New Year 2008 – 2009


Hi everyone,

Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and especially the following; (in no particular order)1195488564_80_177_117_97.


The Family ‘Goodlad’

My Family including Judy, Philip, Matt, Eddy, Jes, Tim and Rachelnew-years-2007

The family Mazzanti

The Family Hing

Ruth in Ausse

Dave Roetman aka BigDog

Dave Bones


Stephen and Victoria Milliken

The Family Pagdin




The Family Meyrick

Mark Thompson aka Tomo

My Brother (sometimes)

The Family Salmons

The Family Curren

news-graphics-2007-_655419aThe Family Winn

The Family Hewlett

The Family Mallozzi

Dave & Annie



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This is funny, goats aren’t very bright

Yep, this is a goat playing with an electric fence – I promise you’ll laugh. Then you’ll feel guilty.



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A Christmas song, adults only!

Here is something I found over on TinyNibbles blog. It’s by Canadian comedy group  ‘The Wet Spots’. It made me laugh like a drain.

Don’t let children hear this (not that they should know what the song is about anyway)



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Merry Christmas

Now, while Santa has been avoiding the police today for multiple charges of home invasion, I (in my sadness) have been laughing my way through some YouTube vids.

The topic has been a product called ‘Blast – Knuckles’ and fpszapbk950lgor reasons I cannot fathom, the amazing idiots whom seem hell bent on trying them out on their friends and themselves to see if they work.

This one starts out slow, but look what happends at the end when the guy zaps himself and the blast locks his hand and wrist



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ahhhh the kids love this



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Spear Phishing

It is spelt correctly, and I just picked up on this article about it over Fox’s tech news – it’s about screwing you over via email:

Yes, guys, those spam e-mails for Viagra or baldness cream just might be directed to you
So, too, are many of the other crafty come-ons clogging inboxes, trying to lure us to fake Web sites so criminals can steal our personal information.
A new study by Cisco Systems Inc. found an alarming increase in the amount of personalized spam, which online identity thieves create using stolen lists of e-mail addresses or other poached data about their victims, such as where they went to school or which bank they use.
Unlike traditional spam, most of which is blocked by e-mail filters, personalized spam, known as “spear phishing” messages, often sail through unmolested.
email-hacker_ttnThey’re sent in smaller chunks, and often come from accounts the criminals have set up at reputable Web-based e-mail services.
Some of the messages are expertly crafted, linking to beautifully designed Web sites that are bogus or immediately install malicious programs.

Cisco’s annual security study found that spam is growing quickly — nearly 200 billion spam messages are now sent each day, double the volume in 2007 — and that targeted attacks are also rising sharply.
More than 0.4 percent of all spam sent in September were targeted attacks, Cisco
That might sound low, but since 90 percent of all e-mails sent worldwide are spam, this means 800 million messages a day are attempts are spear phishing.
A year ago, targeted attacks with personalized messages were less than 0.1 percent of all spam.
The late600px-us-fbi-seal_svgst attacks include text-message spam, e-mails trying to trick business owners into coughing up credentials for their Google advertising accounts, or personalized “whaling” e-mails to executives claiming that their businesses are under investigation by the FBI or that there’s a problem with their personal bank account.
As the world’s largest maker of networking gear, Cisco is in a unique position to study the traffic flowing through its customers’ networks, which include the biggest Internet providers and corporations.
The latest study was based in part on the company’s ability to monitor 30 percent of all Web and e-mail traffic through its hardware and software and a network of companies that contribute data.

IF you wish to report something to the FBI IC3 complaints dept, you’ll find a link on the right


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In the UK and like in many countries now it is illegal to use or operate a mobile phone while driving unless via bluetooth, wired headset. handsfree car kit – or in extreme emergencies.  It’s not rocket science to know or work out why and the toll on life has frightening up to when they banned the use. Now while we’ve all been guilty of this at some point, there is court case ongoing at the moment and frankly, this story on the BBC leaves me speachless…

Click the image



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Taylor, something new and I missed it – DOH!!

You know, my passion being guitar and my inability to ptaylor_logo_smalllay it well, is something I have mentioned a few times on this blog. Then before you know it, you take your eye off the ball and find that the makers of you’re most coveted guitars only brought something totally new out a while ago and I missed it.  Had it not been for Ryan over at Taylor – I’d still be missing it!

As a Brit, I waste no time in having the odd fun jibe at our American cousins, you know – stuff about unpaid back rent and so on. Indeed the war of independence was not a war won or lost – it was a war that finished with the first major international trade deal (much to the loss of the Fr**ch) between the US and UK. But some things our American cousins do better than anyone, like Leatherman tools, Maglites, but above ALL else they’re the best by far at making guitars!

Taylor (in my view) make probably the finest acoustic guitars available. Indeed, I have mentioned before that in their up-market range the Taylor K22ce made of Hawaiian Koa is the one single guitar that stands head and shoulders above most.Taylor K22ce
A couple or three years back they introduced a ‘hybrid’ electro-acoustic which has got be one of the most successful of its type (along with Godin) around. The Taylor T5 is an amazing guitar and I must say that the only one to get is the ‘Custom’ as there is a real difference between that and the ‘Standard’. Both the K22ce and T5 Custom have nearly been purchased by me, but my life style hasn’t been very conducive to the looking after of high quality instruments – this, and the fact I don’t believe my standard of playing is good enough for the quality of the guitars. Just so you know what I mean by that; If I owned a Formula 1 car, it does not make me an F1 driver…

Here is Marc Seal showing off the T5 at NAMM 06
So what have Taylor done? What new innovation have they now brought to the fore? They’ve only gone and built a range of solid body full blooded electric guitars !!! I have a real frustration here as I have yet to try one and with my Taylor-born fetish for guitars made of Koa, this is not good for me LOL.
Now I’m not go2472037620_dc70385511ing to go into a whole sales pitch here, but if ytaylorsolidbody2ou want to know more, there is a new link on the right hand page column – or you can simply click a logo.
The Taylor website is an amazing resource for guitar players and techs alike – even if you don’t own a Taylor. The technical reference guides and ‘how-to’ videos are an excellent source of nearly all repair, maintenance and adjustment procedures – Brilliant infact.

The other thing I like about Taylor is their people and the passion for guitars. Heck, if you turn up unannounced at the factory for a tour, not only will you get a tour, but don’t be surprised if Bob Taylor himself takes you around. And just to prove that the staff love their work – check this out. (Questions regarding Ryan’s hat are best directed at him.)

Marc Seal’s first Impressions of the Solid Body

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In honor of the holidays, restaurant is now serving reindeer hot dogs


You know, Rudolph was always better grilled than flying through the air with his eight hoofed compatriots.

The chance to taste Prancer, Donner and Blitzen in sausage form is back at fRedhots and Fries in Glenview. Last year, the restaurant went through about 75 pounds of reindeer sausage.

As for the taste? Said owner Fred Markoff: “If you eat Polish sausages, take out the extra smokiness, add a little firmness, and you’ll get the idea.”

dw_bbq_food07_md-792127On Dasher! On Comet! On a bun with grilled onions and mustard!An Alaskan reindeer hot dog is $8.50 at fRedhots and Fries, 1707 Chestnut Ave., Glenview: 847-657-920

Do you think this is enough to make small children cry? I do hope so ; )



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The Passing of an Icon

News came in over night that the wonderfbettiepageul iconic model and (some say) the cause the of the sexual revolution Ms Bettie Page, passed away from a heart attack yesterday after being admitted to hospital for treatment against Pneumonia. She was 85.

What can I write that has not already been written about Bettie Page? She was an outstanding model, she had a hair style that even today is asked for with it’s trademark fringe.

I’ve never seen a photograph of her completely naked, nothing less than a swim suit. Yet her work is world famous because of her Irving Klaw bondage sets and movies that often included a spanking and her wearing extreme heels and a bbettiefoil1_smit of leather – but then, this was the 1950’s. While tame by most modern standards, in doing so she retained a high degree integrity and set a very high standard indeed.

Bettie Page receives more internet hits than either James Dean or Marilyn Monroe. She refused dates with Presidents and several from Howard Hughes all of which were turned down. bettiepage-bettie066On being asked why on earth she turned them all down, she simply replied – they just want to sleep with me! and right there you get the measure of her. She wasn’t a porn model, she was the perfect ‘pin-up’ of the day. In the 1990’s her popularity revived and really kicked off and has the honour of over 25 million search hits in one day on the internet.

While she faded into obscurity in the 1960s after converting to Christianity and serving as a Baptist missionary in Angola, she experienced a resurgence of popularity and had a significant cult following. Her look, including her jet black hair and trademark bangs, has influenced many artists. She never modeled again, she once said later in life that she was bettie_page_80saware of her fan status and found it important to retain the original images to people that return to something that her age should not let her do.


Even at 80 her trade mark fringe is was still there, as too is the ever playful glint in her eye.



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Last Sunday night’s Top Gear


On last Sunday night’s Top Gear the show had to do a traditional ‘old style’ useful road test of a new car because a ‘Mr. Needham’ wrote and complained that all they do is mess about now – the results were funny. It’s starts as a normal old style test – the just get s better. And why did they do it? Because not only can they still do it – they can do it much better than they ever used to.

If this video gets removed – then I apologise because it’s probably one of the best adverts for a show I know of – such is the short sighted stupidy of the BBC – especially when they’re advertising someone else’s product.



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A Christmas treat and video for Nic & Sally Meyrick

How could I turn down the opportunity of sending not just Nic – but especially Sally a heart rendering personal video. I also have to include the whole of the Meyrick family here as even Nic’s folks (Ian and Sheila)  have a common love for Toy Yorkshire Terriers, which is the point of this video.

Merry Christmas Nic & Sally, Ian and Sheila

I wonder if Sally will ever talk to me again




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How stuff changes

No, this isn’t going to be a deep reminisce, but I just received an email or should I say an annual Christmas News Letter from a dear friend of mine from way back. The thing is this, after reading it, I realised just how much I simply don’t know them anymore. This however does not make me sad or anything, it just makes you realise just how much we change over the years as we gain new knowledge and experiences.

I was even talking to BigDog over in Sioux Falls about an earlier email from the same person, and only now do I understand it (actually, I was asking him if it was him that punched Vinnie Jones in a local bar the other night).

Alas, life does indeed roll on and we shall speak of this no more…

But just for fun (and apologise for the quality of the pictures) and if that the said person reads this – here are two pictures, I am on and they are on the other. It’s up to those that know me to work out which one is me. LOL








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nicA bit of humour : Al Murray

Yep, just to give us a little smile on the way up to Crimble, here is my favourite Comedian ‘The Pub Landlord’ aka Al Murray



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From Sci-Fi to reality

Ok, this is frieghtening, not because of it’s present intended use with the US Missile Defence shield, but the further possibilites that technology will bring to this consept in years to come.

Multiple Kill Vehicle Completes Hover Test

Missile Defense Agency Director Lieutenant General Patrick O’Reilly announced that a test of the Multiple Kill Vehicle-L (MKV-L) was conducted Tuesday, Dec. 2 at the National Hover Test Facility at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. Preliminary indications are that planned test objectives were achieved.

Objectives of the test included having the MKV-L hover under its own power and prove its capability to recognize and track a surrogate target in a flight environment. During the test, the MKV-L’s propulsion system demonstrated maneuverability while tracking a target. The MKV-L transmitted video and flight telemetry to the ground.

The MKV-L mission is to destroy medium through intercontinental-range ballistic missiles equipped with multiple warheads or countermeasures by using a single interceptor missile. During an actual hostile ballistic missile attack, the carrier vehicle with its cargo of small kill vehicles will maneuver into the path of an enemy missile. Using tracking data from the Ballistic Missile Defense System and its own seeker, the carrier vehicle will dispense and guide the kill vehicles to destroy any warheads or countermeasures.

Ok, so lets think about possibilities here, bearing in mind that this is only a prototype, think about possible future capabilities with better power systems and varying sizes. You could fit facial and number plate recognition to a similar device, we could even be looking at the birth of ariel and space mines. It’s cool, but worrying.


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Star Trek 2009

The new Star Trek actually looks interesting – albeit you’ll have to wait unil next May to see it.



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The Seriousness of the recent Police search in the House of Commons

This reads like a bad comedy!502px-ukhol_logo-copy

So officers of the Metropolitan Police turn up at the Palace of Westminster to conduct a search of an MP’s offices, seize computers and all manner of documents. They did so without a Search Warrant, they did so without explaining the rights of the Police and to the Sergeant At Arms.  They did not inform her she could refuse their entry with and without a Warrant. They even managed to get the SatA to sign a consent form!!

No One is above the law outside of the Privy Council and that includes the Police! As my old mate SEC often told me “The Police are not the law in any way shape or form and are subject to it in exactly the same way as everyone else”.

So, could anyone search parliament without a warrant? can I get personal information from seized government computers?

After witnessing the shear anger of the House today, not only do I think heads will role over this, but more over the Police are in a lot of trouble – and so they should be!!!

Sadly, in 02 this useless government signed away all possible capitol offenses – i’d say that it’s probably a good job i’m not the PM




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Lily Savage for lunch

Ever funny British chat show host Paul O’grady and one time ‘Blonde bomb site’ female impersonanter known as Lily Savage (the only one I ever found funny) was apparently attacked and bitten by an Adder Snake at his Kent home on Sunday.

Big butch and ‘well-ard’ Paul managed to finally fight of the 2 ft snake before realising that blood was coming from two puncture wounds on his arm.

Paul has made a fully recovery and even did his show on Monday night saying “I’ve come up against few snakes in my time but normally of the two-legged variety”.



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Christmas Shopping for the Tech Head


Obviously it’s ‘that’ time of year again. This year it’s going to be tougher for many people and as most shy away from the religious significance of such events, where do you go to get you’re techy stuff?

Now most UK geeks know that there are a hand full of components suppliers, the two largest odabs-logo_180x40f which is Dabs and CCL – there are loads more, but you will not go far wrong with these.

But what about Geeky gifts? Well there are several shops on the net, but this one the America Princess talks a lot about is just brilliant…THINK GEEKtg-logo Where else could you possibly find Caffienated Lip Balm and Shower Soap?

Most manufactureres also have shops too for logo gear, though quite a bit is restricted to qualification and industry, but it’s worth checking them out too. Anyway, sad as it is, I think I could buy much of the Think Geek store up – however, I could not see myself as buying the Tribbles that AP coverts.



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Another reason to love the British Empire

Big Dog showed me this, so it’s a h/t to him. Via

Nick Hayward, a 37-year-old Brit, describes the “can-do attitude” of the “extremely lucky,” “very good bunch of people” who holed up in a restaurant inside the Taj Hotel in Mumbai during the terror attacks:

“Three or four of us were Brits. There were some Irish as well. Most were Indian.

“We’d never met each other but I have to say, it was a true British stiff upper-lip situation. Together, the Brits helped to keep up morale. …

“We all decided that even though we had alcohol within reach we wouldn’t touch it because it seemed like a bad idea to get drunk.

“But come 5am, we were fairly confident the police were going to get us out, so I marched over to the bar and found a bottle of vintage Cristal champagne and opened it and began pouring it into glasses.

“Then the head waiter came rushing across to me and said, ‘No, no, you can’t do that!’ and I said, ‘Well we’re going to’ and he said, ‘No sir, those are the wrong type of glasses. I shall find you champagne flutes.’

“And he did. The service was immaculate.”

Note that first they barricaded themselves in as well as they could. But the stiff upper lippedness of both patron and head waiter is sorely missed most places.


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