Do you remember when?

Earlier this year I had an accident, in fact I shut two lanes of the M42 for two and a half hours during a Friday Rush-Hour.

Today I received a letter from the Central Motorways Police Group stating that there is no evidence on my part of any contravention of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and as such the matter is closed.

It’s pointless me trying to explain what happened, so after much searching of crash videos I believe I have found the closest EXAMPLE of what happened.

Now, I’m just about to start publishing serious driving info, so watch out for articles to start appearing under the ‘DRIVING’ heading on the right.

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Even HRH Queen Elizabeth acts, yet others do not


Her Majesty the Queen has stripped Mugabe of his Knighthood…

Good on her

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So it’s finally happening in July – every bit of privacy you had in the UK will be gone.

Yep, it’s true.

There are already more than 300 agencies in the UK that can enter your home without a warrant and if thats not the final straw… Every phone call, text message, email, and web browsing of any type you make in the UK will be backed up and saved one year from next month.

You might think; ‘hey, if you’ve done nothing  wrong, whats the problem?’. Well my friends I’ll tell you.

This information is not going to be held privately – it’s going to be available to 652 public bodies. They don’t need a court order or warrant and frankly –  with the government’s ability to keep data so very safe, I’ll be making a lot less phone calls and texts next month…

Here’s the BBC ARTICLE – please note, they don’t even mention the IT side at all

My answer to this is B****CKS!

If this is what this so called ‘war on terror’ has brought us – you can keep it – I’d rather be blown up!!


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I sooo have to have one of these….

In the Guitar world, it’s been known for some time that you can purchase an Auto-Tuning device.

Invented my some Sheffield University students a few years ago, the system had one major floor – you had to hack your guitar to bits to fit it.

Thankfully, one famous US guitar maker has taken it a whole stage further and released a limited amount of these new guitars last December and they were an instant success….

However, with a price tag in excess of £2000, it might be a while before I seriously think about one.

The Gibson Robot Guitar

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Cozy Powell

Ten years and ten weeks…

From around the age of 14 I must of seen every rock band that came anywhere near Sheffield

I was totally into rock music, I worked in a local record store and then with local Sheffield bands, engineered, played drums, bass and guitar.

The city was a great place for bands too, even my mate in Chepstow (also originally from Sheffield) went to school with half of Def Leppard.

As a teenager I briefly met Cozy in the bar of the Victoria Hotel in Sheffield. He was there to do a cymbal promotion through a local music store (Carlsboro Sound) and the place was packed to the hilt with drummers.

My then girlfriend and I went to the bar while all the boring stuff was going on and didn’t realise  I was stood next to him until we both tried to order at the same time.

I tried to speak, but for the first and only time in my life – I was star struck and few words came out past a whisper.

My girlfriend (Jayne Thompson) prodded me in the side and Cozy laughed.

Cozy went and sat at the far end and watched the room then waved us over.

I was amazed that this incredibly famous drummer wanted to talk to us. I asked what was happening with Michael Schenker group after the awful tour that was made an embarrassment by Graham Bonnet. He explained that he worked with many people of all genres of music. He then asked loads of questions to what me and my friends thought about the band he was with and so on.


He explained this more to the audience when his time came to do his thing and I was left with the simple knowledge that he was a down to earth nice bloke.

In April of 1998 Cozy Powell crashed and died between junction 18 and 19 of the M4 at Bristol.

He was talking to his girlfriend on the phone when as he crashed, he was over the drink drive limit, was driving at very high speed without a seat belt when his Saab 9000 suffered a rear tyre blowout.

An off duty police officer travelling in the opposite direction stated that the Saab cart-wheel several times before coming to rest.

 Cozy Powell played with and for;


Bernie Marsden

Black Sabbath

Bob Sargeant Boys Don’t Cry

Brian May  

Chick Churchill


Don Airey

Ed Welch 

Emerson, Lake & Powell

Gary Moore

Glenn Tipton

Graham Bonnet

Harvey Andrews

Hot Chocolate

James Darby

Jeff Beck Group

Jon Lord

Julie Felix  

Michael Schenker Group

Minute By Minute

Murray Head

Pete York

Peter Green Splinter Group

Peter Sarstedt



Ritchie Blackmore

Robert Plant

Roger Daltrey

S.A.S. Band

Sanne Salomonsen

Stevie Wonder

Tony Ashton / Jon Lord

Tony Martin



Yngwie Malmsteen

I now regularly drive the section of M4 where Cozy lost his life and have sadly seen so many other incidents of people doing the same.

But I had forgotten, and yet something had been bugging me for the last few weeks. It was only then I decided to check the dates of his death did I realise, that we’d forgotten.

A talent lost.


10 years already… and memories are fading fast.

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When I first started this blog I wrote an article called ‘Why I will never own a Marshall’.

But every now and then I potter around eBay and see what is available, and now and then I even bid on the odd thing. In the ‘amp’ world there are many types of amps; valve, solid state, combo and stack. Now a stack is a very big bit of kit and I would more than relish the wish to own one, but in the real world (and due to size) a large combo is what I should actually get.

So imagine my suprise that when an expensive Marshall amp had reasonable price tag for once, I placed a bid believing that there was no chance in hell that I would not get out-bid severely.

I won it…

After playing (or the attemp thereof) guitar for 28 years I now own a Marshall (shame on me!), All 100watts of combo amp (thats a very loud amp, by the way)

All I have to do now is go and get it….

Oddly, it’s exactly the same model as my brother owns.

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I got abused.. lol

Yesterday I had a run up to Swindon then on to Oxford.
Arriving in Swindon to deliver to a shop, a group of 9 yr olds came up to see what we were doing and of course try to steal things and offer tons of rhetoric.
“You’re really fat mister, you need a f**king Bra”.
“What’s it like to be so old and ugly like you?”
and so on….

But the part that left me laughing uncontrollably was when one nine year old tried to face me down with “So you think you’re hard do yer”? I fell about laughing.
The sad thing was, they were serious. They claimed I could and could not tell them to do ‘this or that’ with the great line of “we have rights”.
Now a long time ago I learnt many things from my old mate Sarah, so I simply asked “what rights do you think you have beyond food, water and shelter”?
Every answer they gave was met with “prove it” or “where is that written”…

Dumbfounded, they finally left.

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“Never Again” – my arse!!!!

The other day, Obama (pretender to POTUS) addressed the American Jewish community quoting the ‘never again’ line from to the Holocaust, using it as a totally inappropriate reference to US support for the security of Israel.
At the time, I thought: ‘you Idiot!’ not because of the true reference to the actual holocaust – but because no one is trying to eradicate the Jews anymore in the manner of concentration camps and the Gestapo.

However, the reference of ‘never again’ is pointed directly at any group or nation put under such horrific circumstances of being hunted down, tortured and murdered.
We’re all guilty of this negligence because we turn a blind eye to these things today, but Mr Obama’s choice of words (for nothing more than the gaining of votes) couldn’t be more inappropriate at a time when just such a thing is happening in Zimbabwe.

After a fair-‘ish’, semi free election where President Mugabe was voted out, his killing squads have gone into overdrive doing the hideous work of beating, raping and killing his citizens.
The police in Zimbabwe happily pick on people in the street and beat them to death on the spot, Even John Simpson (BBC reporter) witnessed this and videoed it.

But last Friday, three pickup trucks arrived at the home of the main opposition leader (and rightful President elect) and burnt his wife  to death.

The Times Story  – this is true horror.

Yet we do nothing to protect this democracy against true evil.


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A couple more pics as promised

At least I’m now awake enough to post these.
Actually, there is this chap at Hay On Wye who pretty much runs everything over there who used to be a professional photographer and was giving me a few tips on my camera. I hope I remember them and my pictures improve somewhat.
Actually, a trip to the H-on-W store is kinda of unusual as they’re real tech heads in there – weird, but a welcome change.

On Monday I was driving past Stonehenge at sunset and was trying to take a photo – this did not work out very well at all, so I really need to learn this camera stuff. I bought my cam from the Pixmania website, what I didn’t know was Pixmania is a Fr**ch company – so the instructions….yes, you guessed it.


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Oh look, yet ANOTHER AIRBUS….

At least 28 people are known to have died when a passenger plane burst into flames after landing at Khartoum airport in Sudan, medics say.

Another 53 people are also missing following the accident in the Sudanese capital, although 123 people survived.

The Airbus A310 with more than 200 people on board landed in bad weather and was taxi-ing on the runway when an engine caught fire, officials say.

The Sudan Airways flight had flown from Jordan’s capital Amman via Damascus.

TV footage showed the wreckage consumed by flames as emergency crews tried to fight the fire in the darkness.

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Piracy is NOT Theft !!!!!!

I don’t know where to start with this other than like most users of the computers and the tin-ternet, we’re told all manner of truth and lies about what is what. So I will leave it to my good friend and lawyer SEC who posted the following article over on Naked Law

Where there be film, there be pirates

Domestic bliss is regularly interrupted in this Naked Lawyer’s house whenever we rent a DVD and have to sit through the opening sequences. You know the ones I mean – “you wouldn’t steal a [car/handbag/puppy]”, “piracy is a crime”, “you won’t get a warranty on a pirate DVD”… (all perfectly true). But hang on: “Piracy is stealing” (and this is where I start to rattle my popcorn and shout at the screen) – no it’s not! Call me a picky lawyer (ok, I admit it), but surely “stealing” refers to the offences set out in the Theft Acts – that is, broadly, depriving someone of something tangible that belongs to them. It does not refer to copyright infringement, and the Act that sets out the infringement offences certainly does not use the language of “stealing” and “theft”. Copyright infringement does not, at its heart, involve the taking of tangible property – the whole point is that copyright is an intangible right which can only be misused (or “infringed”) by others, not put in a sack and slung over your shoulder.

Now the film industry (along with the music and software industries) would have you believe that copyright infringement is theft because you are “stealing” the money that would otherwise have been paid to them if someone had bought a genuine copy of the film/song/application rather than a pirate one. This has always seemed to me to be a gross oversimplification. Just because someone buys a fake DVD doesn’t mean, had they not been able to do so, they would have otherwise bought the real deal. In fact, I would have thought that many people simply don’t want to pay the higher prices of the genuine copies and so, if they can’t get cheaper pirate ones, may not bother at all. In any event, the loss of a chance for the film company to make some money (ie. because someone already has a fake DVD) is not the same thing as stealing money the film company already has in its bank account.

Clearly, given mjudge1y profession, I would not advocate piracy or condone the distribution of fake DVDs. But I do object to the inaccurate marketing used by film makers to try to prevent it. Yes, the public should be educated as to the ownership of rights in films and what they are and are not entitled to do with their copies. But they should not be subject to veiled references to crimes which do not apply and which, to me, look like unnecessary scaremongering.

And with that, I’ll put the popcorn back down.

h/t SEC

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The all new HUA weekly award

While there are many nominees – This weeks award goes the British Ministry of Defense for this;


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A little Catherine Tate (Dr Who assistant) for the weekend



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This weeks news..

Well the Chepstow job is coming along with the kitchen now fitted, there is still plenty to do with the electrics, coving, tiling and décor – but only the electrics are presently important.
The living room is in final preparation for plastering and once that’s done all second fix work can start – ie electrics, decoration, skirtings, architrave and door hanging.
Upstairs, the two main bedrooms are all ready to be 2nd fixed, so all in all most of the house is done.
There are obviously thousands of small jobs, but the greater pressure is now lifting.
Ironically, like always, it’s the choice of the finishing touches that will take the greatest time.

Here’s a few pictures to show the progess of the kitchen- last one taken with a mobile fone.



Also this week, I was asked to be put forward to a company this last week implementing a new software across the EMEA, – however, I was the only person they could find who would be happy to work overseas – as such they’ve binned the position until such time that they can ten or more people interested… This I find exceptionally odd, but even more so when they rang and told me of the problem. I said I know nine others people – oddly they all had the same name as me and their CV’s were identical.

I’m not happy with the way my postings have been going of late, it’s almost turning into a truckers road-trip blog. I am writing a serious article on how to stay safe on motorways and things they don’t tell you in the Highway code – but this will be placed on a separate page. I’ll only post the weird stuff I see from time to time – no more road rants lol.

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