Dr Who’s Easter Special


I’m NOT that bigger fan of Doctor Who, I always think there is something wrong with the way they actually put it together. There is certainly stuff wrong with the dialog, I mean what does “Maximum code red mean’? It’s stupid!! (‘Red’ is the maximum- derr!!). Yet the show is watched by far more adults than it is children. Furthermore, they always dumb down the soldiers etc. What I mean is, there are some areas they should try to make more plausible and realistic while the storyline does what a Dr.Who story lines does. Torchwood on the other hand, I just can’t stomach.

Today I watched what I believe is possibly the best Doctor Who production to date!!  The reason is that for the first michelle-ryantime we didn’t see a melancholic and whined at Doctor, no, what we had was the awesome actress Michelle Ryan bounce off his character and in turn the Doctor bounce off hers!!  Finally! they got it almost right!!! They got U.N.I.T. horrifically wrong as always but added the great Lee Evans as a boffin for comedic value – and what value it truly was – Brilliant!

Brilliant casting, because it has to be obvious by now how coolly Michelle Ryan played her part, that one day she’ll be a legend in her own right. She was certainly brilliant in the Bionic Woman.

Now, I don’t know what actors think or how they do what they do (it’s rocket science to me), I also don’t know what goes into writing and producing such things. You know, that amazing essence of creative brilliance that eludes most mortals like you and me.

david-tennantBut for heavens sake, they have the chance here to take a highly entertaining show and make not just a good show – but a truly great one!! For once the right two people were playing the right two roles – so BBC, pay Mr Tennant and Ms Ryan WHATEVER – IT – TAKES (take into account worldwide release and dvd sales), tighten up the dialog and make it more realistic, move to 22 episodes per year and lets see you turn this show into the greatest, most entertaining, most ‘real’ SciFi show in history… The revenue will be huge… so start thinking huge and wake Mr Tennant up about what he needs to be doing. After all, he is and will be known as the greatest Doctor ever, and if that isn’t typecasting – what is?

Yep, sign them up for 100 shows, make there relationship like the greatest pals ever, like two sides of the same coin, keep the spark there, but let them tease each other with others for fun yet be as tight as family – make them rock solid!!  Let them be a team, a joint force without the questions and doubts who rip each other with sarcasm at the end of each adventure. Let other peoples emotions not bother them, in fact keep the two charaters ‘meaningful’ NOT emotional. Then after 100 shows – kill them off and bring in your new Doctor… But not now!!! Or at least get David Hewlett on the job!!

To the BBC Wales team – well done! Very well done !!!

To Mr Tennant, you’re on a good one with this and you know it, but you’re man of you’re own mind and so it’d be up to you.

To Ms Ryan, everyone is going to want you back, but bigger things await you – I just hope they have the where with all to sign you up before it’s too late for them.

PS People often say that Doctor Who is supposed to be a little silly, have a dodgy set etc – well it’s easy to look back now at the early shows and laugh – but in it’s day, it was the height and limit of Special FX and everything.



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  1. There’s no way the BBC would ever make 22 eps a year. There just isn’t the budget, for a start.


  2. I agree, the BBC claims to be a worldwide business and wouldn’t even conceive of such a notion – yet it’s the one thing that leaves them way behind the competitors.
    It’s about time the BBC started thinking in terms of the ‘industry’ aspect of their work. Or sell the franchise…


  3. the Easter special went down a storm in our household. My son could hardly curb his excitment. Finally the Beeb film Dr Who in HD, something they’ve done with torchwood for ages.


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