Yep, we’re here again… For the western world it’s the first day of the weekend and for the Middle East it’s the first day of the working week (Monday, if you will).life

I have been thinking much about the last 8 days, they have actually rested heavy upon me.

However, I am relaxed, had my feet up all morning (a skill I’m highly proficient at) and I’ve been catching up on the TV shows of the last week. One of which is a show called ‘Life’ which I just can’t get enough of.


I had a really good chat with Rightwingsparkle who is up in Washington DC at some political thing.

BigDog brought my attention to THIS practical joke, and I can only wish that I had done it.

cashI realised this week how much (like many others) I’d like to Blog professionally, but this is highly unlikely due to pro-blogging not being the type of blogging you enjoy, its about what others want to read.

So, I got to thinking about the real stuff I’d like to work on. There are three projects on the go at the moment that have considerable concept issues to overcome and they are the Mile High Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Dubailand in the UAE and this – Masdah City… what a project that is! The worlds first carbon free city. Backed up initially by the worlds first Hydrogen power station. Designing the concepts and the homes of tomorrow, but in a way that all features can be upgraded at any time. WOW…


While I love the technology aspects of these things and conceptual problem solving being my first love, I have to wonder about how things work in the physical sense. Take the Mile High tower in Jeddah; the building is the project of Kingdom Holdings and obviously has to support its own weight, be resistant against winds and aircraft – but what about the building services? How much water will all the pipe work hold? What speed (mile-high-tower-copyor how to control it) would the waste water etc be doing by the time it gets back down the tower? How much will all the cable weigh? How do you clean windows one mile up? How do you condition people to work at this altitude? What about peoples fear of height? There are just so many questions, like who will the new PM team be?

Then there is Dubailand – huge is an understatement… Just how many miles of subterranean supply, service and emergency access tunnels must be built from the outset? When finished and running at full capacity, how much waste will the place produce per hour and how will they get rid of it? And so on…


You know, I really am not only living in the wrong place – but the wrong country too.




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Facebook – again…..


Wow, this is new!!!facebook_pic-copy


Users of Facebook will have comment and voting rights over the firm’s future policies regarding how the site is governed.


Founder Mark Zuckerberg said the aim was to “open up Facebook so that users can participate meaningfully in our policies and our future”.


A prominent leader in the field of Privacy rules and laws said:


“No other company has made such a bold move towards transparency and democratisation,” he said.

“The devil will be in the detail but, overall, we applaud these positive steps and think they foreshadow the future of web 2.0.


Mr Zuckerberg admitted that the recent changes to the website’s terms and conditions had sparked a “firestorm”.


Other Facebook news from the BBC is that a 16 year old girl has been fired from her job because she said her office was boring on her Facebook page! No, I’m serious…. read it.


Full story HERE



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What is it? – Rocketboom of course


Is it me, or was that a little tooooo fast?



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This will be an interesting issue for the Home Office.

Over recent years there has been a move towards allowing property owners a greater level of protection from prosecution for defending their property and homes etc.Lorry driver driven by man who claims he was attacked by three men in Coleshill, Warwickshire

Well, overnight Police were called by a 41yr old Trucker who said he had had to use a knife to protect himself as his truck was being robbed.

The ensuing battle not only left the Trucker seriously injured but left his three assailants in a bad way also – one later dying in hospital.


This is the BBC article  HERE


It’ll be quite an interesting court case.

If what the driver has claimed is correct – Then good for him!!




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Even the Dead read this Blog


So, I’m scrolling around on the map of visitors to this blog when I see something strange…. A hit from a cemetery in L.A. Now obviously one of two things could be the reason; someone in the office checks out my blog, in which case “Hello” :-)  or there is a Wifi access point on the building. Either way, it was just strange to see a hit from the dead center of LA….lol




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Halfway through the week


The week half done and I’ve not being doing much other than looking for a new job – something a little more stable than agency work.

So, dilemmas, interest from other sites, putting my foot in it on Kate Hewlett’s blog, being ridiculed tojudge-hammer death by Fenny – oh it’s all been happening. So, lets start at the beginning..

tools-copySaturday morning started with a shock of hilarity that soon had SEC on the phone and checking my actions over. This was followed by firm effective guidance and leaving me with a smile on my face by the end of the day. All that was left was to rant about it – which I think you may have noticed. This I posted on Monday as it was a ‘timing’ thing.rocketboom-vid


The Wondering Brit made it’s way on to a Rocketboom news report – oh the height of this fame…. Actually it was a split second shot of my Facebook athatwrticle, so not such an awesome thing.


On top of this I was mentioned on the ‘That Woman’ blog as well. Something of a journalist in Lorain, Ohio, as British ex-pat, she says she enjoys reading this here blog – what a star :-)


Then I went and put my foot in it on the blog of actress Kate Hewlett, by anonymously saying ‘why do you only blog when you’re trying to promote something?’ I guess I must have been really tired to do sometkatehewletthing like that because she appears to be a lovely person and is very entertaining. However, what I was NOT expecting was for her to pick up on this… nor would I have expekate_scarf_smallcted her or anyone to blog about it – she did! Oh the shame of it!

Being (or trying to be) a good guy (not easy, when I’m a dark and sinister individual – lol), I held my hand up and pleaded guilty and apologised for my actions profusely.

If or not they were accepted, I just don’t know. UPDATE : apology accepted – yay!

So now all I have to do is find a small corner of my place to be almost famous in and I’ll be made, followed by a swift hanging.


I’ve been talking to Big Dog again this week and have been enjoying a good argument or two with him. Also he was showing me videos of this moronic student protest in the food hall of NYU – which frankly begged belief. It left me thinking – there is a reason US cops carry tasers, or more over – guns!! Really, I would have cooked their asses with tasers. LOL




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Hello Blog folks


Here is a map of the last 16 hours of people visiting The Wondering Brit in the USA and Canada. From Technorati to a corrections centre in Washington and a few friends too. I know, it’s not millions of people, but this is still enough people to say hello to – so Hi to all of you :)




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Forgot : yesterdays Rocketboom




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A terrible news day


I’m afraid there is simply no humour in this article. I get up, check the news and see David Cameron’s son died overnight in hospital after becoming ill. I simply can’t imagine the pain of losing a child, I really can’t.


Then news comes in of a 737-800 falling apart on landing at Amsterdam killing at least 9 people..


Not a good beginning to a the day.

Lets hope there is some better news later.




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Terror scurge hits domestic pets


Urgent news just in from the field. TWB’s intrepid reporter, normally based not too far from a pub and curry house in Londistan has forwarded disturbing new footage that proves that domestic pets are taking things into their own hands.

Reporting from the scene M.Philpotwil said “It was a scene of utter devastation and total chaosterror-alert“. He went on to add that nothing could have prepared the home owners for this type of onslaught. Local neihbours and passers by ran to the scene in hope of finding their pets.

Indeed there is no provision at all in government procedures for such event and emergency service personel were seen scratching their heads and frantically leafing through pages of major incident manuals – unsure what to do.


We ask, are you’re pets safe? Footage from homeowners security CCTV


Since this incident early this morning, it transpires that not only did all the cats survive, but two have already been sold by their owners as ‘Sphinx Cats’.



We tried in vein to contact our reporter in the field but, this has proved fruitless. Reports state that he was last scene enter Buddleding Curry emporium.

No animals were harmed in the making of this report.




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argh…. people! and a can of worms!!


It’s funny, I was reading Lispideyttle Truckers blog the other day about how she was getting grief from people for having a laugh and a bit of fun. Then after I received a particular letter on Saturday, I kinda get the feeling that there are people on this planet who really need to take the stick out of their ass….

But after writing a letter in reply, I just sat back and thought ‘just how much do I even give a crap?!’. I do not have to follow the requests of these people at all, as no explanation was actually given to their issues especially after over 6 months of access to this site. The bottom line is I don’t give a damn about people whom can’t communicate, can’t stick to theifunnysign2r professional responsibilities or simply give as good as they get.

What a waist of humanity….

This does not include the weak, or those who can’t help themselves – some folks just aren’t built to deal with stuff.

You see, I must admit I play with people, show me a weakness and I’ll either exploit it or use it in humour. But generally it’s only with them. The other thing is that in this bizarre life, I’ve had to do things that many people have trouble even understanding (heck, they’ve no idea what I have to deal with). So the mention of these things can shock the pants off people – this I also sometimes find amusing to do. I really am a Devil’s Advocate in this regard.

smileySo yes, boundaries can be crossed, anger can follow, but hey – life is for the living. Because if I really wanted to shock, upset and annoy – believe me, my obnoxiousness knows no bounds.

But generally, I like to placate people, be reasonable and have a reasonable laugh. I have no interest in upsetting or annoying anyone personally. So if you need to whinge, rant and complain, then fine – but do so in a reasonable manner. If you think I’m being unreasonable – say so… Don’t throw you’re toys out of the pram!

Heck I got to the point a few years ago whereby dealing with other peoples insecurities and issues had lead me to making a conscious decision not have another relationship EVER… They are not my problem… If people want to be offended – they will be, if they don’t – then turn away. If you feel insulted SAY SOMETHING….trust

Life is many things to all of us and our faces tell that story – heck, I’m 43 and look 63 and feel,(oops,  I don’t do that)….lol

I admit, I’m not good socially – ‘misfit’ is an understatement. The last thing I want to do is be ‘slimey’ around someone that I simply like, but I’m not that skilled in this stuff. If you want me to get serious for a moment here it is; When I see an unbridled potential in someone, I’m drawn to them – especially when they can’t see the sheer bloody brilliance of their own abilities. Even more if they appear to be playing second fiddle to a moron!

Sadly though, I lost someone I respect highly in this unwritten debacle. But I shall not think or speak of them anymore because when I really needed them, they were not there! and in my world that just ain’t done – not ever…




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Todays Rocket BOOM

Presented by Joanne Co’lan


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Another year and another Glastonbury

glaslogoWell whatever people say, I thought Glastonbury was dire last year!!!

This year however it would appear to returning to it’s original Rock format with Bruce Springsteen being placed at the top of the bill.

I never really got the whole pop group doing rock festivals, I thought they all went to Pink Pop in Brighton. But lets be honest, these day festivals are about hard cash and nothing more.

Anyway, all the Glastonbury 2009 tickets have sold out now  – so the merciless onslaught on thousands of people to the fields next to the quaint village of Pilton is guaranteed. I’m so glad I don’t live anywhere near the place.  I am SOOO getting old and grumpy!!




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A great Sunday


What a nights sleep – finally!  You know I really thought this was going to be a crappy weekend , but as it turns out, It’s shaping up quite nicely.

For the first time in an age I feel release, I’ve watched some great movies toohancock. Yesterday I spoke with SEC, Fenny and had a laugh. This morning I woke up and watched ‘Hancock’ which had me in stitches – especially the prison scene!


australian_flagAround the web, the world is ticking over nicely in it’s heaven and hell style sure in the knowledge that the sun will always rise the next day.

SEC was telling me how well her recovery from a shattered pelvis during a riding accident had gone and later last night I was talking to Ruth over in Australia.clef


Light heartedly, my Marshall amp seems to be too loud to turn up to full volume in my home as things start falling of shelves. It’s only 100watts yet I seem to getting some form of battle shock after trying – it’s so cool. LOL (43 and still a kid)


This is the first great feeling day I’ve had all year and it leaves my soul rested.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I still have something to vent later in the coming days or weeks… But today just feels good.


I have several posts coming up over the weeks and months, a Taylor guitar review, the usual blah, blah stuff and much more. I might even do a piece on a subject I was asked about recently which is offensive and defensive driving skills.


I have no idea how 2009 is going to play out, but it just has to be better than 2008.


In techy things, time to build a new PC, this time it’ll be a dual PC with an emphasis on home entertainment with a liquid cooling and a large storage array. I’m forever looking at Tablet PC’s (the large ones, not stuff that sits in you’re hand) and I really think Samsung are the best way to go kodak-zx1regarding display devices – they rock!.

The coming weeks and months will bring the Kodak Zx1 to the cam market and that is a beast to look out for especially when it offers 60fps, full 720p HD and up to 10 hrs of recording for around £120!!


Windows 7 is a little late, but that’s ok and Internet Explorer 8 is also.


So what for the rest of the day? I have a little washing to do, need to check the car over and I might – just might go over to Woodbury and have a stroll over the RM Commando Endurance course. This is mainly because I feel too much like a lard-ass when even LittleTrucker is back pounding the pavements with running.




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Oh good friends of the Blue Ether… I know I get the use of apostrophes screwed up and I apologise. Personally, I do not care so much, but apparently many of you do.

In fact, I have been told off big time twice in two days by people who really know the English language well.

Plans are afoot to correct this meddlesome problem, so hopefully it will not go on for much longer.111

If I had spent enough time in school I might have had a better grasp of the subject, but sadly I was wrapped up in trying to get expelled, which I finally achieved.

So, to the two ladies on this planet whom have no trouble at all in pointing out the error of my ways (Fenny, and more terrifyingly SEC) – I am working on it…



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TMZ show leaked photo

It turns out that LAPD claim they take seriously the confidentiality victims etc.rihanna_

Then it turns out that some how get a hold of the assault photographs of R&B singer Rihanna. While I’m not a great fan of her umbrella song, I’m impressed with a lot of her other stuff.

See for yourself – clicking on the photo will take you straight to the TMZ site





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Happy Belated Birthday to ME :-)



Doh….. How stupid of me – I missed this blogs Birthday…

As of February 15th The Wondering Brit is 1 year old…

This is the post number 383, tens of thousands of visitors (sadly not millions), but never the less a celebration is in order!

Feel free to send Battenburg Cake, Bottles of Old Peculier, Cigarettes, money, women and anything else that can be deemed fun – if not a little sinful LOL


These aren’t my pets – I just added them for the ahhhhh factor if ladies are reading. – I think the look on the cats face is cool though.






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Stuff this week…

wordpress-logo1Well, contrary to popular belief, while I have been in agony all week – it has not stopped me trying to function. Indeed, I’ve cleaned my place from top to bottom, learned to play a cool version (i.e. my own) of Moonchild by Rory Gallagher. I’ve blogged, commented all over the blogasphere and spoken to family and friends.

Heard from Nic this week, and Ali in Dubai, Abdullah in Riyadh and David in South Dakota – even had a laugh with the ex-wife and spoken to people about working on the Masdar City project in Abu Dhabi. Pondered if Hutchinson’s (Orange) 3G is any good.

Learnt that the LittlevolvotruckTruckers issues with her Volvo might have finally been sorted out, that I actually have too many clothes and not enough shoes. Ruth in Ausse is going to Singapore, Jade Goody is gonna croak (kinda sad that), my sister might be making a huge career move and that the new tv show ‘Stargate banditUniverse’ (aka Stargate 90210) starring Robert Carlyle went into to production the day before yesterday at Bridge Studios in Vancouver – courtesy of the ever interesting Joe Mallozzi. Oh and last but not least, Alfred Hitchcocks favourite all time movie was Smokey and the Bandit 1 and 2 – go figure.


It could be worse, I could know someone who likes NKOB…. Oh crap, I think I just might – noooo!!



Facebook ToS Explained Perfectly

Here is the stuff people are wanting to know care of ROCKETBOOM Daily News and

Presented by the highly intelligent and ever funny (and stunning)  Joanne Colan

RocketBoom is a great ‘Web-Culture’ site based in New York. Both Rocketboom and are great sites and part of Sony Pictures.



It just had to happen


Only this morning I was reading about a couple who tried to sue Google because there house had appeared on Google Earth. Claiming it was a violation of their privacy, the judge had simply thrown it out of court.

Then it turns out that the Pentagon has banned Google Maps from all US military bases after clear images became available of Fort Sam Houston army base available on Google maps.

But just to add insult to injury this;pakistanuav

While the US military has consistantly and persistantly stated that it does not fly drone aircraft from Pakistan – Google Earth proved they do!  In fact a 2006 image of Shamsi airbase in Pakistan’s southwestern province of Baluchistan proves that is exactly what they did.

The United States has been using a base in Pakistan to station unmanned Predator drones that have been used to attack terrorist targets inside the country’s tribal areas, a senior U.S. official told FOX News Thursday. 

The confirmation contradicts a stream of previous denials from officials and comes after the Times of London published a Google Earth image apparently showing three U.S. drones at the Shamsi airbase.

The Image has since been removed from Google Earth (no sh*t!)



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