Left side of the Pond and the Lady Truckers


I, like many spend time surfing our planet through the eyes of YouTube, LiveLeak and other such video sites. So imagine my surprise when I find an almost virtual community of Lady Truckers wholittle-t72m make a few videos of their lives and work, some in the case of LittleTrucker1972 are funny and she could possibly even give Joseph Mallozzi’s weird food purchase of the day a run for it’s money.

Another, ‘Tammy’ aka North60star is a driver based up in tammyWhitehorse, Yukon and one of these days I will have to travel along some of the roads she does because while there is no doubt they’re a challenge from start to end, it kinda inspires the need to know if I can do it myself from deep within. This is before the winter snow hits and frankly if no one knew about Ice conventionaltruckRoad Truckers, working the Yukon and the Kamikaze Trail would have been more than enough to make a tv show about that alone.

Heading south is t1he New Jersey Katwoman or ‘NJKatwoman’ whom posts videos called The Lady Trucker Chronicles in which she interviews other Lady Truckers about why they drive, how they started, life on the road and how they’re treated by their male counterparts. One of her interesting interviews is with a lass called Emily.

Further to all this, with the so called global financial crisis it appears Truckers the world over are suffering the same problems. You see, while everyone says the same about their work and pay no matter what their trade, Truckers are not paid well, not for the risks, stress, their personal time away from home and for the unbelievable knowledge of rules, regulations and law they have to know.

It’s been a refreshing eye-opener into their world and NJKatwoman even did a vid explaining their work time rules to us Brits – good on her!






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Driving a grumble… the return of the HUA award!

So Yesterday, I’d been spending hours waiting around at a dairy in Westbury and when I finally get to return I choose a route I enjoyGlastonbury tor driving in an artic (semi). Westbury to Warminster, then to Frome, Shepton Mallet, on to Glastonbury via Pilton and back on to the M5 for a southbound trip and return to Devon.

If you’ve been following some of the posts on this blog or the odd N.Onatrioextra page I’ve written, you’ll know I would never claim to be a great driver – in fact, I consider myself a very bad driver. But whether I’ve driven across frozen Northern Ontario, throughout the Middle East and done some of the most arduous off road driviaerial-gs1ng in Saudi Arabia’s ‘Empty Quarter’ in temperatures so high they exceed the so called highest temps in the Guinness book of world records, I feel that every time I get behind the wheel, I learn something totally new.

HOWEVER… this cannot be said for the idiot I was following yesterday. I never suffer road rage, heck in a truck you simply can’t afford to and besides, you drive through so many towns, cities or villages in a day that if you get upset at the slightest thing – you’d never make it to lunchtime!!

But this guy in a dark blue VW Passat estate was the perfect example to the types of individual whom should be made to re-sit the driving test from scratch. He raced every one away from traffic lights refusing to let them in, then kept strictly to the speed limit holding everyone up. He then tried to squeeze/jump into any and every space he could to get ahead of everyone else. I didn’t try to over take this guy once, yet he always ended up right back in front of my truck.

It’s been two years since I left the heady world of Comms/IT contracting and traipsing all over the world for high stress and a good wage – but this guy actually make me want to return to contracting on cool projects like never before.

But hey, there is always tomorrow, another nutter and the world must turn with them.


So to that driver, whom I hope learns better things in life, here is you’re award;




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It’s finally back!!


The original Red Dwarf complete with the original crew is retureddwarfcastrning to the BBC for an Easter Special. As yet I’m not sure who is playing Holly as there were three Holly’s (two really).

In the special the crew finally return to earth and thats about all I know.

comic_strip_logoAll we need now is for The Comic Strip to do a thing about being sent to war in Middle East – but in the wrong country (in the process coming across a certain elusive terror leader played by Stephen Fry) and we’ll have almost revived British castComedy. Rik Mayall could bring back New Statesman Alan B’stard to put the Britishness back into Britain and Rowan Atkinson to do a Blackadder of a Al Qaeda leader for the 21st century and British entertainmant will be back on form.



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AIf this does not make you smile – nothing will

Saturday Night Live – Cork Soaker.
It’s old, yet does not get old – a hearty thanks to professional Cork Soaker BigDog for this.

more about “If this does not make you smile – not…“, posted with vodpod




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UK regains ‘extreme’ ironing record

Typically, competition between the Brits and the Aussies has always been fierce. But I think this is getting a little crazy now.

CLICK on the PIC




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Something that is not about a new president

and Al Murray interviewing John Barrowman


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Concert tickets sales – sigh


While I’m a strong advocate of the internet in most of it’s forms from information, news, shopping, connecting people, social networking, even a little bit of smut (lol) and especially this blog. There is one thing that drives me nuts… Internet purchasing of concert tickets – simply, they’re gone in seconds.


Now there are bands out there that I may not wish to mention out of shame, there are bands I’ve seen over 20 times.

But if there was a band that had this boy head banging and picking up a guitar in his youth it was AC/DC. I first watched them on TV when I was 13 on ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’ after I had gone to bed and had sneaked the portable tv into my room. Later I went to see them at the Top Rank suite in Sheffield, then a few times since. The riffs are simply blues based rock-n-roll and somewhere in the catalog I guarantee there is a tune for eacdc_logo-copyveryone.

With the second greatest selling album of all time, the breaking of nearly every US sales record other than that last few held by the Beatles (though they have outsold the Beatles) and a new album that went multi platinum entering the charts at number one in 29 countries in a matter of 3 days in 2008, making it the most successful album launch in history setting a new record. 

The band have gone on yet another global tour that will take them nearly 2 years to complete.

Of course you’ve all heard the track ‘Rock-n-Roll Train, it’s just like those who have and will see the show, I too would like to see the darn train turn up on stage also as seen here in the concert opening.

Oddly, they’re not too shy about bringing large things on to the stage judging by the 40ft statue they used on the last tour;

Sadly, I’ll be damned if we can get tickets anywhere that does not require flights and hotels due to the speed in which these things have sold out.

To be fair, they haven’t toured for 7-8 years and while the band members live all over the world (UK, Holland, Florida and New Zealand) the race to get these tickets isblack_ice amazing.

While I love this band of down to earth rockers and would love to see them one more time – sadly wisdom over what I’m prepared to spend has stopped me pursuing this any further.

That said, they have entertained me for 30+ years, so I can’t really complain.

Gramble, grumble grumble!!!!

P.S. If you ever need music to get laid to, the Back in Black album has this amazing consistent rhythm all the way through it and it has a very odd effect – I didn’t tell you this.




Searching Google is bad for the environment

This is a story I picked up over at Fox News and frankly, I’m not sure about their math, but they’re actually right. But it’s not just Google at all, data-center-servers-t001it’s the entire Internet and everything right down to the office network and even your own PC or Laptop.Blade Server
Data Centres run hot – incredibly hot!! Some ‘blades’ (see foto) can run as hot as having several full sized electric cookers running at once.
Then you have the cooling issues, these are so vast that on newer Data Centres simple ‘blast air-con’ is not enough, there can be vast liquid cooling arrays or even in some cases the equipment itself is submerged in non-conductive coolant!!
The power requirements are so big that in some cases Data Centres become limited buty how big they can be purely by the fact that the electricity company no longer has enough room left under the road to put anymore cables in. Even if they swapped them out for greater capacity cables, after a cartain size capacity is reached the cables themselves then require oil cooling.

This is quite a  way from the costs involved with manufacturing the precious metals and components that make up our computers etc.data_center_344x320

However, these facts are a big issue to designers and companies alike. Over the years I have seen literally warehouse sized server farms reduced to nothing bigger than a single large fridge freezer when data-center-layersnew technology comes in. New technologies allow for far greater capacity at a fraction of the previous power and cooling requirements, but is flawed only by one element – us and our requirements for more from the internet and telecommunications etc. As such more and more of the latest server kit fills up all the old space.

Do you remember the DotCom crash? It was bogus because no one stopped using the phone or the internet. In the same way, our present financial state is bogus too, but fear and panic will drive that home to all of us.data_center

So what of the carbon footprint? Does the internet compare to other areas of use – the answer is ‘not really’ because they’re systems of continual self improvement where other industries are simply not.


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This is a great p*ss take

I nabbed this from Joe Mallozzi’s blog.
It’s a great piss take of Apple and their users.



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Blair’s in the news again…

Like a bad penny he just keeps turning up!!

So after he screws up the UK with his sudo-socialist ideals and legs it – he gets a job as Middle East Peace Envoy and as we can see, so far so good on that one!!mof

So next week Bush is only awarding him ‘The Presidential Medal of Freedom’, which is aparently the highest civilian award the US can grant.

Well the US can keep Mr Blair as he seems to have done more for the US than UK, so on that score – good luck to him.



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You’re a Dreamer!!

It really does not matter who you are or what you do, even if you follow any kind of faith either. That’s right, if you’re a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu or whatever – you have a dream!! What’s more the entire world of industry and the world financial basis of our existence is built upon this very fact.

Yes, you get the type of people who play it safe all the time and are ready to decry every move someone else makes from a position of perceived safety but in reality there is no safety and those people’s lives exist because they’re dreamers too, they just don’t know how to be happy.

You see, if you do not have a dream, a drive to improve some aspect of you’re existence, a goal which you wish to achieve – then what is the point?! What single reason would you have to get out of bed in the morning? Why did you buy the type of car you did, or go where you did on vacation?

It’s simply this – the human element are emotional, erratic based dreamers and has it’s roots firmly set in every single thing we have, own, use, buy – even the money we use is a printed piece of artwork. And one of the toughest questions to answer by our care givers is – do you do you’re job without caressing you’re own ego?

Yet in today’s world, we pretend to substitute all these things for so called ‘professionalism’, money, credit and a mortgage. The media blind and indoctrinate us in how, when and where we should spend our money (or money we do not have). Like the recent house price boom, can people honestly look themselves in the mirror and say that their home was worth the money they got conned into paying for it?

Here’s the thing with life, we can only play the ‘safety’ game for so long before you have to reach out. Everyone knows that if you work hard you MUST play hard – yet we’re all too ready to want what we will be able to afford in the future now and take out loans and incur debt.

The media seem hell bent on telling us all that because of the so called ‘credit crunch’ life is gonna hit rock bottom and become hideous – well, it might get a bit crappy, but it’s purely a passing phase because the human ability to dream and improve knows of no limits!!

Please, if nothing else in 2009 – please let you’re hair down a little more, interact with people more openly, move away from debt and live life more – in a nutshell – Dream…then change you’re lives to make it happen.



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