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Joanne Colan of Rocketboom and MTV Europe fame has been doing some interesting stuff lately. Over the next few weeks and months she’s doing some work for a non-profit organisation called Global Nomads wjoannecolanho run education programs connecting US high school students with teens and young adults in other parts of the world around specific topics, mainly in line with the UN Millenium Goals. Basically she’s talking to high school kids in the US, Gaza and Iraq about all sorts of health and wellness issues that relate to being an adolescent in the global community. Joanne was asked to be a part of this project after she reported on there climate change project a year ago and is truly loving the work.

It transpires that everone has been badgering her about what she’s gonna do next after leaving Rocketboom and leaving little time for her to reply via facebook and twitter etc.

Frankly, I think ‘good on her’. Joanne simply never stops and is in high demand and with whatever she’s doing in the now and the future – you can be sure she’ll be making a difference.

If you would like to know more about the work of Global Nomads click HERE



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Operation Telic is over



6 Years and it’s over and done with for the Brits. As 5 Rifles and 20 Armoured lower there Colours, Itankfire don’t think anyone wil09l be sad to leave.

It’s been a long road for everyone involved, a deadly one at that – it’s been terrifying, nail biting, exhilarating and sad. For most, this has been just something they watched on TV news, for others, it has been family, extreme loss and agony for those permanently injured. Indeed, some soldiers leuktroops_iraqaving the forces this year will not have had any career that wasn’t in a full blown war. iraqchildren

The right and wrongs of this conflict will be argued for many years, but will ultimately come down to historians to clarify the ‘yays and nays’ of it.  But there have been many enduring images that’ll take a long time to fade.

Some records were set, many lives lost, and to the remaining US forces and Iraqi civilians – soldiermore may still be lost. Yet somehow, in the middle of it all the British Army completely reorganized itself and renamed most of it’s regiments – weird huh?KUWAIT BRITAIN MILITARY IRAQ

But for us, it’s over.




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Little Trucker – does it again

As you may have noticed, I often place the odd vid on here that is made by the ever humourous Terry a.k.a. LittleTruck, who is probably the most petite big rig trucker in the US at barely 5ft tall.

Well, for someone who has nothing more than a small cam and a laptop – her videos are really quite well put together.

This last few weeks she has been hauling scap around the US and here is her latest vid showing us exactly what she’s upto.



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WiMAX Wave II goes live


Over in the ever sunny city of Amman in Jordan, my old friend, colleague and tech guru Ian Heath, informs me that as of the 19th of April the first end to end WiMAX Wave II system has been launched.

Ian designed the systems and many a late hour we used to sit working out the concepts and ways to make the whole thing work. But that was 3 years ago and now, above the original WiMAX, ‘Wave II’ is here and will change all our lives in the not too distant future, as many of the worlds existing WiFi and WiMAX systems are upgraded and new ones come online.

Here is the Press release;

Mr. Ian Heath, Kulacom Group Chief Technology Officer stated,

‘Wave II is the world’s latest network technology and the best wireless broadband standard for portable mobilewimaxdevices, enabling a new era of high throughput and high delivered bandwidth together with exceptional spectral efficiency. These advantages will provide our customers with unparalleled capabilities in addition to providing us with added network capacity for the support of a wide range of value-added services.’

The Wave II WiMAX network, which supports Multiple-Input Multiple Output (MIMO) capability, is a next generation wireless communications technology that enables superior performance, enhances the reliability of transmission speed, controls bandwidth to guarantee the minimum and maximum per user, and is fully portable and nomadic.

42-17561446Heath added, ‘This means that our customers will be enjoying the convenience of a far superior high speed wireless broadband connectivity. We have also enhanced the WiMAX service by incorporating voice channelization over the air interface to provide unparalleled voice quality.’

‘We are very proud to announce the launch of the world’s first wireless end-to-end Wave II network which will enable our customers to realize the full potential of our wireless communications services.’

So what does all this actually mean??CB033681
Well, as this thing becomes global and available on every street etc, it means there will be no need for Land Line communications, satellite/terrestrial TV and so on. Wherever you are on the planet, you’ll be able to receive instant real time information, entertainment and voice communication. It means standard video data will not be need to be compressed – so webcams can and will be able to run in real time – and so on.

So what about HDTV? I hear you ask. Well HD is being re-addressed, most people know that the 1080 standard cannot actually be broadcast and watched in real time – but the boffins who work with such technology are going back to the drawing board to see what they can improve. But never the less, real time tv without waiting for downloads and CPU crunch time is now here with Wave II.arablaptop

So what is the drawback? Actually, it’s the mobile devices… 3 to 4 years ago when the company Ian (and at the time ‘I’) works for, blew the tech manufactures away when the bandwidth requirement was revealed. Since then phones and portable devices have changed and are evolving at a staggering rate. For me it’s been fun to watch with full knowledge of the technology to come. Yet when I was explaining this to non techie folk – they either looked at me with doubt (I’m used to that) or couldn’t even conceive of the concept.

But it’s now here, and it’s a reality – your worlds ARE gonna change!!!

Especially if Ian Heath has anything to do with it.


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St Georges Day

Flag St GeorgeSo basically, there was this Palestinian guy who had a Roman dad and was pflags1ut to death because he would not convert from Christianity to something else. But they were reluctant to just kill him because he was pretty much a super soldier – but eventually they did and in the process turned this man of conviction and honour in to a martyr and a saint. He has been recognised and honoured by several countries and organisations all over the world and here in England wFlag St Georgee use both Saint George of Lydda as our patron saint and his cross as our true flag.

It is said that it is his true example that gave birth to the now so called British Stiff Upper Lip, but then who really knows?

For me it is a day that I think of all the Ex-Pats around the world and many of whom are my friends – oh, and England of course.



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It’s over…. The Talent has left the building!

rocketboom_logo-copyRegular readers of this blog will know and more than likely watch the various episodes of RocketBoom that I have posted. To be honest, until a header from this blog was used on RocketBoom – I hadn’t heard of it (shame on me). But most people, myself included, found there way to the RB site and started to watch hours of these Vblog reports made by this stunning, intelligent, sharp witted and good humoured Lancastrian Joanne Colan.

Well it’s not been lost on many of you that both I have stopped posting RocketBoom vids and that Joanne had all but disappeared.

But who is she? well, while the young of this world seem hell bent on being a celebrity without reason, The Joanne’s of this world are the few talented people with enough intellect to be by far a cut above the norm. Fluent in several languages Joanne cut her teejoannecolanth in the business the hardway;

Before RocketBoom

From 2000 to 2004, Joanne joined MTV Networks Europe. She wrote, co-produced and hosted shows such as the Top 20 Countdown, MTV News, MTV Movie Special and hosted live, international events including the MTV Europe Music Awards, MTV Presents and MTV’s Winterjam. As a face of the pan-European MTV brand, Joanne’s shows were broadcast to over 124 million households in over 50 countries and territories.

Joanne generated top ratings for the network. Responsible for MTV’s European Top 20, she created a new identity for the chart show and won ‘Best European Satellite Music Program’ voted by viewers in the What Satellite UK & Europe TV Poll.genius-at-work
Joanne also fronted MTV’s World Aids Day Campaigns, traveling to the US and South Africa for MTV’s news and social awareness divisions.

In 2003, Joanne was instrumental in launching MTV France, commuting to Paris weekly to host the flagship show, MTV Crew, the first ever to be locally produced live in French on MTV France.

Joanne has wojecrked with the BBC as host, writer, researcher and production coordinator, for both BBC Radio & Television. In France, Joanne hosted the French version of the BBC’s long running cult music show Top of the Pops, for French music channel M6 Music.

Joanne’s “other hat” is an AADP board certified Holistic Health Counselor from Columbia University and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She produces short form series for healthy living multi-media network Joanne is on the Holistic Health Committee at the New Design High School in Manhattan along with Dr Raphael Kellman MD of the Kellman Center for Progressive Medicine and Prof James Fraser of NYU Dept of Humanities & Social Sciences in the Professions.

Sadly, for all of us, our daily lighthearted and sometimes serious relief has drawn to a close and so here is RocketBoom’s thankyou to Joanne

HOWEVER…. do not dispair yon readers – TWBrit has it on very good authority indeed, that Joanne’s endeavors are far from over, as such, the moment there is something to report or promote – We will do our very best to bring it to you.



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The Rock-n-roll Train has arrived and I’m grumbling


Yep, AC/DC’s RocknRoll Train rolled into London a few days ago setting up for tonights first UK and European leg of the global tour. This has obviously given the lads in the band a well deserved rest to go home and have some down time while all the gear comes over.

Like with most huge tour sets, while tonights gig in London’s O2 Arena (the Dome to you and me) starts off this leg of the tour, the second stage is already being built in Dublin.

Sadly (and today I feel it) I will not be going to any part of this tour due to the fact that ALL the tickets sold out black_iceglobally within seconds of them coming on sale – darn internet!!

So good luck to the lads, and have a great time all those of you who are going tonight and over the next fews days. I expect to see some great footage on YouTube tomorrow morning and that means none of this shaky camera stuff.

Oh and if in the rare instance any AC/DC crew member would like to put my logo up on the screens – please feel free, just take a picture of it when you do – LOL, cheers.

I’ll now go back to grumbling…. bah, bloody humbug


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Sabine Schmitz site is now in English – YAY!!

Yes, Sabine Schmitz website ‘Speed Bee’ is now also in English for all you die hard fans of this amazing racer.

speedbee-site-front-pageThere are plenty of videos, reports and even an online shop for promotional items.

Fans will pleased to note that some of the promotional items will not break the bank like typical F1 merchandise.

speedbee-beeThere is also video of Sabine setting the new lap record of 7 minutes and 07 seconds.

Just click on the Bee for more.



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Volvo Trucks Gift giveaway continues!!


When I first reported that Volvo Trucks were giving away free leather jackets as part of there ‘Worlds Strongest Truck’ promotion, not only was I astounded at the global hits I recieved on this site, but Volvo themselves could not believe the popularity of the promotion and number of global players.

As such they are continuing this promotion with a newly updated game…

Here is what Volvo have said about it…

In January, in conjunction with the launch of the world’s strongest truck, the Volvo FH16 700, Volvo Trucks introduced – a game site where players can compete for prizes by operating a truck in the virtual world. To date 1.2 million unique visitors from across the globe have played on the site. A new level of the game is now available.

 “After two months 1.2 million unique visitors is a sensationally high figure. Each visitor plays the game an average of four times. The total playing time is currently eighteen years,” says Niclas Hermansson, digital media communications strategist at Volvo Trucks.

Biggest success ever
“This is the biggest success I’ve ever seen for an online game,” comments Magnus Alm at Muskedunder, who developed the game for Volvo Trucks. “I’ve got several global launches under my belt, but nothing beats this.”

Self-marketing game
Remarkably, Volvo Trucks reached such a wide public without incurring any media costs. The game has been self-marketing, and has reached far beyond the traditional target groups such as truck owners and drivers. The game has been discussed on blogs and forums, and has generated so much interest that over 650 independent game portals have chosen to promote it.

1024x768_3Positive brand experience
By creating an absorbing and entertaining game, Volvo Trucks has reached a new audience worldwide, who has received a positive experience of the Volvo brand and learned more about the company and its products.

Worth many millions
“It would have cost several hundred thousand euros to achieve the same effect through paid media,” says Johan Steen, Senior Account Manager at Carat Sverige AB, one of Sweden’s leading media agencies. “What’s most impressive is the time spent by each unique visitor at the site – seven minutes on average.”

The next level of is now launched, featuring new environments and spectacular new and entertaining driving assignments – something that many players have requested. Every two weeks a new winner is announced, and he or she receives a prize in the form of an exclusive leather jacket from Volvo’s own FH16 collection.
The competition will continue until the end of May. The web address is



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Dr Who’s Easter Special


I’m NOT that bigger fan of Doctor Who, I always think there is something wrong with the way they actually put it together. There is certainly stuff wrong with the dialog, I mean what does “Maximum code red mean’? It’s stupid!! (‘Red’ is the maximum- derr!!). Yet the show is watched by far more adults than it is children. Furthermore, they always dumb down the soldiers etc. What I mean is, there are some areas they should try to make more plausible and realistic while the storyline does what a Dr.Who story lines does. Torchwood on the other hand, I just can’t stomach.

Today I watched what I believe is possibly the best Doctor Who production to date!!  The reason is that for the first michelle-ryantime we didn’t see a melancholic and whined at Doctor, no, what we had was the awesome actress Michelle Ryan bounce off his character and in turn the Doctor bounce off hers!!  Finally! they got it almost right!!! They got U.N.I.T. horrifically wrong as always but added the great Lee Evans as a boffin for comedic value – and what value it truly was – Brilliant!

Brilliant casting, because it has to be obvious by now how coolly Michelle Ryan played her part, that one day she’ll be a legend in her own right. She was certainly brilliant in the Bionic Woman.

Now, I don’t know what actors think or how they do what they do (it’s rocket science to me), I also don’t know what goes into writing and producing such things. You know, that amazing essence of creative brilliance that eludes most mortals like you and me.

david-tennantBut for heavens sake, they have the chance here to take a highly entertaining show and make not just a good show – but a truly great one!! For once the right two people were playing the right two roles – so BBC, pay Mr Tennant and Ms Ryan WHATEVER – IT – TAKES (take into account worldwide release and dvd sales), tighten up the dialog and make it more realistic, move to 22 episodes per year and lets see you turn this show into the greatest, most entertaining, most ‘real’ SciFi show in history… The revenue will be huge… so start thinking huge and wake Mr Tennant up about what he needs to be doing. After all, he is and will be known as the greatest Doctor ever, and if that isn’t typecasting – what is?

Yep, sign them up for 100 shows, make there relationship like the greatest pals ever, like two sides of the same coin, keep the spark there, but let them tease each other with others for fun yet be as tight as family – make them rock solid!!  Let them be a team, a joint force without the questions and doubts who rip each other with sarcasm at the end of each adventure. Let other peoples emotions not bother them, in fact keep the two charaters ‘meaningful’ NOT emotional. Then after 100 shows – kill them off and bring in your new Doctor… But not now!!! Or at least get David Hewlett on the job!!

To the BBC Wales team – well done! Very well done !!!

To Mr Tennant, you’re on a good one with this and you know it, but you’re man of you’re own mind and so it’d be up to you.

To Ms Ryan, everyone is going to want you back, but bigger things await you – I just hope they have the where with all to sign you up before it’s too late for them.

PS People often say that Doctor Who is supposed to be a little silly, have a dodgy set etc – well it’s easy to look back now at the early shows and laugh – but in it’s day, it was the height and limit of Special FX and everything.



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A week over and it’s Easter

Nolul-logot much happened this week really at all other then the previously mentioned possible return to working in London (Kings Cross actually). Well, someone has to be around to give Dave Bones a clipped ear from time to time I guess.
Also, it would pay much better that I have been earning and would therefore allow me to go off wandering about the globe again.
The company I used to work for are just about to set standawimaxrds in 4G Wimax wireless broadband with a world’s first coming online in Amman, Jordan on April 19. Well done Ian, I know you’ve worked hard on this.

Other stuff, my hit count went through the roof yesterday, it turns out that sometime last year I did a postblog-stats on HRH Zara Phillips, then, new state of the art horse box – here’s the LINK. At the time Fenny pointed out that doing so might cause quite a lot of hits due to the size of the equestrian fraternity. She wasn’t wrong and between that post and the Motorway Driving Survival Guide, these are consistently the most read articles on this blog – until yesterday when an equestrian site posted the link. As you can see from the graph, a startling and instant difference.

Reading (a book, not the town)
My mother sent me two books for my birthday, she’s been raving about this series for ages – so I gave them a go. They are the first two books of four by C.J.Sansom based around a lawyer and his exploits set in London in the 1530s/40s, during the time of Reformation and initially in the service of Lord Cromwell. The books, ‘Dissolution’ and ‘Dark Fire’ have been good reads. The first was a little slow to get into and the second was fascinating. I am a little critical of certain aspects but his explanation of the law of the time is nothing short of gripping. So if you are looking for an in-depth, intriguing and a tangled pot – these books you will enjoy.

Oh and I have a new neighbour, who today put all my former neighbours mail through my door… A great start to his residency! I promptly threw them outside and then went and did a little 100watt guitar practice.

Last but not least, to the gentleman whom took it upon himself to use the entrance to my flat as a toilet last night, Your jaw should probably ache for what? 3 days? And no, I’m not sorry, I was happy to oblige and will do so again at any time you wish to repeat your actions. Yes, I saw little point in talking about it, but then you didn’t warn me either!



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Here is something you don’t see everyday – Rocketboom



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Lily Allen….fun on the road

She’s hounded by the press, she is a singer, daughter of an actor and presently charging across the USA…lily

Yep, Britain’s own pop music emissary is globally promoting her latest album and provingtwit-copy1 that when she’s not being hounded by the tabloid paparazzi she can be a lot of fun. Lily is known for keeping things very real and fun is a real part of that. You see Lily has taken to playing a game with the net savvy fans of media and texting, in the realms of Twitter!  Basically she has fun by hiding things around, like free concert tickets in the places she visits. She then posts a cryptic clue on her Twitter page and waits to see how long it takes for someone to find the treasure. Here is Lily with a guy who took only 7 minutes to find the tickets.

lilly-fanNow obviously, Lily probably wouldn’t hang around if thousands of people turned up, but personally I think this is just a great bit of fun and even better for her fans.

Nice one Lily, keep up the great work…

Lily’s Twitter is:



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Wow, astory011a4cd6fd4e7048f6f48cf23e7bdfeanother week has shot past and I seem to have done and achieved little. But what an interesting week…

We’ve had this G20 thing that has had the stomach churning Prime Minister of this once great nation playing ‘suck-up’ to Obama, along with half the leaders of the world.  An Obamarticle-1166984-04400d1b000005dc-570_468x300a who came saying ‘I’m here to listen, as well as lead’.  Does this mans arrogance know no bounds?! This was all backed up by the usual protests and scuffles but came nowhere near the level of trouble in Strasbourg for the NATO summit.

Then cagaurdsme the news that Mrs Obama only went and put her arm around HRH The Queen… Now I don’t know if the Obama family have a thing about molesting people, but you don’t ever touch HRH!! Contrary to popular belief, this lady still retains considerable power, not only over her country, but in various other countries of the world. She is NOT a one hit wonder, 4 year term, power mad wannabe…. She is a Queen, and Mrs Obama can count her lucky stars that she didn’t do that in public – after all, we wouldn’t like to see her run through by bayonet fixed and sword wielding guardsmen whos sole job is to do just that…jade_goody

Further news came that Reality TV star Jade Goody was finally put togp1 rest,  the Malaysian GP was literally a wash out.

The Sabine Schmitz article was very well received, It took so long to organise and write that once I had the info I posted it instantly.

A new blog had been listed on my Blogroll under the title ‘Patrol Insanity’. This blog is run by a Quebec Highways Patrol officer and has sadly and almost instantly been removed. I have left it listed in case it suddenly returns.

In the tech world, MIT has come up with a way to ‘grow’ batteries from viral bacteria. Having already achieved the growing of the thinest of electrical conductors (ie wires) several months ago, they are moving at speed to develop this technology. I will be keeping a close eye on this development because it is not only promising but could hold the key to future power storage which is vitally needed.

Other amazing news is that Oskar Schindler’s list has actually been found!! It was found in research notes which belonged to the Australian author of Schindler’s Ark – the basis for the Oscar-winning film, Schindler’s List…

korea_missileNorth Korea finally launched it’s new missile to place a satellite in orbit.  With the US screaming that they would originally shoot it down, then later stated that it simply couldn’t, the Rocket failed anyway. LOL. But more importantly, North Korea has just as much right to stick what they want in space as the USA, and are free to do what they like with missiles as long as they don’t take a pop at someone. Again, I feel and irony when a country has so many missiles, subs, and nuclear weapons, get scared by the launch of one missile they have no control over whatsoever…

Finally, the hip and knee are still giving me grief from my stupid accident two weeks ago. The knee hurts at night and the hip after walking short distances – but I’m sure I’ll be right soon enough

Onward and Upward.



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Another Year older :(

Well the fact is, today I hit the ripe age of 44…. I’m not quite sure if I was supposed to get presents from anyone other than  my mother and certainly not sure if I should be happy about it.  But today, I am indeed one year older and I’m trying in vain to catch up with the age I actually look – which is about 60!

I’d like to write the last 3 years off if  I could, but that is indeed the typicality of life.

Sad? no, happy? no, pondering life, soul and universe? no – Grumpy? always… LOL

Have a great day everyone – I know I will be ;-)

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