the MTV Europe Music Awards, MTV Presents and MTV’s Winterjam. As a face of the pan-European MTV brand, Joanne’s shows were broadcast to over 124 million households in over 50 countries and territories.

Joanne generated top ratings for the network. Responsible for MTV’s European Top 20, she created a new identity for the chart show and won ‘Best European Satellite Music Program’ voted by viewers in the What Satellite UK & Europe TV Poll.genius-at-work
Joanne also fronted MTV’s World Aids Day Campaigns, traveling to the US and South Africa for MTV’s news and social awareness divisions.

In 2003, Joanne was instrumental in launching MTV France, commuting to Paris weekly to host the flagship show, MTV Crew, the first ever to be locally produced live in French on MTV France.

Joanne has wojecrked with the BBC as host, writer, researcher and production coordinator, for both BBC Radio & Television. In France, Joanne hosted the French version of the BBC’s long running cult music show Top of the Pops, for French music channel M6 Music.

Joanne’s “other hat” is an AADP board certified Holistic Health Counselor from Columbia University and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She produces short form series for healthy living multi-media network Joanne is on the Holistic Health Committee at the New Design High School in Manhattan along with Dr Raphael Kellman MD of the Kellman Center for Progressive Medicine and Prof James Fraser of NYU Dept of Humanities & Social Sciences in the Professions.

Sadly, for all of us, our daily lighthearted and sometimes serious relief has drawn to a close and so here is RocketBoom’s thankyou to Joanne

HOWEVER…. do not dispair yon readers – TWBrit has it on very good authority indeed, that Joanne’s endeavors are far from over, as such, the moment there is something to report or promote – We will do our very best to bring it to you.



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  1. Oh, she has gone :( she was very funny and intelligent.
    Not too impressed with the replacement, she has a lot to live up to!


  2. No!! tell me it can’t be so! Man she woz hot hot hot! Clever too and hot.


  3. Damn it! Joanne should have either her own super show or her own production company! TWB, you should work on some internet thing with her, or ask her to blog on here from time to time, because when you’re busy it gets boring.
    Stop driving trucks and get back to your passion! (thats technology, human nature and humor people).

    Did anyone find out what she did to her hand?


  4. Alison – OUCH…lol
    Good job I’m made of sterner stuff ;-)
    I have no idea what Joanne should, does or wants to do next – it’s really none of my business. Why the heck would she work with me? I have no idea how the world of media works, I’m as photogenic as your average maggot and nothing but time and effort to invest in any project. No, there is a world of talented people out there.
    As for her blogging? she’d be more than welcome to post here.
    as for Tech stuff – ok, I agree. Human nature? I read it, it’s predictable in it’s lowest form and I think you’re really saying I like to grumble about people – which correct. Humour (not humor) is what it is LOL.

    It is my understanding that her hand injury was a 2nd degree burn (ouch, ouch OUCH!!)and is healing with aid of Seeya Bob, sorry, Alo Vera.


  5. TWB you so sell yourself short it’s annoying! But she is in a different league to you I admit.
    But the big question is WHY has she gone? she was great! I loved her style and her humor (not humour):P

    Keep us posted!


  6. 2nd degree burn! Oh I feel for her.
    PP I completely agree with TWB selling himself short but I don’t think he would work at the face end of anything. My understanding is that he makes things happen and fixes problems.

    Hey, talking of which, what happened to all the missing posts from this blog?


  7. You know I’m here right? lol
    I’m not seeking anything from anyone!

    Re missing posts; as you know, I needed to do an overhaul of the blog due to my horrific use of English. There are still 293 posts I have to double check and re-post. I will endeavor to continue this today :( you’re killing me.

    PP, nice to see you comment girl :) .
    Why would I know why Joanne left Rocketboom? They have and have had several people present the show. She’s probably doing something even more amazing.


  8. I’m sorry to see her go. If I were honest I think it’s a little sad too. Her videos used to make me smile and these days I have little to smile about.

    I hope shes not away from the ether too long.

    Twbrit, write more light hearted posts again to make us all smile.


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