Halfway through the week


The week half done and I’ve not being doing much other than looking for a new job – something a little more stable than agency work.

So, dilemmas, interest from other sites, putting my foot in it on Kate Hewlett’s blog, being ridiculed tojudge-hammer death by Fenny – oh it’s all been happening. So, lets start at the beginning..

tools-copySaturday morning started with a shock of hilarity that soon had SEC on the phone and checking my actions over. This was followed by firm effective guidance and leaving me with a smile on my face by the end of the day. All that was left was to rant about it – which I think you may have noticed. This I posted on Monday as it was a ‘timing’ thing.rocketboom-vid


The Wondering Brit made it’s way on to a Rocketboom news report – oh the height of this fame…. Actually it was a split second shot of my Facebook athatwrticle, so not such an awesome thing.


On top of this I was mentioned on the ‘That Woman’ blog as well. Something of a journalist in Lorain, Ohio, as British ex-pat, she says she enjoys reading this here blog – what a star :-)


Then I went and put my foot in it on the blog of actress Kate Hewlett, by anonymously saying ‘why do you only blog when you’re trying to promote something?’ I guess I must have been really tired to do sometkatehewletthing like that because she appears to be a lovely person and is very entertaining. However, what I was NOT expecting was for her to pick up on this… nor would I have expekate_scarf_smallcted her or anyone to blog about it – she did! Oh the shame of it!

Being (or trying to be) a good guy (not easy, when I’m a dark and sinister individual – lol), I held my hand up and pleaded guilty and apologised for my actions profusely.

If or not they were accepted, I just don’t know. UPDATE : apology accepted – yay!

So now all I have to do is find a small corner of my place to be almost famous in and I’ll be made, followed by a swift hanging.


I’ve been talking to Big Dog again this week and have been enjoying a good argument or two with him. Also he was showing me videos of this moronic student protest in the food hall of NYU – which frankly begged belief. It left me thinking – there is a reason US cops carry tasers, or more over – guns!! Really, I would have cooked their asses with tasers. LOL




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  1. what were you arguing about? What video? leave me out of the loop why dont you.


  2. We always argue about Gitmo…Other than that – we don’t argue – weird.

    Oh and this video



  3. Note the cops didn’t taser the ‘protestors’ at all, much to the disappointment of the ‘student protestors’.


  4. But they should have done – if only for the sport..


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